Chain of thread - tambour stitch
Chain of thread - tambour stitch

Embroidery is the most common type of needlework, which has been known to the world since ancient times. The needlewomen of Greece, India, Syria and Rome have gained world-famous popularity due to their unique skills and inimitable works. Today, embroidery is still one of the most beloved types of needlework for many women. Most modern seams appeared in antiquity. The most striking example in this case is the chain stitch.

chain stitch

This type of seam got its name not by chance. A special hoop was called a tambour, which was used as the main tool for embroidering a large canvas - a carpet or a bedspread. Chain stitch can be done in different ways - there are several varieties of hand and even machine embroidery. The basic principle of its implementation is the creation of a chain of threads.

chain stitch with a needle

Before starting work, the thread is fixed from the side of the canvas, which is the wrong side. After such a simple action, the needle is brought to the front side of the surface, and the thread is turned in a circular motioninto a small loop. Then you need to perform the main action - insert the needle into the place where it came out in the first stitch. After that, the thread again goes to the wrong side of the canvas, you can choose the further distance of its exit to the front side yourself. Further, the principle of making loops is repeated. It is very important to maintain the same distance between all links of the chain. Only in this case the seam will turn out to be even and beautiful. The described method is an example of the chain stitch technique with a needle.

You can embroider patterns on fabric using various tools. There are two ways to perform a chain stitch in hand embroidery - with a needle and a hook. The tool is mainly selected depending on the thickness of the thread. Crochet tambour stitch is done in a similar way. The main rule in this case is to embroider without removing the thread from the hook and without missing the loops on the wrong side of the fabric.

crochet chain stitch

The scope of the chain stitch is very diverse. Using this technique, you can embroider even surfaces of any fabric, process the edges of finished products, make decorative elements, changing the location and direction of the loops. With the help of such a seam, you can make ornaments, flower arrangements. Chain stitch is one of the main types, in embroidery it is usually combined with other stitch options. For example, if you release several loops of different or the same size from one base, then you will visually get an original flower. If you place loops on a zigzag ornament, thenyou get an original branch with numerous leaves.

There is also a very important secret to the safety of embroidery with a chain stitch. Particular attention should be paid to the last loop - it is necessary to fix the main thread. Otherwise, all created needlework will instantly unravel when sipping on the loose end of the thread. Moreover, if you use a completely different thread for fastening, then, unfortunately, the result will be the same.

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