On the uniqueness of some coins of 1924. The cost of rare and common coins
On the uniqueness of some coins of 1924. The cost of rare and common coins

If in Soviet times coins minted in Tsarist Russia were the ultimate dream of numismatists, then the range of interests of modern coin collectors has expanded significantly.

On numismatic auctions today you can find coins from the beginning of the Soviet era, for example, 1924. The value of coins depends primarily on how they are preserved. The circulation and technical flaws are also taken into account, due to which the coin stands out from its “relatives”.

Silver fifty kopecks 1924. Coin value

coin one fifty dollars 1924 value

This coin was made at several mints from 900 silver. Its weight is approximately 10 grams. The cost of a standard coin at a numismatic auction ranges from 10 to 15 dollars (from 678 to 1000 rubles).

The “One fifty kopeck coin” of 1924 belongs to the rare category, the cost of which at one of the numismatic auctions rose to 1,500 dollars or 101,000 rubles. It was minted in the Leningradmint. The coin became unique due to the non-standard inscription on the edge.

Silver fifty dollars, minted in 1924 in Leningrad, were marked with the initials of Pyotr Latyshev (“P.L.”). The coins made at the English Mint bore the initials of Thomas Ross ("T. R.").

To the rare coins of 1924, the value of which is determined by their small number, numismatists rank fifty dollars, on the edge of which the initials "F.R." (Thomas Ross).

The first Soviet coins

Own coins first appeared in everyday life of citizens of post-revolutionary Russia in 1921. At first, almost all of them were minted from silver. 1924 was the starting point for the mass production of copper coins. A new small change has appeared - kopeck coins, as well as two-, three- and five-kopeck copper coins.

value of 1924 coins

Modern numismatists pay special attention to the two-kopeck coin, which was minted in the period from 1924 to 1925 in Petrograd. The thickness of this copper coin is 2 millimeters. Its diameter is 23.88 millimeters and its weight is 6.55 grams. What exact circulation it was minted is not known for certain. Modern numismatists are ready to pay for this money from 250 to 5050 rubles. The exact value of the coin depends on its appearance and state of preservation. For example, no one will pay more than 250 rubles for a two-kopeck coin with a corrugated edge and vertical notches.

A coin with a smooth edge is considered more valuable. For this rather rare money, collectors are ready to payabout 3000 rubles. But this, as it turned out, is far from the limit.

The price of the most expensive two-kopeck coin is 10 thousand US dollars or 678 thousand rubles. It turns out that in 1924 a certain batch of bronze "Two kopecks" was minted, as they say, for testing. Such a coin today is considered a real rarity. She weighs almost six grams.

How much does a manufacturing defect cost?

The most expensive defective kopeck piece to date is the one that was printed in 1924 using blanks for a one-kopeck coin. In those days, embarrassing errors like this were called manufacturing defects. A coin with non-standard parameters - diameter, weight and thickness (not to mention the fact that the die was wider than the metal base) - was not needed by anyone.

Today, the defective "Two Kopeks" of 1924 are estimated by numismatists at 18 thousand rubles.

"One penny" 1924. Coin value at auctions

coin 1 kopeck 1924 value

Another leader in numismatic trading is the kopeck minted from copper in 1924 and put into circulation the same year. It weighs just over three grams. The thickness of the coin is 1.2 mm.

A coin with a ribbed edge, for the manufacture of the obverse of which a stamp from 20 kopecks from 1924 was used, is also classified as especially expensive..

Approximate value of the coin "One kopeck" 1924years - 83,334 rubles. The exact price of similar lots offered at numismatic auctions may be higher or lower than the indicated amount. It all depends on the condition of the coin and the name of the mint that minted it.

The most expensive penny of 1924 is the so-called trial coin "One penny", minted from aluminum. The owner of this money, if he wants to sell it at a numismatic auction, can get rich by at least 240 thousand rubles. If the coin is in good condition, its price can reach 243,537 rubles.

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