DIY foil flower: a master class for beginners
DIY foil flower: a master class for beginners

Flowers are a great way to decorate your house or apartment. However, they quickly wither or need care. But there is a great alternative - artificial flowers that you can make from scrap materials. For example, very original and original crafts are made from ordinary foil.


The base material you need to make a flower is foil. In the store, you can find decoration paper of different weights, but for fine jewelry, thinner paper is best. Also, to create a flower from foil with your own hands, you will need a silver or plain tape, scissors and a stick or a tube for the rod.

Creating blanks

The existing foil should be cut into strips 3 cm wide. It is not necessary to make them perfectly even, but it is advisable to make blanks carefully so as not to tear the foil.

Foil roll

You will need a total of 27 parts per flower, which will consist of three petals made from 9 stripes, plus 3-4 extra for the stamens.

Further fromblanks need to make thin wires. To do this, gently crush each strip, and then twist it into a tube.

It's okay if the wire breaks during the folding process. Pieces of the workpiece can be easily joined together without the use of glue. Just put the broken ends on top of each other and twist them tightly.

Foil flowers: master class

Having prepared the necessary details, you can start making the flower itself. First, we form a “nose” in the center of one of the strips, and bend the remaining 8 wires in half. Then on both sides of the "spout" we put on four bent parts.

From above, press the strung wires to the main element with the "spout", and then gather them together from below. Wrap the resulting bundle with the edges of the main wire. Thus, you will get the first petal. According to the same scheme, you need to make two more of the same elements. From the remaining parts we twist the stamens, forming small balls at the tips.

We collect the finished petals and stamens together and attach to the rod with adhesive tape. The base itself also needs to be wrapped, and a hand-made foil flower will be ready. You need to create several of these and assemble them into an original bouquet. Also, using the same technique and showing a little imagination, you can weave other types of flowers.

Foil Crafts: Flowers

Foil Lily

To create such a foil flower with your own hands, you need to cut 30 strips and twist them into tubes. You will also need a sheet from the mainmaterial 20 cm wide, for the stem.

Making a flower from foil with your own hands in stages:

  1. Take one of the blanks as a base and alternately wind four more wires onto it.
  2. The edges of the main so-called thread are also bent down.
  3. Make 4 more petals in the same way.
  4. We collect the lower ends of the elements together, and the product itself is beautifully straightened.
  5. We make flower leaves from two wires using the same method as the petals.
  6. Take another blank, fold it in half and round off the edges. Thus, you will get a stamen for a foil flower craft.
  7. Now we need to make the stem. To do this, crush and twist the wide workpiece, making a small hook at the end.
  8. We cling a stamen to it and fix it.
  9. Around the stamens and the stem we collect ready-made petals. From above we wind another wire to better fix the flower on the base.
  10. We also attach leaves to the stem, fixing them with an additional wire. From above it can be additionally wrapped with foil.

You can make some more of these foil flowers yourself to make a beautiful arrangement and put them in a vase.

foil roses

Simple foil rose

If you want to make a foil flower in a very simple way, all you need is silver paper, a ruler and wire.

First, tear off a strip of 50 cm wide from a roll of food foil. Then put it with the shiny side down and bend it tothe middle of its lower part. On the side, we also make a small bend of 1-1.5 cm. On the other hand, we begin to roll the workpiece into a tube to the middle of the strip.

Roll the resulting part in a spiral, forming a flower bud. Crumple the rest of the bottom and twist into a stem.

Make as many simple foil flowers as you like, then gather them together and tie them with wire.

To make the bouquet even more beautiful, you can paint it or add dried flowers to it.

DIY foil flower

How to make a foil flower in a different way

You will need to cut circles with a diameter of 2, 5, 3, 5 and 4.5 cm from the foil. In total, 4-5 parts of each size are needed. You will also need a hot glue gun and a large paperclip to make this DIY foil flower.

From the smallest circle, roll up a tight tube to create a core. Then twist 3-4 looser cones to form the center rosebud.

After you make the dense center of the flower, use medium sized circles to create the next row of leaves. Use a heat gun to secure them to the base of the rose.

Rose petals

Use the largest parts to create the outer petals. But instead of twisting into a cone, gather the bottom of the circle into a small accordion, and then glue the petals to the bud.

By opening a large paper clip and inserting it into the base of the rose, you can stand it upright and decorate your table with this flower.

Foil Chamomile

To work, you need to take a piece of foil measuring 15x15 cm. The foil is folded in half to make a fold line. Break it along this mark. You will have two rectangles, one of which is set aside for now.

Place the other part on the surface with the shiny side down and bend one of its sides towards the center. Then fold the opposite part to the middle too, so that the edges touch.

flower details

Fold the whole piece in half. Repeat this step 3 more times.

Fold the resulting strip in half again, but this time in width. Set the part aside and start making petals and leaves. To do this, take the rectangle left earlier, fold it in half and tear it along the fold line. Then repeat this action with the two resulting parts. As a result, you should get 4 identical rectangles.

Take one of these elements and bend both of its edges towards the center. Then connect the corners, as when folding the airplane. After that, fold the part in half lengthwise to form a trapezoid-shaped blank. Do the 3 remaining parts in the same way.

Take these pieces and put them together. Then insert them into the blank you made earlier. After that, start twisting it, securing the trapezoid at the top. When you reach about the middle, insert the rest into the main blank and finish rotating the stem.

To give your DIY foil flower the desired shape and aesthetic appearance, straighten the petals and leaves of the craft. Also atIf you wish, you can slightly fold the edges of the parts.

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