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How to make a do-it-yourself wedding money chest?
How to make a do-it-yourself wedding money chest?

Wedding accessories are integral attributes of the celebration. Thousands of handmade craftsmen offer their services to create original wedding details for every taste. The chest is one of the attributes of the gift ceremony, it is used for cash gifts. It is not difficult to make such an accessory yourself, it is enough to have perseverance, attention and patience, as well as stock up on the necessary materials.

Wedding money box out of the box

Treasury based on cardboard box

To create this accessory you will need a simple set of tools, as well as a little imagination. First you need to decide on the color scheme, usually it echoes the color of the design of the ceremonial hall, then consider the size of the structure and the material for the decor. Now in needlework stores it is easy to find special, ready-made bases for the chest, it remains only to supplement them with decor - andthe accessory is ready, but in order to save money, you can also use improvised materials. To create a chest for money for a wedding with your own hands, you need the following:

  1. Cardboard box of the required size.
  2. Glue gun and hot melt glue.
  3. PVA glue.
  4. Decorative paper for scrapbooking.
  5. Whatman sheet.
  6. Satin ribbon.
  7. Double-sided tape.
  8. Decorative flowers or other items.
  9. Scissors, ruler, pencil.

Crafting Tips

  1. First you need to modify the top of the box, for this you need to draw an arc on the side walls, you can circle a small plate.
  2. Further you need to step back five centimeters down and draw two parallel connecting lines along the entire length of the wide side of the box.
  3. The upper part must be cut exactly in an arc, to the wall.
  4. In order for the lid to open, they make punching, for this you need a non-writing sharp pen and a ruler. On the inside of the lid, you need to squeeze out even longitudinal stripes: measure 1.5 cm from the edge with a ruler, then fix its position and draw a deep line on the lid with a strong pressure on the handle. The entire upper part is scored in this way.
  5. Then you need to cut the drawn lines on the wide part of the box to the wall, punch a few more strips on it.
  6. The next step is to fasten the parts. The top and side parts must be fixed with masking tape. It is recommended to remove all excess cardboard.
  7. A hole is made in the lida little wider than the wall width of a standard cash envelope and a small strip of cardboard is removed for ease of closing.
  8. Now you need to start pasting the base of the chest with whatman paper. PVA glue should be applied to the walls of the box, the paper strips should be slightly wider than the base. Sheets should be applied carefully, pressing lightly and avoiding unevenness.
  9. The next step is to decorate the white base with decorative paper, pasting according to the principle described in paragraph 8, but you need to use hot glue, applying it to the edge of the workpiece.
  10. The part of the cardboard box cut off in step 7 is decorated with paper and glued to the inner wall, leaving a small protrusion. This strip will help close the lid tightly. The inside can be pasted over with white corrugated paper. The do-it-yourself wedding money box is finished! It remains the case for decor.
Treasury from a cardboard box with a hinged lid

To decorate the outer side of the accessory, you can use flowers from satin ribbon, foamiran or silk, as well as all kinds of cutting from thick scrap paper, greenery, half beads and rhinestones. First you need to assemble the composition on the table, you can even take a photo of the final version you like, and then transfer the elements one by one to the chest. You can complete the decoration with a small satin ribbon bow at the bottom of the chest lid. You can also do without decor, limiting yourself to a small element on the lid of the chest.

Heart shaped wedding money box

The treasury does not have to be rectangular, there are manyideas for creating an accessory of a non-standard shape. For example, in the form of a heart. For such a manufacture of such a chest, you will need the following:

  1. Izolon sheet, 10 mm thick.
  2. Satin fabric.
  3. Lace or lace.
  4. Chanel braid (to match the lace) 1.2 cm wide.
  5. Finished flowers in fabric color.
  6. Tulle.
  7. Beads and rhinestones.
  8. Glue gun and hot melt glue.
  9. Ruler, scissors, needle pins.
  10. Thread and needle.

How to make a wedding money box

First you need to print out the template in the shape of a heart. Fix the workpiece with pins on the isolon and cut out two identical parts. Then, a hole is made in one of the blanks in the form of a circle with a diameter of 14 cm. The next step is the preparation of the side walls of the treasury, the width of the segment is 9.5 cm, the length is slightly more than 115 cm. The side parts should be divided into half and fixed with hot glue to the base with a hole, moving from the top to the bottom. After fulfilling the previous conditions, it is necessary to attach the remaining part of the heart and cut off the protruding, excess material. Then you need to make a hole for money envelopes, approximate parameters: 10.5 x 2 cm, the final size depends on the postcards.

Decoration step

Next, you need to start decorating the workpiece with fabric and lace. The sides and hearts are cut out of the fabric and glued to the base with hot glue. To prepare guipure details, a piece of fabric is folded in half, then halves of hearts are applied and cut out, a littleletting in from the edge. The sidewalls cut out of lace are fixed on a pin and sewn with a seam over the edge, holes are cut. All seams and joints are decorated with decorative braid, then the slot is processed. For a round hole, it is necessary to prepare a round lid, slightly larger in diameter than the hole. Finishing is carried out according to the principle of decorating the base, then flowers and beads are glued. Do-it-yourself collection of a chest for money for a wedding is over.

Treasury in the shape of a heart

Other options

If none of the proposed options suits the bride, then a chest for money for a wedding with your own hands can be made by others. Beautiful accessories of various shapes and sizes with eco-leather trim, rustic wooden treasuries, multi-tiered chests in the form of a wedding cake have come into fashion. Photos of chests for money for the wedding are offered below.

Wooden chest for money

If there is no time left to make such an accessory, you can use a beautiful ceramic, porcelain bowl or a wicker basket in the gift ceremony, the main thing is to choose an accessory to match the decoration of the hall so that the chest does not stand out against its background.

Wedding treasury from a cardboard box

You can also resort to the help of masters of wedding paraphernalia.

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