Realistic game world: how to make a book for dolls
Realistic game world: how to make a book for dolls

Girls at a young age are very fond of playing with dolls. They seem to create a new world there, and to make it more like the real one, it needs to be supplemented with details from ordinary life. Learn how to make a book for dolls, then the child's doll world will become at least a little, but more realistic.

how to make a book for dolls

Book on glue

Before you learn how to make a book for dolls, you need to prepare materials:

  • Sheets of white paper or lined paper (for a doll notebook), sheets with text (for a book).
  • Paper napkin.
  • PVA glue.
  • Cardboard.
  • Cover material (leather, fabric, paper, foil, etc.).
  • Paints.
  • Ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.

What to do:

  1. From paper, cut pages of the required size (approximately 1.5 by 2 centimeters).
  2. Put them together to form a book. Coat the future crust with glue and put a piece of napkin.
  3. From cardboard, make the details of the cover. Two large rectangles the size of the book itself and one small rectangle the size of the crust.
  4. From the material prepared for the cover, cut out pieces 3-5 millimeters larger than preparedcardboard. Leave a small gap between the pieces of the cover and the crust so that the book can open and close. Glue the protruding parts inside.
  5. Make a flyleaf by cutting two book-sized rectangles out of paper, folding them both in half and gluing one side of each rectangle to the inside of the cover so that the other side can then be glued to the main sheets.
  6. Fold the cover. There should have been fold lines. If the cover is made of leather, then they are probably not noticeable. Therefore, the relief can be created by squeezing it out with a knitting needle.
  7. Paste the sheets into the book.
  8. To make it look like a finishing tape, glue a thread at the bottom and top where the sheets touch the spine.

Learning how to make a book for dolls, you can start experimenting.

how to make a book house for dolls

Inside the book

If you can't print pictures for a book, then use magazines. There are advertisements in many places. Just these little promotional entries will help you. Use booklets from different stores. They are small, and the manufacturer is trying to fit as many examples of their products as possible, which is why the size of the images is small. How to make a book for Monster High dolls? To do this, glue pictures of your favorite characters on the cover.

Book on strings

how to make a book for monster high dolls

In the first version of how to make a book for dolls, the craft is held on by glue. This is not truedurable, as if you were stitching sheets. Another way to create:

  1. Sheets for the book fold in half and put into each other. Create approximately 4 sheet blocks.
  2. Now sew together the sheets of each block, and then the blocks themselves together.
  3. Stick a napkin on the spine.
  4. Next, proceed in the same way as in the first option.

Book house

How to make a book house for dolls? You will need:

  • Thick cardboard.
  • Colored paper.
  • Pencils, paints, markers.
  • Glue.
  • Wallpaper (optional)
  • Scissors.
  • Fabric (optional).
  • PVA glue.


  1. Fold the cardboard sheets in half and glue the roots together. You get 8 small rooms or 4 large rooms.
  2. Decorate the walls. To do this, glue wallpaper or paper.
  3. Draw a window. Cut out rectangles from the fabric. Glue to the window, you get curtains. Can be replaced with paper.
  4. Draw doors.
  5. To make pictures on the wall, draw them or cut out suitable images from a magazine.
  6. Cardboard or old pieces of linoleum are suitable for the floor. Cut them out to fit the room. You can stick a painted carpet on top.
  7. Now place the doll furniture you have, when the game is over, put it away and close the book. The floor will also be cleaned.
  8. You can draw more details: floor lamp, flower, mirror, wardrobe and so on.
how to make a book for dolls

With receivedknowledge you can make the doll world of a child more realistic!

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