Using only a double crochet, you can knit a beautiful thing
Using only a double crochet, you can knit a beautiful thing

Everything in our lives changes in a spiral. This is very clearly seen in fashion trends. Those dresses that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers wore in their youth are becoming relevant again. Not so long ago, needlework was almost forgotten and considered unfashionable. But now a new round has begun, and crocheting is again on the crest of a wave. The openwork cobweb, which the craftswomen create, is sometimes simply mesmerizing. Looking at her, I can't even believe that all this is done with just a few elements.

double crochet

The main knots in crocheting are air loops, a double crochet or without it. In the manufacture of products, various combinations are used. Varieties from half-columns can serve as an addition. To give lightness to the product, yarns are used. Their number is determined by the height of the picture. If you finally decide to master crochet on your own, the double crochet can become your favorite element. But it is better to start training with an air loop. With its help, the length of the product is calculated. It can be loose or tight. At first, the desired density of knitting is not always obtained, but with the acquisition of experience it will work out better and better.

Crochetdouble crochet

Having received the required length of the chain, we move on to another equally important element. The double crochet is the second necessary element when crocheting. It allows you to create a beautiful napkin, a delicate blouse for a baby or a stole of extraordinary beauty. By the number of crochets, we adjust the necessary bends of the pattern, which is used when knitting. On napkins and an openwork tablecloth, a column with three crochets will look good. For knitting ordinary things, you can use a half-column. It creates a tighter knit. The double crochet allows you to give volume to the entire knitted product. It can even be triple, although it is based on the same column.

crochet single crochet

It is better to start knitting with calculations. In order to correctly determine the number of loops, it is necessary to knit a small sample in advance of the start of the main work. Then count the number of columns on the segment and figure out how many and which loops you need to use for your product. To perform a column, we take a hook and wind it into an air loop. We stretch the thread through it. The column is ready. If you need a yarn over, then first we make a yarn over the hook, and then we pull it all together through the loop. You can make two or three crochets, this will help lengthen the column.

A handmade product will not only warm the body, but also delight the soul. And crochet will help you bring your idea to life. Single crochet and double crochet will help create an amazingly beautiful product. They are also suitable for edge processing.To make your shawl completely finished, you can decorate the edges with fringe or tassels, but you can stay with a simple single crochet. No matter how difficult knitting may seem to you, the work will always bring great pleasure. If not a result, then at least a process.

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