Do-it-yourself denim vest
Do-it-yourself denim vest
do-it-yourself denim vest

Denim has never gone out of style since day one, and has been trending for decades. It is difficult to find at least one fashion collection in which there will not be any item made of such material. This suggests that denim will always be in fashion. Usually in each fashion season, a new similar product enters the trend. Fashion must-have this summer is, without a doubt, a denim vest. Take a look at the photos in magazines - most Hollywood stars and popular music artists have already acquired this wardrobe item.

However, it is not so easy to choose a finished product in the store that is right for you. A do-it-yourself denim vest is a great solution to this problem. Where to start?

Sewing a vest with your own hands is quite simple. To do this, you can take a finished pattern or build it yourself. You can take any of the ready-made patterns, but all of them must be adjusted to fit your figure, otherwise the product will sit ridiculously. The vest can be with or without pockets - it already depends on your desire.

Do I need stitching? It depends on whetherIs your new item lined: if

studded denim vests

yes, you won't need to process the seams. Otherwise, they will need to be overcast. An important issue is the decoration of the finished denim vest. Here you have complete freedom of action. Designers allow such a thing to be decorated with whatever you wish.

If you have no tailoring skills, a do-it-yourself denim vest can be made without sewing at all. You can make it simply and quickly … from an old denim jacket! To do this, you just need to get rid of the sleeves: rip them off or just cut them off. Edge processing is not needed, the fringe remains in fashion. The final touch is to decorate the resulting vest with some stylish details.

You can decorate the finished product with whatever your heart desires: ribbons, beads,

sew a vest with your own hands

badges, metal studs, shoulder straps and even lace. Denim vests with spikes and metal studs are especially relevant this summer. Such "iron" elements will give your product a slight touch of shocking. Brutal-looking things are now more relevant than ever! For self-decoration of the vest, it is better to use special spikes and rivets with metal fasteners that can be threaded through the material and bent by hand. The most relevant stud and stud locations on your new garment are pockets, collar hem and shoulders.

Do-it-yourself denim vest has another very relevant decoration option - lace. This gentlematerial is also at the peak of popularity. Lace trims the collar, vest pockets or even the back.

Abrasions and holes do not lose their popularity. The more torn your new item is, the more fashionable it looks. Try it and see for yourself: a do-it-yourself denim vest is simple, but very relevant! Keep up with fashion, because you already have everything you need, just let your imagination run wild.

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