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Sergey Lukyanenko: bibliography and list of all books
Sergey Lukyanenko: bibliography and list of all books

The bibliography of Sergei Lukyaneno is very extensive. This is one of the most famous science fiction writers in modern Russia. He has dozens of novels and collections of short stories to his credit. First of all, the works "Night Watch" and "Day Watch" brought him fame, which were filmed by Timur Bekmambetov, becoming truly iconic.

Writer Sergei Lukyanenko

The bibliography of Sergei Lukyanenko looks very impressive. He wrote his first novel back in 1992 when he was 24 years old. He was born in the city of Karatau on the territory of the Kazakh SSR. At first, he greatly imitated the famous Soviet science fiction writer Vladislav Krapivin, but over time he found his own unique style.

It is interesting that Lukyanenko is a psychiatrist by education, he graduated from a medical institute in Alma-Ata. I started writing in the late 80s. He moved to Moscow only in 1996, being by that time already a fairly well-known writer, whose books were published in enviable circulation.

Lukyanenko is marriedon Sofia Kosichenko. She is also a doctor, she graduated from the Kazakh State University with a degree in child psychology. They have three children - Artemy, Daniil and Nadezhda.

First novel

Knights of the Forty Islands

Sergey Lukyanenko's bibliography should start with his first novel "Knights of the Forty Islands", which was published in 1992.

The action in it takes place in the world of Forty Islands, created by an extraterrestrial civilization. This is an artificial testing ground where research is being carried out on the behavior patterns of the most promising children from the planet Earth. On it, twins of real earthly children are created and placed on one of the islands. There, they have to fight with the others for the right to return home, using wooden swords, which at some point can turn into steel.

At the same time, the guys themselves understand that they are under the dome, and when a failure occurs in the aliens' technique, they break free.

In 1995, the novel received the Rumata Sword Award for the best fantasy work in the heroic-romantic genre.

Chronology of creativity

There are two ways to talk about Sergei Lukyanenko's bibliography: present novels in chronological order or break them into series. Let's imagine the works of a science fiction writer in both forms. Let's start with the bibliography of Sergey Lukyanenko by years.

Already in 1996, he wrote three novels at once - "Dream Lines", "Lord from Planet Earth" and "Emperors of Illusions". The 97th turns out to be one of the most fruitful incareer - 6 novels are being released - "Stars are cold toys", "No time for dragons", "Rus Island", "Boy and Darkness", "Labyrinth of Reflections", "Autumn Visits".

In 1998, Lukyanenko wrote "Star Shadow", "Cold Shores" and the cult "Night Watch". The following year, "False Mirrors" and "Genome" are released, and in 2000 - "Morning is Coming" and "Day Watch".

After that, he averages one novel a year or two. In 2001, "Dancing on Ice" was released, in 2002 - "Spectrum", in 2003 - "Twilight Watch", in 2005 - "Draft" and "Last Watch", in 2007 - " Chistovik", in 2009 - "Nedotepa", in 2010 - "Fidget", in 2012 - "New Watch", in 2013 - "School Supervision" and "Zastava", in 2014 - "Reverse, "AWOL", "Seal of the Dusk", "Precinct" and "Sixth Watch".

His last novel so far was published in 2016, it was called "Quasi". Here is a list of all books by Sergei Lukyanenko. We will also divide the bibliography into series.


The night Watch

The most famous series of Lukyanenko is devoted to "Patrols". The bibliography of Sergei Lukyanenko by series allows you to get to know the author's work well.

The action of the first part of the novel takes place in modern Moscow, in which, in addition toworld of ordinary people, Others live. These include wizards, mages, vampires, werewolves, witchers and other evil spirits. At the same time, Others are divided into Dark and Light. Good has not entered into open confrontation with Evil for a long time, maintaining a fragile balance.

To maintain the balance in the world, any light magical action must be balanced by a dark deed. Organizations of Other Watches just make sure that this balance is observed.

In the first novel of this series, vampires open an illegal hunt for people, one of which becomes a potential Other named Egor. In parallel, another storyline is developing, connected with the girl Svetlana, over whose head, for an unknown reason, a terrible black funnel of curses hangs, which can destroy the Russian capital.

Svetly named Anton Gorodetsky turns out to be a participant in both of these stories. He becomes the central character in the complex multi-movement of the leaders of both Watches. When one extermination after another takes place in the Russian capital to kill the Dark Ones, it is Anton who becomes the main suspect.

Hiding from the persecution of the Day Watch, he manages to find the true culprit, in addition, he learns that the Light Forces are also involved in intrigues.

The bibliography of Sergei Lukyanenko's Watches is best known to his fans. In addition to "Night Watch", the novels "Day Watch", "Twilight Watch", "Last Watch", "New Watch" and "Sixth Watch" were published.

Dream Line

dream line

In the "Line of Dreams" cycle, Sergei Lukyanenko's bibliography opens the novel "Shadows of Dreams" in chronological order. It tells about the life of the Orthodox Russian colony, which is located in the Novo-Kitezh system. The planet is invaded by a ship that, back in the days of the Troubled War, went into the hyperspace of space at an ultra-high speed, so its deceleration stretched for several hundred years.

At the same time, only a few days have passed on the ships themselves. Therefore, the crew members are still going to carry out their order, even though the war ended centuries ago.

The next books in this series were Dreamline and Illusion Emperors.


Reflection maze

The "Deeptown" series by Sergei Lukyanenko is well known. The bibliography in chronological order is opened by the novel "Labyrinth of Reflections".

In it, events unfold in modern St. Petersburg and in parallel in the virtual city "Deeptown", which was created after the advent of the ability to move into virtual reality.

Only special people who are called divers can move freely between worlds, the rest have to use special devices. The main character of the first novel is faced with the task of rescuing a user stuck in a computer game.

The novels "False Mirrors" and "Stained Glass" were also published in this series.


Dancing in the snow

The "Genome" series Lukyanenko began to write with the novel "Dancing in the Snow", which was released in 2001.

The action of this work takes place on an almost uninhabitable planet called Quarry. From there, only thanks to perseverance and incredible luck, the main character, the young Tikkerius, manages to fly away.

He ends up on the planet New Kuwait, which is captured by the Frost Federation, affecting the brains of the inhabitants of the planet. Tikkery escapes from New Kuwait, having flown away with his friend and secret agent, whose name is Stas, to distant Avalon. However, they are forced to return when phage agents disturb the peace in the Empire in order to find out who is really in charge of the interplanetary alliance.

Traveling through interplanetary space continues in the novels "Genome" and "Cripples".


Roman Neposeda

The "Trix" cycle includes only two novels - these are "Klut" and "Fidget".

The books tell about the adventures of a young man named Trix Saulier, who is the heir of a noble duke, in a world very similar to the Middle Ages on Earth. However, here, next to ordinary people, there are magicians who know how to handle otherworldly forces, necromancers, minotaurs and zombies.


Roman Zastava

The "Borderlands" cycle opens the novel "Outpost". As is often the case withLukyanenko, events are unfolding in parallel in our world and the world of Centrum, which everyone can get into, but only if they guess how.

The key character named Ivan Pereslavsky turns up in the Centrum quite by accident, he likes it here and he plans not to return. Once, everyone who serves with them at the outpost is detained. It turns out that among them is a spy from the neighboring universe, whose goal is to destroy all the oil and plastic on Earth, which will throw civilization back several centuries. Ivan helps to find a secret agent and save his world.

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