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DIY "Winter" crafts are popular ideas. Winter Christmas crafts
DIY "Winter" crafts are popular ideas. Winter Christmas crafts

The first association that comes to mind at the mention of winter is, of course, the New Year. Our fantasy always draws snowy streets, cheeks red in the cold, huge snowdrifts and long winter evenings. Since it gets dark early, children spend a lot of time at home. Most of them take scissors, paper and start creating. Parents help develop skills and show new ways.

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The creative vein awakens at the sight of the New Year's beauty - the Christmas tree, which must be dressed in the most beautiful outfits. At this moment, fantasy begins to work with a vengeance for both parents and children. New Year is a real field for making garlands, toys, snowflakes and other Christmas tree decorations. In this way, you achieve two goals - develop the imagination and please the eyes of guests and family.

Creating together is the key to a happy family

It's no secret that crafts on the theme "Winter-Winter" have a positive effect on warm family relationships between parents and children. Preparing Christmas gifts is an interesting, exciting activity. Sometimes it becomes a tradition and repeats from year to year. Even the simplest winter Christmas crafts are a difficult task for children, so the little ones need your help.

So, a fun activity brings families together at the same table. Getting involved in making crafts brings kids joy and the desire to make the best snowman, Christmas tree or snowflake to get praise from a parent. Try to choose children's crafts "Winter" that your child will be able to do. It is important that the child is able to fully develop the potential. Your trust will definitely come true.

DIY paper snowflakes

It's hard to imagine crafts "Winter" without traditional snowflakes, the complexity of which is very diverse. The simplest are paper round options made from napkins.

You can cut out a folded sheet with simple lines, or you can use beautiful patterns and zigzags. Today, you can come up with various paper crafts "Winter".

paper crafts winter

If your child is bored with cutting such models due to age, then offer to make a three-dimensional figurine. To do this:

  • take a square piece of paper;
  • fold the corners through the center;
  • make deep cuts in order on one side and the other, not reaching the edge a couple of centimeters;
  • bottom cut in a straight line;
  • expand the resulting snowflake;
  • wrap the corners through one towards the center and fix with glue;
  • do the same with other corners and glue.

Simple actions result in amazingvoluminous snowflake. Several winter beauties can be hung from the ceiling or decorate a picture hanging on the wall.

Snowflakes from beads and beads

Girls will be delighted with the idea of ​​creating a sophisticated and shiny snowflake from beads and beads. The central part is made of small elements, and the rays are made of a scattering of beads. You can choose the color solution yourself. If you want to achieve a la naturel, then give preference to white, blue and silver shades. For fantasy, use all the colors of the rainbow. As a basis, a wire or thread is suitable. It is more convenient to use a thin wire, crafts "Winter" from it will stick harder, and it is easier to hang them on the Christmas tree.

crafts on the theme zimushka winter

Glitter Snowflake Instructions:

  • string 5 beads and form a ring - this is the central part;
  • put on 5 beads from which to form loops;
  • keep making rays until the snowflake gets the right amount.

At the end, tie a beautiful thread or a piece of "rain" to hang the product on the Christmas tree. Craft "Winter" with your own hands can be done quickly enough. She will take center stage on the forest beauty and will be the pride of the whole family.

Grocery snowflakes

The best visionaries are mothers of small children. They are ready to adapt the most incredible things to create a masterpiece. Some of them even got to pasta! Such products are ideal for "long-term storage" crafts, they do not deteriorate and do notchange shape.

DIY winter craft

Fancy up with the available pasta. Bows, views, nets, shells - all this can be combined into one ensemble and create amazing snowflakes, garlands and toys. To give your crafts a touch of originality, paint them in interesting colors or cover them in white.

Crafts for the little ones

The smallest kids also want to create. There are ideal options for them - creating applications according to a template or simply cutting out interesting pictures. Take multi-colored felt or paper and draw the details of the future figure on them, let the child cut them out. Then collect the blanks in one composition and try to decorate by gluing beads, stripes and buttons. Crafts "Winter" should hang in the most visible place so that the baby can show off.

Christmas souvenir slippers with Santa Claus

Winter crafts for school should be original and memorable. So, if your child comes to class with New Year's-style slippers, he will definitely get an A. Of course, you can create real shoes in order to walk around the house, but this option is not suitable for children, but creating a souvenir is just right. Any thick fabric or cardboard is suitable for making.

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Instructions for creating:

  • ask your child to trace their foot on paper;
  • shape the sole and ask him to cut this part according to the template on the material chosen in advance;
  • draw the top of the sneaker;
  • cut her outmaterial;
  • using paper, cardboard, fabric, buttons, synthetic winterizer, make the face of Santa Claus on top or depict it in full;
  • connect top and bottom;
  • if the joint is very noticeable, decorate it with braid.

After the slipper is ready, you can additionally decorate it, for example, sprinkle it with sparkles based on frost or snow. You can use this gift option as a pocket for combs or a phone.

Eggshell crafts

As we already understood, crafts "Winter" can be made from anything. There are craftsmen who are able to create jewelry from the shell of a chicken egg. In order to prepare the testicle for decoration, you need to get rid of the contents. Make small holes and blow out the egg white and yolk. Next, the most interesting thing is decoration. A method that even children can handle is to glue the eggs with colorful pieces of paper. From the prepared blocks, you can glue a figure of a snowman, Santa Claus, a dog or a gnome. Glue a hat, hair, eyes, mouth and nose to them.

winter christmas crafts

Decoration options:

  • small "rain";
  • sequins;
  • paper;
  • drawing with acrylic paint;
  • gluing felt and fabric parts;
  • tailoring clothing items.

With the help of this technique, a New Year's talisman will appear in your collection, which will bring good luck. However, you need to be careful, as the shell is very thin and can easilybreak down.

Making a New Year's house

Another winter craft for school is a New Year's house. Doing it is quite difficult, so you will definitely need the help of parents. A juice pack or other box, cardboard, any paper glue and decor are suitable as a frame.

Instructions for making crafts "Winter":

  • On the side of the box, you need to cut a window, leaving the sash.
  • Cut through the door where you see fit, leaving it hanging on one side.
  • Roll up tubes from newspapers, paper. You can use wooden skewers, toothpicks, twigs.
  • Glue the resulting "logs" to the walls of the hut, imitating a log cabin.
  • Fold a sheet of cardboard in half and glue it like a roof.
  • Decorate the resulting blank.
  • winter craft for school

A can of spray paint and stencils are suitable as decor. You can cut patterns out of napkins with a winter motif and glue them in some places. As a roof covering, you can use cone petals, which are glued in a checkerboard pattern. Hang curtains on the windows, and attach a small bead-handle to the door. That's all - do-it-yourself winter craft is ready!

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