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Shrug with knitting needles: an original accessory for any outfit
Shrug with knitting needles: an original accessory for any outfit

Professional knitted product gives out details: even fabric, inconspicuous seams, carefully measured armhole line, finished neckline. Skills for their implementation do not come immediately - you need to connect more than a dozen things. Therefore, it is recommended to start learning the art of making wardrobe items with simple-cut products that do not require complex calculation of loops. The scarf is knitted in several evenings, you just need to choose a pattern and buy yarn.


Before you start needlework, you need to figure out what kind of wardrobe item it is. Shrag is a small cape, in fact, consisting only of sleeves. Use it over open dresses or tops.

scarf knitting

Cape jacket has three functions:

  • decorate the outfit. Often the accessory is used for evening outings and wedding dresses. An openwork scarf with knitting needles will emphasize the solemnity of the toilet, make the image complete;
  • protect from the cold. Of course, you can not compare a light cape and a winter sweater. But on a cool summer evening, a scarf draped over the shoulders will be quite out of place;
  • diversify your wardrobe. The product is being manufacturedquickly, does not require special skills, therefore, by tying several jackets and alternating them with each other, you can create completely different looks with basic things.

The difference between a shrag and other types of capes, cardigans, jackets and boleros is knitting in one piece.


To make a scarf with knitting needles, you will need:

  • threads (thin cotton yarn is suitable for a summer cape, warm options are knitted from wool or half-wool);
  • knitting needles for the thickness of the yarn and thinner (half a size smaller) for cuffs.

Before proceeding to the choice of pattern, it is necessary to consider the knitting feature of the product. When finished, the cape is a rectangle, the long sides of which are sewn along the edges, while the center remains free - this is how the sleeves are formed.

shrag knitting description

To knit a scarf with knitting needles in one piece, you need to decide on the size. By measuring the width of the back and adding the length of the sleeves, the height of the canvas is obtained. The second size is formed from the circumference of the arm at the top. A few centimeters are added to the resulting figure for a free fit. If desired, the cape is knitted wide - in this case, the value of the second size is increased by two to three times.

Choosing pattern

The pattern for the product is suitable for anyone, it all depends on the preferences of the craftswoman. A knitted scarf knitted with an openwork pattern is an option for a summer day. Thicker patterns, such as braids, are an alternative for cool autumn.

Front or wrong side surface is also suitable for a cape. At the same time, it is worthpay attention to the quality of the yarn. The threads should be smooth and uniform in thickness. If there is no confidence in the quality factor of the material, then its flaws will be hidden by the color of the yarn. For example, on the threads of sectional dyeing, defects and irregularities are less noticeable.

shrag with knitting needles in one piece

Based on the size of the product for the selected pattern and yarn, you need to count the number of loops. This is done in the standard way by knitting the sample.

Knitting principle

After the necessary preparations are made, you can knit the scarf with knitting needles. Product description (regardless of model) consists of four simple steps.

  1. Knit cuff (optional). The cuff, as a rule, is made with an “elastic band” pattern: about 2-5 cm are knitted in height. The number of loops for the lapel is determined by the circumference of the arm.
  2. Increment of loops for the main fabric and its manufacture. This stage is the longest. Gradually, you will memorize the pattern, so the last rows will contact "automatically".
  3. Reduce loops and make the second cuff symmetrical to the first lapel.
  4. Fastening the edges of the fabric along the long side, starting from the cuffs.

Shrug cape is ready! You can start knitting the next thing for the wardrobe.

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