DIY box: step by step instructions
DIY box: step by step instructions

A DIY box is a useful thing for all occasions. It can be useful for decorating a gift, storing any little things, just as an interior decoration. Doing it yourself will not be difficult. Today you will learn how to make a paper box. And this will be the beginning of your acquaintance with the technique of origami.

Before you get started, decide what size your box will be. It is recommended to start with the size of a square, which will give a regular A4 sheet. Our step-by-step instruction is based on it. Then, having stuffed your hand, you can make boxes of any size and for any purpose. So let's get started.

DIY box: step by step instructions

  1. Take an A4 sheet and cut a square out of it.
  2. Fold a square sheet under one and the second diagonal to make it look like this:
  3. DIY box DIYt box
  4. Now fold one corner of the paper so that it touches the center point of our blank.
  5. DIY cardboard box
  6. Samewe do the same with the rest of the corners.
  7. DIYt box
  8. Now take one side of our blank and bend it in half so that it touches the center.
  9. DIYt box
  10. Do the same with the other side. It should look like this:
  11. DIY cardboard box
  12. Expand both sides and see that our square blank has a large number of folds. If we draw them with a bright color on the back, this is what we see:
  13. DIY box DIY box
  14. We take scissors and make cuts in the places shown.
  15. do-it-yourself cardboard box
  16. Fold the corners inside the box to create one wall.
  17. DIYt box
  18. Do the same with the other sides.
  19. DIY box DIY cardboard box
  20. Fix the corners inside the box with glue.
  21. DIYt box
  22. Fold the corner of the last side of the box inward and glue it as well.
  23. DIY cardboard box

So, the do-it-yourself box is almost ready. More precisely, its cover. To make the lower part, you need to do everything that is described above. But remember that the bottom of the box should beslightly smaller than the lid so that the last one can cover it. You can choose your colors for the design of the box, as well as decorate it by sticking something or drawing something. Everything will depend on what you are going to use it for.

DIY box

In exactly the same way, a do-it-yourself cardboard box can be made, of course, if the cardboard is not very dense, it can be easily bent and unfolded. Since the cardboard looks boring, it can later be beautifully decorated by pasting bright paper, newspaper clippings, etc.

The above step allows you to make miniature boxes, for example, for storing jewelry, packing a small gift. By the way, a do-it-yourself gift box made of paper is not entirely practical, so it is advisable to glue it over again, and put foam rubber covered with fabric inside, on which your present will be located. The lid of the box can be effectively decorated with flowers, ribbons, beads, rhinestones, etc.

Now you know how a DIY box can be made. True, this is one of a considerable number of options, quite simple and fast.

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