The cost of the most expensive coin in Russia. Rare coins - photo
The cost of the most expensive coin in Russia. Rare coins - photo

Money is not a luxury, but a necessity at the present time. They determine the value, they are stored, saved, used during trading. In addition, the coins act as valuable museum exhibits, and numismatists are ready to give a fortune in order to eventually get a rare and one-of-a-kind coin, the value of which increases significantly if it is well preserved.

Coin Science

Earlier, it was hard to think that ordinary coins, not even made of silver, could cost so much because of the banal mistake of the craftsman and the creation of the only "defective" coin, for which collectors are ready to shell out thousands of rubles.

At present, there is a whole science that studies valuable and rare Russian coins - this is numismatics. It affects the technique of their manufacture, draws a parallel between the banknotes of different countries in order to find distinctive features. Daily coins grow inprice, some are worth a fortune.

The cost of the most expensive Russian coin

Replica coins

There is also the concept of "remake coin". In this case, everything is simple - this is a coin created according to the prototype of the rarest coin of the 19th century. The minting of such coins was carried out with the help of a genuine or a die specially made for this purpose. In order not to confuse the original from the remake, special marks were made on the stamp, sometimes invisible to the naked eye, but known to the creators. Among the brightest examples of a remake, a gold coin should be singled out, which was called the Sower and is among those included in the list of Expensive Coins of Russia. The value of this currency is continuously increasing day by day.

Pilot coins

These are ordinary coins, also intended for everyday use, but due to certain situations, they never came out. After the creation of such money, the ruler issued a verdict on whether they should be used or banned in circulation due to too large a form or expensive material, unprofitable. Basically, they were melted down again, but there are other options for the development of events. For example, several coins were hidden or lost. Now, such rare coins are worth unthinkable amounts and are of high value to collectors.

As an example of such coins, two rubles should be mentioned, made of silver in 1722, with the image of Peter the Great. In addition, there is also the Konstantinovsky ruble, which was minted in 1825only about six copies of this denomination are currently known. Its price is three million rubles!

Rare coins

Konstantinovsky ruble

The real price beats all conceivable and unthinkable records, it even turned out to be more than the cost of the "Konstantin Ruble". It was sold at the Markov auction for only 550 thousand dollars. The starting price was 350 thousand dollars, that is how much money was paid for a coin called "Reihevsky Poltina", which ranks among the 10 most expensive coins of Russia, minted it in 1845.

Now the coin with the image of Anna Ioannovna has survived only in two copies, one of which is in the famous Hermitage, the second was purchased in a private collection at an auction for one and a half million pounds sterling!

Konstantinovsky ruble belongs to the category "Expensive commemorative coins of Russia", has an interesting mystical history. Its value lies in the fact that on the territory of Russia there never existed a ruler whose name was Constantine, and historians had to work hard to understand in whose honor such a coin was issued. Top most expensive Russian coins include this amazing item.

There was a hypothesis that it got its name due to a mistake during minting. However, the most reliable version is still considered that this monetary unit was created for the alleged and carefully planned coronation of Konstantin Pavlovich, the Tsarevich, who refused to rule the country in favor of his brother, NikolaiI.

He abdicated in 1819. This fact was silent for a long time and was known only to the most dear people. Alexander I during his reign issued a document that was kept secret and was to be revealed only after he died. As it turned out, it was about Nicholas.

And now the tsar dies, Nikolai and all the servants swear allegiance to Konstantin, but for a long time the country was in an unpredictable state. After these events, Alexander's manifesto was printed out and surprised everyone, but despite this, the mint unfolded the minting of coins, which depicted Constantine.

Soon everything changed, Nikolai, as his father had bequeathed, became king, and the mint was forced to quickly get rid of the probes, because they were expensive coins of tsarist Russia, issued in the amount of six pieces. Now two of them have found their home in Russian museums, one is in an American institute, the rest were bought by private collectors.

Top most expensive coins of Russia

Coin of Peter, or Polish Thaler

The banknote of 1 ruble, minted back in 1705 by order of Tsar Peter I, also has a high value. According to its external data, it was very similar to the thaler of Poland, which was produced in 1630. The value of this money lies in the fact that during the creation the master made a mistake in the date. In this regard, the value of the coin turned out to be so high. It is worth considering that analogues released at the same time are estimated by collectors and specialists at only 400,000 rubles, but the cost of the most expensivecoins of Russia of that period, paradoxically, amounted to 1,500,000 rubles, given the marriage of the performer.

Trial ruble issued in 1801

It should be noted very interesting information: 1801 was a quiet and peaceful year, so the issue of portrait coins was temporarily stopped. It turns out that most of the banknotes that can be found in private collections are considered trial. In addition, these, in turn, are also remakes, the minting of which was carried out using new and modified stamps.

It should be noted that at present there is information about 7 rubles with portraits issued back in 1801. They have certain differences in reverse and obverse. One of the rarest rubles of the century before last was sold at the next auction for 7.25 million rubles.

1839, or 1.5 rubles of that time

This coin was created as a commemorative coin in connection with the construction of a chapel-monument located in the Borodino field area. An imperial portrait is imprinted on it, which is illuminated by the sun's rays. This coin is estimated at 70,000 US dollars.

