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Holi paints do it yourself: how to cook
Holi paints do it yourself: how to cook

Festivals of colors are an extremely unusual, memorable sight and quite rare in our country. The history of the holiday begins in India, where the solemn event is associated with the onset of spring. There are several versions of the origin of the holiday. According to one of them, he is associated with the struggle of light Indian gods with a fiery demoness. It is the effigy of Holi (that is the name of the demoness) that is burned at the holiday, similar to our Maslenitsa.

Currently, such festivals are held not only in winter, but the main attribute here are special dry bright colors. The article will discuss how to make Holi paint with your own hands and in such a way that it is safe.

do-it-yourself holi dry paints
do-it-yourself holi dry paints

A few words about the use of paints

Holi paints differ from other similar substances in their plant origin, and therefore they are considered completely harmless to the he alth of participants in the festive event. For the manufacture of paints, starch, corn flour are used, where food coloring is added. The most popular ingredients are as follows:

  • phalaenopsis;
  • turmeric;
  • sandalwood.

An extract or food additive when making Holi paint with your own hands gives a variety of colors. But not only at festivals they use such dyes, they can be used in another area:

  • make a bright unforgettable photo shoot;
  • used in body painting;
  • at festive events for children and adults;
  • on theatrical performances.

Methods of making paints

The most ancient way to make Holi paint with your own hands was the following. They prepared the bark of different tree species, took the fruits and stems of some plants. All this was dried and ground to a powder state. Corn flour was added to the resulting color mixture, thanks to which it is possible to maintain a bright color and give the powder lightness.

do-it-yourself holi colors
do-it-yourself holi colors

Should I use crayons

Yes, this technique is considered the least time-consuming and simple for our modern world. But there are some nuances here. Colored crayons do not have a rich, beautiful color, and therefore they will not look spectacular. The composition of the chalk may include components that are not suitable for contact with the skin and respiratory organs. If such paint gets into the eyes or lungs, a person can seriously damage their he alth.

The safest paint

Here you have to spend some time making your own Holi paint. Flour is mixed with water until a firm piece of dough is obtained that will not stick to the fingers. On the next stepyou will need to add food colors that are purchased or made in advance. Color saturation depends on the amount of dye.

dry colors holi
dry colors holi

The dough must be kneaded so that a uniform shade is obtained, rolled into small thin plates and put to dry. Dried pieces will remain to break and grind in a coffee grinder or blender to a powder state.

Great handmade Holi dry paints.

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