How to play "Fool". Varieties and Strategies
How to play "Fool". Varieties and Strategies

Cards have been very popular since the Middle Ages. They successfully pushed the bones, backgammon and checkers. Some of the complexity of tactics and strategies, as well as the possibilities of mathematical miscalculations, are compared or even surpass chess. Let's, dear reader, plunge into this article into the unpretentious world of a worthy representative of the entertainment industry. So, card "Fool".

A brief history of the game

Many items and activities are said to come from heroes and great deities as a gift. However, today we will talk about a simple peasant game of cards. Its roots are not so deep, but it has already managed to celebrate two centuries. We can speak with confidence about this age, since Pushkin and S altykov-Shchedrin mention this “trifle fun.”

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Thanks to the revolution of 1917, the game became recognized in society and moved to salons. Today it is played in many countries. At the University of California, for example, there is even such a tradition among students studying Russian. They areget together on Fridays in an informal setting and practice social skills while playing Fool.

A bunch of different applications provide an opportunity to experience this atmosphere virtually. You can play cards on your phone, as well as on a laptop or personal computer. The main charm of this fun is that you can learn it in a couple of minutes, and hone your skills for years.

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Decks and base game variations

There are only four main variants of this entertainment - "Fool" translated, tossed, Japanese and, of course, simple. The last two have simpler rules and are less popular today. In Japanese, for example, the difference is that spades only beat with spades. A trump is always a tambourine. And the queen of spades can beat any card of her suit.

They usually use the traditional Russian deck, consisting of 36 sheets. However, in our time, more popular, the so-called "poker" is played more often. It has 52 cards, and jokers are always set aside.

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In addition to the main four, today there are about 80 different variants of the game. Next, some of the most unusual will be announced.

What to do if you're bored, or How to play the Fool outside the box


Not translated here, but after each round or capture, the players exchange their cards in a clockwise direction. That is, you must give everything in your hands to the one sitting on the left.


Distributed 6 leaves each, showed a trump card andremoved the remainder. We only play with what we got. But the game ends quickly.


They looked like you, but there is nothing to beat? Not scary! Here it is possible to exchange 2 of your cards for the top 2 from the deck!


Have a lot of excess on hand, but no one else throws up? Not a problem! Throw yourself and beat yourself off. Why not a cowboy knight move?!


How to play such a fool? The rules are the same, the only difference is in the deck. It stacks from ace to six and is not shuffled (after the deal).


Gone and you have a lot of cards? Dont be upset. In this variety, no one is offended! If taken, the move is not skipped. Throw out, gentlemen.


It's very simple and easy to be at the beginning of the game with half the deck in hand. How? In this round, fortune turned away from your opponent and he has nothing to cover, and you are the lucky one who threw an unbearable card. So beat her yourself and add rubbish to the loser. In addition, others will follow you! But you can put only those values ​​that were for the main move!


Want to stretch the game longer? Easily. Return every second discard to the main deck and shuffle.

"Fool" throw-in

The most popular variety. Most of the shops, zavalinok, reserved seat cars and a bunch of other, sometimes unusual places know it. You will be very surprised, but there is even a championship. Yes! Real. And its final is held in one of the Moscow casinos. There is even a prize fund (the winner is about 20,000dollars, the loser - about 5,000), jury and qualifying rounds. And you thought! Learn how to play the fool professionally and earn money.

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So, what are the rules of this wonderful fun?

Six cards are de alt. You can walk in any number, but only one dignity. The decision is up to the player who fights back. He can cover or take away. If they play a round, then if they have the same value, they throw it up if they wish. The walker does it first. And only if he no longer has the necessary options, other participants can enter the game in a clockwise direction.

The only condition is that 6 cards go to the end in one circle, no more. Also, you can not throw away more than the one who covers it.

Translated variety

It's very simple here. The delivery is the same, the general meaning is similar. The only difference is that it is not necessary to beat the card with which they were like. You can simply move it further clockwise to the participant, putting next to it the same value. This continues until there is nothing to pass to the next one.

By the way, there is a variety where they do not always put it in translation, but simply show it if desired. The so-called "pass".

The last one, in front of which there are cards, and there is nothing to pass, is considered to be the hitter. If he covered everything, then his next move. Those who translated in this way simply skip a turn.

So today we learned how to play the fool. We got acquainted with the options for this leisure. For those who want eventhere was an opportunity to become famous and earn some money on this.

Go for it! Good luck!

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