Platinum and gold coins

Platinum coins were minted in 1836, their face value was 12 rubles, there were only eleven pieces in total. These originals are getting more and more expensive every year.

During the laying of the foundation of the church in honor of the martyr Olga in 1907, a total of one hundred gold coins were hidden in it. The remaining nine coins were given away to the distinguished guests present, among which it is worth mentioningNicholas II, Alexander and a princess named Olga. It should be noted that rare expensive coins of Russia are currently changing hands, they can sometimes be found at auction and, if desired, purchased.

Expensive coins of Russia 10 rubles

World War I and money circulation

In 1908, coins of 25 rubles were issued, now they are considered quite rare and valuable. Remarkably, they are made of a gold ingot, the weight of which was five kilograms. Nicholas II wanted to give this money as a sign of respect to all his relatives in 1908 on his next birthday. One of the copies was sold in 2011, unfortunately, it was in a terrible condition, but, despite this significant drawback, the cost of the most expensive Russian coin at that time was 1,900,000 rubles.

The First World War was going on, in connection with which the empire suffered from huge losses, there was not enough valuable raw materials and labor. A decree was issued on changes in the monetary system, which de alt with reducing the weight of coins made from copper, since these were expensive coins of Russia, 10 rubles had to be melted down.

The impending revolution prevented the implementation of the plan, but partially trial copies were still minted. How many were actually made, no one knows even now, there is no reliable information.

Coins of the Soviet era

In the Leningrad Mint in 1925 similar coins were created in order to sell them to collectors, now they are of great value and rarity.There is another coin that is in demand among collectors, this is a coin of fifty kopecks, created in 1929. The most expensive commemorative coins of Russia are still being issued, but their price is not as high as those that were minted in tsarist times.

But, even considering this fact, this coin does not lose its value. Only one copy has survived to our times, which was in a private collection for a long time, but was sold for a fabulous sum. At the same time, the cost of one of the most expensive coins of Russia was set at 10,000,000 rubles. The sum is very eloquent.

Expensive commemorative coins of Russia

The cost of the most expensive Russian coin

However, the most expensive Russian coin should be considered "Elizabeth Gold", the cost of which is 77,409,790 rubles! A distinctive feature is that this coin is melted from real gold with an engraved image of Queen Catherine. The reverse adorns five coats of arms of such cities as Astrakhan, Kazan, Siberia, Moscow, and the central part is occupied by the national one.

This coin is considered a trial coin and was issued back in 1755 with a face value of 20 rubles. It was minted in St. Petersburg at the mint. The weight of the coin was 33 grams. Another trial coin was created a little earlier, in 1730, it depicts Anna Ioannovna.

Currently there are only two such precious items, one is kept in the Hermitage, the second belongs to a private collector.

Coins and man

It has been many centuries, but despitethis, collectors and scientists are concerned about which coin is considered the most expensive and valuable. A person always strives for self-knowledge, self-improvement and, acquiring an expensive next coin, he does not worry that tomorrow it will depreciate and cost a penny, since supply always creates demand…

Coins have a complicated history, some can lie in the ground for a long time, while others, on the contrary, are in the safes of the owners or gold vaults, but, sadly, not all will cost a fortune. It is important to remember that the value of the coins will largely depend on the condition in which they are: the more often you pick them up, the faster they are overwritten. Therefore, such relics should be stored in special boxes or under glass so that their value and value do not decrease.

10 most expensive coins of Russia

Top most expensive Russian coins

So let's sum it all up.

  • The honorary 10th place is occupied by 5 kopecks, which were issued back in 1916. At present, the cost of such a relic is about 1.6 million rubles, and it rightfully takes its position.
  • Rare coins have always interested numismatists. These include 25 rubles of 1908 issue. Now their price exceeds 1.9 million rubles.
  • Two million rubles is worth one kopeck, the year of issue of which is celebrated the century before last, namely 1726. She occupies the eighth rung.
  • Seventh place - "Konstantinovsky ruble", it was mentioned in the article. Its price fortoday is more than 3,142,180 rubles.
  • The sixth position is at five rubles of 1907. This little jewel costs no more, no less, but 4.35 million rubles.
  • 4, 65 million rubles will cost collectors the purchase of a unique coin of 1836 of issue with a face value of 12 rubles. She is in fifth place in our top. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it contains platinum. There were only eleven such coins. Later, a dozen more similar coins were minted, which were later acquired by collectors, and therefore they have no value. One of them was bought for the fabulous sum mentioned above.
Expensive coins of tsarist Russia
  • 10 million rubles per coin can only be paid by a connoisseur and connoisseur of real art. So, for 50 kopecks issued in 1929, the auction will ask for exactly the above amount.
  • The second place of honor is 1 ruble, the year of issue of which is 1730. The coin was called "Anna with a chain" and costs 21,995,260 rubles.
  • And the first place was given to a real relic, namely the "Elizabeth Gold", a coin of 20 rubles, which was minted in 1755. The cost of the most expensive coin in Russia is 77,409,790 rubles, which is really amazing.

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