Do-it-yourself piggy bank: what you can do yourself
Do-it-yourself piggy bank: what you can do yourself

Now is a golden time for creative people. With all kinds of art materials available, it's easier than ever to create whatever you want. The main thing is the presence of imagination. The second important point is the financial issue, because all materials for creativity cost a round sum. But I want the resulting copy to look decent and inexpensive.

do-it-yourself piggy bank at home

If you are wondering how to make a piggy bank with your own hands, then you need, first of all, to see what tools and raw materials are at hand.

Source materials for piggy bank

With your own hands you can make a piggy bank, in principle, from anything. Initially, you need to decide on the idea. If you intend to make a gift, then you must take into account the age of this person. For example, a child can be presented with a pink pig or a popular toy, and an adult will appreciate a stylish and unusual option that will not be ashamed to put onshelf.

As a basis for a do-it-yourself piggy bank at home, any container is suitable - a shoe box, a plastic can of drinks or Pringles chips, a homemade cardboard box, a plastic container and much more - give free rein own fantasy. But the decoration process itself must be carried out carefully.

For a child, the main thing is brightness and coincidence with his interests, so a colorful pig, an unusual bomb or a cartoon character will please a young banker. You can use paints, colored paper and cardboard, ribbons, confetti, felt-tip pens.

do-it-yourself piggy bank for children

For a girl, it is better to decorate a piggy bank in gentle colors. It looks interesting options using craft paper or old newspapers. The main thing is that the piggy bank turned out beautiful and stylish. Ribbons, jute, craft materials, papier-mâché are suitable as additional materials.

do-it-yourself piggy bank for a girl

If you are on friendly terms with a young man, you can surprise him with a cool piggy bank. If the guy is just an acquaintance, it is better to choose a strict design style: dark colors, minimalism or a standard male theme.

do-it-yourself piggy bank

A simple version of a piggy bank at home

An easy way to make a piggy bank - using a can as a base. A glass jar of an unusual shape will do. Usually, they sell honey, jam, sauces. For decoration it is better to use acrylic paints:they evenly stain the glass surface and, importantly, you can easily choose the right shade due to the wide color gamut. You can draw a picture if you are good at drawing. Or just paint the jar in an abstract style. Or use the decoupage technique to decorate.

do-it-yourself piggy bank

How to make a piggy bank with your own hands

The stages of work are as follows:

  1. Search for base jars and necessary materials. You will need: alcohol, brushes, spray gun, acrylic paints, PVA, decoupage napkins - optional.
  2. Preparing the jar for work: cleaning the surface of paper (if any) and degreasing with alcohol.
  3. Direct decoration. If you decide to paint on the surface, then after it dries, you can proceed. There are 2 different options for simple decoration - a pattern on transparent glass and a pattern on the base. In the first case, the pattern is applied immediately to the surface. In the second, the base is prepared: with an ordinary sponge, it is necessary to blot the paint and transfer it to the glass with wet movements. After the paint has dried, it is allowed to paint. You can complicate the task by using decoupage napkins. Here you will need PVA glue and napkins. It is necessary to carefully cut off the drawing along the contour, so that subsequently even edges are not conspicuous; soak it in PVA diluted with water and wait until the napkin is "soaked", then gently stick it on the surface.
  4. While the paint dries, you can work on the lid: use a knife to make the size of a coinslot. The lid also needs to be painted to match the jar.

Thus, the process of creating a piggy bank with your own hands does not take much time.

Types of piggy banks

In fact, there are a lot of types of homemade piggy banks, they differ in shape and decoration.

Many people like to make piggy banks out of plastic bottles.

do-it-yourself piggy bank from bottles

Or shoe boxes. Juice cans can also be used.

do-it-yourself piggy bank from boxes

Do-it-yourself piggy bank is a good gift. But in order for the impression not to be spoiled, you need to show accuracy and a little imagination.

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