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Crochet skirt: photo and description
Crochet skirt: photo and description

Almost all the fair sex love a variety of skirts - different in texture, shape, length, style, color. They are sewn and knitted in various styles and for all ages.

Crochet a skirt is one of the many and very common ways to create this wardrobe item. This activity itself will bring you endless pleasure, but the result will please not only you, but also many others.

Light crocheted fishnet skirts are a great replacement for shorts and trousers. Gentle, they will give your appearance elegance and airiness. In such skirts, all women become attractive. The main thing is to choose the right length, pattern and threads for knitting - and you will be provided with an easy correction of the shortcomings of your figure.

Attractive and eye-catching

A common feature of all crocheted skirts is unusualness, convenience and uniqueness, and the use of openwork patterns in knitting gives them an elegant festive look.

warm skirt

Summer office skirts need lining. Very good openwork skirts of maximum lengthThey are suitable for everyday wear as well as formal occasions. A beach skirt will come in handy on a trip to the sea.

This article includes several options for crocheting skirts, their patterns and descriptions.

Choosing yarn for knitting skirts

In summer, a thin lace skirt is the perfect way to look chic. It's not hot in this one, but it looks amazing! Openwork patterns are suitable not only for the hot season, but also for the autumn-winter period. Take your wool yarn, pick up a warm lining and shine!

The correct selection of yarn for creating skirts is the most important condition for the beauty and convenience of the finished product. For each season, it is different in composition. Summer things are great with the following types of threads:

  1. Lanas Stop Cablé 5. Produced exclusively in Italy, using only the best mercerized cotton raw materials. Very well suited for weightless openwork products. It has a rich palette of colors and slightly gleams. The touch is very pleasant.
  2. Domestic Semyonovskaya Yarn "Birch" - absolute viscose. Knit and have great fun! Its only drawback is that viscose is a "floating" material, it will slide in wonderful folds. Although this is a plus when knitting skirts.
  3. Yarn "Dubrava" - linen and viscose. Linen fibers help keep the shape, viscose will not allow linen to shrink when washed. And the knitted fabric is cool and silky, flowing with weak knitting. Wonderful appearance does not lose even with active wear.

For wintercreativity is optimal wool - skirts will be warm and comfortable. Better let it be smooth threads - a fluffy skirt will add pounds to your sides.

Knitting a skirt: tips for beginners

Many inexperienced knitters often wonder how to crochet a skirt pattern?

  1. Some types of skirts are knitted without patterns.
  2. The best way is to try on by applying to the finished product.

If you are not very good at "reading" patterns for knitting openwork, then it is easier to knit a skirt from separate small parts, and then connect them with a needle or crochet.

Knitted fabric from motifs

You can try to knit it from motifs - hexagons. The size can be changed by adjusting the number of elements in rows.

You will need:

  • cotton yarn (150 g / 396 m) - 550 grams;
  • hook number 3;
  • lining fabric in thread color;
  • gum.

Knit 25 hexagons, connecting them according to the pattern.

Pattern for knitting a hexagon

Distribute them into 5 rows. Once all the motifs have been tied and connected, line the skirt at the top, filling in the space between the motifs and the waistband with air and double crochet stitches. Continue knitting, referring to the pattern. Tie a belt 3-4 centimeters wide with semi-columns and sew it on.

Next, make a petticoat, attach to the belt from the inside with two seams, forming a drawstring for an elastic band. Pull the elastic and the skirt is ready!

Complicated skirt withflounces for girls

For little charmers, you can knit a wonderful skirt with flounces. First, measure the circumference of the hips at the widest part and decide how long your product will be. There will be no problems with yarn either - cotton thread is usually taken for knitting children's things. This is the best option, since such yarn will not cause allergies in a child, it is breathable and it is not hot in it. To crochet a skirt for a girl of four to six years old, 250-300 grams of yarn should be enough. Also stock up on a satin ribbon to match the threads for the belt.

Skirt with flounces

Knit a chain of air loops equal in length to the girth of the hips plus 2 centimeters (to shrink the finished fabric). Connect in a ring.

Now work 14 rows in the round with double crochets, increasing evenly (if necessary).

Next, continue to knit with a loin mesh 14 rows (rapport - 1 double crochet, 1 air loop). In order for the canvas to expand, do not 1 double crochet, but 2 in one loop of the previous row and an air loop between them. Increase evenly in every tenth loop. To make the skirt more magnificent, you can add more often.

The mesh is tied, without tearing off the thread, continue knitting the shuttlecock according to the pattern.

pattern for knitting flounces

You will need to knit 2 more of the same shuttlecocks according to the proposed scheme. Place them in the second and ninth rows of the net. Fasten the first row of each tier to the upper half loops of the fillet net. Tie the top of the skirt, thread the belt -ribbon and go dress up your baby.

Pineapple pattern in summer skirts

A wonderful thing - a lace summer crocheted skirt. For women in the hot season, this is the ideal option. Light and airy, making the image weightless and attractive. Pay attention to the straight white skirt, knitted with a pineapple pattern. It will look great on both young girls and older women.

Crochet kit

Measure your hip circumference and decide on the length.

First make a belt. Cast on a chain of air loops that is equal to the width of your belt and continue to knit with single crochets until its length is equal to the waist circumference + 2 cm.

Further - according to the scheme, evenly distributing the number of rapports required for the width of the skirt along the belt.

After tying the required length, tie the edge of the skirt with single crochets, and then "crustacean step".

Sew the belt to the skirt, insert a ribbon or drawstring from the inside out.

scheme "Pineapples"

For the winter

Woolen skirts give you the opportunity to be romantic and tender, keeping you warm even in winter. And the unique skirt, knitted with a pattern of squares, will be a stylish and versatile piece of your wardrobe. You can wear it in a wide variety of combinations: with stiletto boots, with boots with thick soles, with bright silk blouses and wool sweaters, with a fur vest or leather "leather jacket" - the options are endless.

warm skirt

For knitting you will need:

  • 700g thick yarn;
  • hook number 5.

Knit according to pattern.

Maple leaf pattern

A skirt using this pattern will work well both from fine summer yarn and warm winter yarn. This luxurious pattern is an imitation of maple leaves, and the ability to choose different colors of threads will make the model picturesque. All leaves are knitted separately, and then sewn into one fabric in random order (or disorder - as you like).

Maple leaves

Description of the crochet skirt. The scheme of a maple leaf with symmetrical edges is taken as a basis. It is better to tie leaves that will differ from each other. To do this, simply make some edges longer and others shorter.

maple leaf diagram

First of all, tie a lot of sheets of different colors and sizes. Next, sew them, after washing and ironing. To avoid problems with tearing off an unsuccessfully fitted sheet, first sew with large stitches with a thread of a contrasting color.

After that, try on the skirt. If everything suits you, you can fix everything with a working thread.

To align the edge, use the free knitting technique - tie all free (leaky) places with chains of air loops. Tie a belt and sew it to the skirt.

For medium length, you will need approximately 850-900 grams of yarn. The combination of three colors looks perfect: red, yellow and brown.


There are a lot of patterns of crocheted skirts.

Crochet skirts

Is it difficult to knit skirts? Of course not. Much harder to just get started. But if you master crochet, creating wonderful, unique and unique things will become very easy and enjoyable!

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