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Working Naval Combat Strategies
Working Naval Combat Strategies

Games are an interesting and fun way to spend time. Their variety is huge, but it is Sea Battle and the winning strategy that arouse the interest of many people and encourage them to delve into the intricacies of the process.

What's the point?

Sea Battle is a game that requires two players, a piece of paper and a pen. The goal is to place the ships on your field, and then calculate the location of the opponent's frigates.

Before you start studying the strategy of naval combat, you need to draw a field for your ships on a piece of paper. The territory includes a square with sides of 10 cells. The vertical line is numbered outside the resulting square with numbers from 1 to 10. In turn, the horizontal line is indicated by the letters of the alphabet from "a" to "k", excluding such letters as "y".

The next important step is the location of the ships on your field. In total, you need to place 10 submarines, which differ in the number of decks: one deck - one cell. You can have 4 single-deck ships, 3 double-deck ships, 2 three-deck ships, and 1 four-deck ship. Thus, the last of the presented frigates will occupy 4 cells on the field.


Let's fight

After the location of all the courts, you need to draw the opponent's field. The first area is used to position your ships, and the second area is used to record hits on enemy ships.

The players agree among themselves who shoots first. In order to correctly calculate the location of the vessel, it is necessary to choose the right strategy for naval combat. The player whose board was hit checks to see if there is a ship on that spot. If yes, then the answer must be “wounded”. This means that the ship is affected, but not completely destroyed. When the ship completely “burned out” with one attempt, then in this case they say “killed”. The loser is the one whose flotilla was completely destroyed.

Location of ships

How to win in naval combat?

To win the game, there are special secrets, knowing which the chances of beating an opponent increase significantly. To choose the right naval battle strategy, you need to understand that the outcome of the game depends on two factors: the location of your own ships and the strategy of shooting at a foreign field. When placing ships on your field, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Leave space between frigates. Do not place ships close to each other. There must be a distance of at least one cell between them on all sides. Therefore, large ships should be placed closer to the borders of the field in order to reduce the number of empty cells.
  • If you place a four-deck ship in the center, then around it will becells at which the enemy will not shoot, which is 14 units. In turn, if you place the ship close to one of the borders of the field, then the number of cells for the next shot will be reduced to 6 or 8, depending on the chosen location. Thus, this naval battle strategy demonstrates that such a location is unfavorable for the enemy, since it will be more difficult to find other ships.
  • The previous positioning advice only applies to large boats. Small ones, in turn, are very difficult to calculate, and sometimes hitting them is just luck. Therefore, ships per cell should be placed randomly, away from large brothers. But, knowing the strategy of aiming at enemy ships, you can avoid the most dangerous places.
sea ​​battle

Shelling ships according to a verified pattern

  • Shelling with the letter X. In this strategy, the search for ships should be carried out from the upper left corner to the lower right diagonally, without skipping cells. The same must be done with the other side. The resulting points are the main ones, since it is impossible to position all ships avoiding these zones.
  • Sector division. To apply this strategy, it is necessary to conditionally divide the opponent's field into equal 4 parts. Further, the shelling of the territory is carried out either diagonally or in a checkerboard pattern. A similar type of search for ships must be applied to the remaining sectors. The presented method affects the main cells on the field.
how to win a sea battle

Good strategy for playingsea ​​battle can help you learn the rules better and have fun. Having met a worthy opponent, you can get real pleasure. Such entertainment is not only entertaining, but also develops the strategic and analytical abilities of a person.

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