What to consider if you decide to sew a chiffon dress
What to consider if you decide to sew a chiffon dress
sew a chiffon dress

Although there is a huge range of fabrics and models on the market, natural materials are still in fashion and value. This is especially true for summer outfits. For the new beach season, it would be nice to sew a dress made of chiffon or silk. These natural fabrics, light and airy, help to maintain optimal temperature balance. A short chiffon dress, which can be sewn in the atelier or on your own, is just perfect for hot summer days. However, before you get to work, there are a few important points to consider.

The first one is a natural fabric. Please note that real chiffon contains only natural silk, tightly twisted fibers. Due to this, transparency of the fabric is achieved. Polyamide or polyester materials are often offered on the market: they are cheap, have a rich range of colors, and are easy to process.

sew your own chiffon dress

According to craftswomen, this artificial fabric also breathes well. However, with natural materialand its cooling properties cannot be compared with any achievement of the textile industry. Therefore, we recommend sewing a dress from chiffon - a fabric without impurities. Such material is more expensive and more difficult to process, but the effect is worth it. For real craftswomen, it is not difficult to sew a chiffon dress herself, even by hand. Namely, this method is recommended for processing this fabric. The fact is that chiffon is an extremely thin fabric. Sewing on a machine will require, in addition to careful adjustment and selection of thread, seams with paper under the foot. This avoids puffs and unnecessary assembly.

short chiffon dress to sew

But you can sew a chiffon dress with your own hands either with a goat or with any other inconspicuous stitch. Hemming the edges on an overlock on such a fabric is also quite difficult. After all, the material itself is so thin and delicate that any thread and repeated punctures violate its structure. As a result, assemblies, screeds appear, the edge looks rough and carelessly processed. Sometimes it is possible to successfully sew seams with the help of an especially fine needle, carefully selected threads and stitch width, but not every machine can handle this.

What other problems can a craftswoman who decides to sew a chiffon dress on her own face? This fabric is difficult to cut. She strives to slip off the table, it is not easy to copy a model with all the details on her. It crumbles quickly, so the edges should be processed immediately after cutting. In order to sew a chiffon dress or blouse, it is better to use a linen or similar seam. Hewill hide the crumbling edges inside. As a result, darts and seams will not diverge. From such a fabric, multi-layered, draped models are best obtained. Small details will be almost invisible. Loops are usually made air or roller. But drapery, ruffles, frills look great. Since the fabric is thin and transparent, usually such a dress is put either on a lining or on a special cover. However, if multi-layer models are sewn, this may not be necessary. In addition, the lining must be made of natural fabric, otherwise all the beauty and dignity of chiffon will be lost if artificial material is adjacent to the body.

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