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Original party outfit - clown costume
Original party outfit - clown costume

Practically at every children's holiday there are joyful clowns that bring fun and are always associated with funny tricks and comical situations. If at a fun party you want to be the center of attention or make sure that the attention of the guests is riveted on the child, then you should opt for a clown costume. It's hard not to recognize a cheerful character thanks to bright clothes, an unusual headdress and an unforgettable nose. Sewing such an outfit will be discussed in the article.

What are the components of the outfit

Clown costume is a great choice for both adults and children. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The main rule is bright colors that will make the image unforgettable.

If we talk about templates, then you can easily take any picture you like from the pages of a magazine or book. And you can do everything intuitively, trusting your own creativity. It is important not to forget about the little details that will serve as bright complementary parts of the clown costume.

suitclown for boy

Immediate parts you can't do without

The outfit will not be complete without the following details:

  • Jumpsuit made of bright fabric with sleeves or straps. However, it can be replaced with trousers with suspenders and a jacket. If it is supposed to create a female image, then you can limit yourself to a voluminous skirt and leggings.
  • An adult can always complement an outfit with a bright tie and jacket. Decorative elements are ideal for these details of clothing.
  • Without special shoes, the clown costume will not be complete. It can be stylish boots or bright sports sneakers.
  • A wig with multi-colored hair is suitable for the head, everyone decides which color to prefer.
  • Another important little thing is a foam rubber false nose, instead of which you can use makeup.
  • It is important not to forget about a headdress, cap or cap with bells.
adult clown costume

Choosing a look

Not all clowns are cheerful and carefree, among them there are sad or even evil images. It all depends on the theme of the party. You can decide on the appearance with the help of books or some films to make the author's version of the costume. The main condition is that the chosen image matches the age group and character traits.

How to make a costume for a child

DIY clown costume

Having considered some important little things, it is worth moving on to creating a clown costume with your own hands.Here there is a place for things that are already safely forgotten. Trousers made of brightly colored fabric, to which straps or suspenders are sewn. You can also put knee-highs, T-shirts or sweaters here. It is easy to decorate additional elements of clothing with the help of decorative buttons and bright multi-colored shreds.

Of course, you need to think about additional accessories, which include:

  • headdress;
  • foam nose;
  • wig.

Shoes are perfect for round toe boots or brightly colored athletic shoes.

If you plan to use shorts or breeches in a clown costume for a boy, then knee-high socks of different colors that can be seen on clowns in the circus will serve as an ideal complement.

For the collar and cuffs, any materials at hand are suitable, it can be cardboard or paper. Makeup is a great tool to make bright cheeks, draw a smile, paint a nose. The easiest makeup option would be to apply freckles and blush.

So, there should be no more questions about how to make a clown costume for a boy with your own hands.

Adult suit

clown costume

The option that will be presented below is perfect for making a party outfit for an adult. However, you can always use your own template.

To create a jumpsuit you will need bright fabrics, it is best to focus on contrasting shades. The clasp in this clown costume for an adult will be located on the back. After finishing the sewing workthink over decorations, which can be large buttons, multi-colored patches, several patch pockets. An interesting addition will be a frill.

Shoes from different pairs are suitable as shoes. In the form of decoration, you can use lush bows that are easy to make from bright ribbons. With the help of baggy cases, any pair of shoes will perfectly disguise.

How to make a hat

do-it-yourself clown costume for a boy

An ideal addition to a clown costume would be a cap or a bowler hat, you can make them using improvised materials.

  1. On a thick sheet of paper you need to draw a semicircle and then cut it out.
  2. According to this pattern, a fabric pattern is made with a margin of several centimeters around the edges.
  3. A fabric is glued onto the paper. The base is folded into a cone and fixed with glue.
  4. It remains to attach an elastic band at the bottom to keep the headpiece firmly.
  5. As an original addition, you can put a wide strip of fabric on the fringe, which is then glued to the cap. A pom-pom is made from synthetic winterizer or foam rubber and sheathed with fabric on top.

With the help of the recommendations presented in the article, you can create an original clown costume and safely go to the holiday. A bright outfit will surely be remembered by all participants of the event, not only adults, but also children will like it. And if a child comes to the holiday in a clown costume, then attention is guaranteed to him, it is difficult to resist the sight of the original outfit and not give due timethe owner of the clown costume.

The article presented various options for costumes for both children and adults, and therefore there should be no difficulties with tailoring.

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