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How to make a reborn doll with your own hands: materials, tools, step by step instructions and recommendations
How to make a reborn doll with your own hands: materials, tools, step by step instructions and recommendations

Dolls are mysterious creatures. They are made of plastic, wood, porcelain and other materials. Some cost several hundred rubles, others several thousand dollars. We are touched by some, we are afraid of others, we admire others …

About reborn dolls

A separate direction in puppetry is reborn. They are also called "live". Reborn dolls are as realistic as possible. At first glance, it may seem that this is a living child. The weight and height of the doll corresponds to the real parameters of the baby. Skin folds, delicate hairs and realistic eyes - everything is exactly like a real baby. Therefore, the idea of ​​how to make a reborn doll on your own does not leave the heads of hundreds of people.

The process of creating such a toy takes a lot of time, as many techniques and materials are used. As a rule, reborn dolls are not mass-produced - this is piece by piece, very painstaking work. A master of photography can reproduce the image of a particular child. ATIn Russia, reborns became popular a little over 10 years ago, but have already won the hearts of people. Many puppeteers are waiting in line to make such a doll. If you do not know how to make a reborn doll yourself, then look for the answer in the text of the article just below.

how to make a reborn doll

The history of the creation of reborn dolls

Translated from English reborn means "reborn, reborn." Logically, it is clear that these are dolls that look like small newborn children. The history of their creation goes back to the 90s of the last century. Designers from the USA wanted to create the most realistic dolls. The target audience was collectors. The first online doll was sold in 2002 from eBay.

After a few years, not only collectors began to buy reborns. Many women became interested in such babies, each for their own reasons - someone regretted that the children grew up quickly, someone did not have children at all, others simply harmoniously fit them into the interior of the bedrooms. In addition, you can make a reborn doll yourself.

Teaching Art

You can find a large number of tutorials on how to make a reborn doll. Face-to-face training is practically not carried out due to the laboriousness of the process and the inability to make a toy in one day.

It is worth noting that you need to learn from well-known and sought-after masters. Even the high price of training courses should not be a hindrance, since the master will share his secrets and best practices that have been accumulated empirically for more than one year. As you can see, the question is how to dodo-it-yourself reborn doll is solved quite simply. The key is patience.

How to make a reborn doll at home

The first step of creation is the degreasing of the mold. You can buy it in many online stores. You need to do this with a solvent. As a rule, the mold will be made of vinyl. The set includes a blank face, arms and legs. In this case, the body is sewn from fabric and stuffed. Also in the sets you can see the body of the doll. Such a reborn will be as realistic as possible compared to a real baby. As a rule, such molds are used when there will be little or no clothes on the doll.

how to make a reborn doll

Usually work starts with the head. Holes are made on the workpiece in the area of ​​the nose and eyes, if necessary, since some molds already have them, or not to make them at all, since the doll can be made sleeping.

At the beginning of the work, the master rebornist applies paint to the mold in several layers. As a rule, their number varies from 15 to 30. For this, he uses acrylic or oil paints. They are applied with a sponge, sponge or brush. After each layer, the mold is baked at a certain temperature. Next, a fixative is applied to give a matte finish to the skin color. It should be noted right away that you can bake the workpiece in the oven, but then it is forbidden to cook food in it. When painting the workpiece for the most realistic effect, you can make a slight reddening of the skin.

make your own reborn doll

Further, artificial eyes and hair are fixed.The latter are made, as a rule, from mohair, or they use real ones. This process is called rooting. The smaller the doll is made, the thinner the hair should be. Do not forget about eyelashes (if the designer is going to insert them).

When working on the handles, some masters insert artificial nails. Of course, the similarity with a real child increases several times, but the cost of work, of course, increases.

how to make a paper reborn doll

Then the doll should be filled. To do this, you can use sintepuh. It does not cake over time, quickly restores its shape when crushed, and is affordable. In order for the weight of the doll to be as close to realistic as possible, the body should be filled with glass granulate.

You also need to pay special attention to doll clothes. It can be either an ordinary diaper for a very young baby, or a bigger dress for a girl, and for a boy you can sew some kind of suit. The doll is ready. As you can see, the question of how to make a reborn doll yourself is quite simple. You can even make this toy out of paper.

How to make a reborn doll out of paper

These toys are made completely differently from a vinyl doll. It has nothing to do with the technology described above. Apparently, the reason here is in the name - everything that is as close as possible to the appearance of a real baby can be called "reborn" in creativity.

How to make a paper doll in just 10 minutes? To do this, on a white sheet you need to draw (or rather printfor more realism) the image of the doll, then cut it out. You can also make removable clothes for the resulting paper toy.

Emotional connection with reborn doll

For many women and even entire families, reborns are a substitute for a live baby. Some "new mothers" are so absorbed in caring for a doll that they wash their hair, rock them, change clothes, take them out for a walk, and even buy toys. Also, many couples who do not want to have children buy such a doll for themselves and take care of it. You can buy a toy with a fake birth or adoption certificate.

On the one hand, this can be regarded as a mental disorder, on the other hand, medical therapy (for example, if a woman cannot have children). The doll can cause strong emotional attachment.

reborn dolls how to make at home

How to sell a doll

Many craftsmen make great money making reborns with their own hands. Such a doll cannot be found gathering dust on store shelves. Works are bought mainly through the Internet. The main places of sale work online stores, blogs.

On the Russian market, as well as in the CIS, such dolls have not yet become universally popular. The US and Canadian market is a completely different matter. There, reborns are bought much more willingly for quite good amounts.

In order to quickly sell the doll, you need to try to take a high-quality photo. After all, if it “hooks” the eye of a potential client, then the chance to sell it grows several times. Then you need to doa detailed description - what the doll is made of, its height, weight. If it's hard to decide on the price, you can see the work of other masters.

Two reborn dolls

Price of dolls

On the Russian market, reborn dolls cost an average of 20 to 100 thousand rubles. The price is influenced by many factors: the degree of realism with a real child, the quality of the materials used, the size of the doll, the availability of clothing, etc.

The rather high cost makes these dolls too expensive for many. They must not be allowed to play with children, in order to avoid damage. They serve to obtain aesthetic pleasure. It is impossible to make two absolutely identical dolls, hence another high price criterion - the buyer will have an exclusive thing.

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