"Alize Baby Vul": reviews of needlewomen, composition, colors
"Alize Baby Vul": reviews of needlewomen, composition, colors

When the desire to create this or that thing comes, as a rule, its appearance is already quite clearly formed in the imagination. What form will she have, what tools may be needed, what decor will she have. However, the problem often arises of choosing the material from which the product will be created. This directly applies to such types of applied arts as crocheting or knitting, because the choice of yarn is simply huge. Even a specific understanding of the characteristics of yarn, such as composition, thickness and color, tactile impressions does not save.

Materials with the same characteristics can behave completely differently both in the knitting process and during operation. Much depends on the raw materials and the manufacturer, which increases every year. Especially carefully approach the choice of yarn for knitting for children. Since their skin is very sensitive, the material should not only be beautiful, but also soft, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic. One of thesematerials is the yarn "Alize Baby Vul". Most of the reviews about it are very laudatory, however, in order to finally decide whether this material is suitable for knitting conceived products, you need to carefully study its characteristics.


Yarn Alize Baby Wool

Yarn is made in Turkey. The Alize factory has been operating since 1984, its assortment includes more than 90 types of yarn, and every year it expands more and more. Here you can find both completely natural, and mixed or synthetic threads, they differ not only in composition, but also in the way of twisting. The presence of both classic and fantasy materials allows you to create amazing products using completely simple patterns. The price range is quite wide, Alize factories produce both budget and elite types of yarn. Also pleased with the color palette of each line, thanks to this, even the most picky buyer will be able to choose the right yarn for a particular job.

From the line of children's yarn, "Alize Baby Wool" is especially popular.


Fantasy yarn in the product

This yarn consists of 40% wool, the same amount contains acrylic, as well as 20% bamboo. Wool is used not merino, but sheep, which significantly reduces the cost of the product. In addition, reconstituted bamboo fiber, obtained by chemical processing of the plant, is used - viscose. If the raw material has not been washed well enough, the reagents may causeallergic reaction, so it must be washed before using the finished product.


In a small 50 g skein there is 175 meters of uniform thread, 3 mm thick. The yarn is quite voluminous, consists of three threads twisted together. It has a light noble sheen, very soft, slightly cool at the first touch, easily breathable, but at the same time retains heat. Such characteristics were achieved due to the competent selection of the proportions of the materials included in the composition. The manufacturer advises using knitting needles from 2.5 to 4 mm and hook No. 1-3, however, according to reviews, "Alize Baby Wool" delaminates too easily when crocheted, so it's better to use a larger tool number.


As in the other lines, the palette of this type of yarn is quite extensive, consists of 35 shades. Moreover, its distinctive feature is that it has not only delicate "children's", but also very saturated colors. Thanks to this, "Alize Baby Vul" can be used not only for making clothes for babies, but also for adults who want to please themselves with the tenderness and warmth of the first touches. In addition, this palette allows you to create a gradient effect in products, which is especially important in recent seasons.


Alize Baby Wool Batik

The manufacturer's passion for fantasy materials could not but affect this yarn, so a novelty has recently appeared - "Alize Baby Wool Batik". The thread of this material is not dyedin the classical way, but sectional with smooth transitions. To date, yarn is produced in sixteen colors, each of which combines from three to five colors. Using this material is a good way to create an interesting multi-colored product from a single skein, without wasting time choosing primary colors and their shades to form transitions.


Despite all the efforts of the manufacturer "Alize", reviews of the yarn "Baby Vul" are very polar. You can meet both flattering ones, according to which this material has become a favorite among all the yarns in this category, and very negative ones, when the thread is literally thrown into the trash can. However, after analyzing most of them, we can draw certain conclusions regarding the quality of the yarn and the further operation of the products.


yarn set Alize Baby Wool "

According to reviews, "Alize Baby Wool" can be rated 4 points out of 5 in quality. The thread is even along the entire length in all skeins, but the thickness of the thread in skeins from different batches may vary slightly. There are balls with knots - from 1 to 7 along the entire length, but such a ball comes across about one in ten. The color is usually stable, however, according to reviews of Alize Baby Wool, in a product knitted in 2 threads, one of them may brighten after washing, and according to other observations, the paint does not come off from the entire thread, but from one of its constituent parts.

There are also discontents about extraneous inclusions - dark hair andwood fibers. When contacting the manufacturer regarding such shortcomings, his representatives recommend purchasing material from official suppliers, from which we can conclude that a fake can be found on the market. However, there are few such situations, and the overall impression of this material is positive.


Proper spinning of knitwear

Most craftsmen still like the process of making products from this yarn. The thread easily glides over the tools, is pleasant to the touch, lies smoothly both in a simple canvas and in a drawing, hands do not sweat during work, and the finished product keeps its shape well.

However, here, according to reviews, "Alize Baby Wool" is not ideal. Despite the fact that the yarn is warm enough, a hat with one thread turns out to be too thin, and a two-thread hat is too heavy for small children. In addition, the sheep wool in the composition did not play a particularly good role. No matter how the manufacturer tried to soften it with the help of acrylic and bamboo viscose, it was not possible to completely remove the causticity of the material. Moreover, in light shades it is less pronounced than in dark ones. In addition, skeins from different batches may also differ in the degree of prickling of the material. That is why the craftswomen agreed that it is better to knit clothes from this yarn that will not fit to the naked body. Some were alarmed by the feeling of coolness that appears as soon as you pick up the product, but bamboo fiber gives this effect, and things heat up quickly enough, retaining heat even with mesh crochet.

I charmed many, judging by the reviews, "Alize Baby Vul Batik".

Knitted toys

She was especially appreciated by craftswomen involved in knitting amigurumi toys. For toys in this technique, the thickness and structure of the thread turned out to be ideal, and the many colors in one skein made it possible to save money and eliminated the need to buy skeins of yarn of different colors for making small details and making clothes.

with other materials (jacket sleeves along the inner seam, a common fabric when worn for a long time under outerwear).

Summarize the review of the reviews about the Baby Wool yarn of the Turkish company Alize as follows: you can knit from this material, but use it to make the top layer of clothing (cardigans, hats, scarves, etc.). Products are soft, warm, breathable, hypoallergenic, but at the same time a little prickly, durable enough, after washing they become a little softer and fluffier.

Thanks to this, as well as the low price, Alize Baby Wool yarn remains a favorite among wool blend materials in this price category.

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