Cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles: a detailed description
Cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles: a detailed description

Knitting is one of the oldest ways to create clothes. But it’s not enough to tie, you need the product to come out beautiful and durable. Work begins with knitting the very first row, the so-called typesetting edge. It can be done in several ways. Further work depends on the skill of the needlewoman.

Ways to work with thread

Each knitter works in her own way. And it cannot be said that everyone uses knitting needles and thread in the same way. Someone prefers the knitting needles to be on top. In this case, the brush is also above the knitting needle and the canvas. Other craftswomen choose a different way of working, holding the knitting needle like a pen, from below. In any case, all needlewomen work in such a way that you just admire.

cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles

Interesting ways to work with thread. If the needlewoman prefers the thread to be in the left hand, she uses the continental method of knitting, while if it is the right hand, this type of work is called English.

Right-handed and left-handed craftswomen work differently. They have different directions of knitting. Some people prefer to turn their work from right to left, while others prefer to turn it to the left.right. One of the knitting methods does not involve turning the fabric at all during work. The more experienced the needlewoman, the faster and more intricate the work is.

Long Thread Kit

Any knitting begins with a set of loops on a knitting needle. Craftswomen use two main methods. Some prefer to pick up loops from a long thread, while others - from a short one, or from the beginning of a ball.

To start a cast on from a long thread, you first need to unwind it from the ball. Often, needlewomen measure the length that suits them and perform the first loop. The rest are knitted next. As a rule, after completing the required number of loops, they find out that a decent piece of already unnecessary thread remains. It should either be cut off, or knitting should be continued, weaving it into the product. It also happens that the unwound thread is not enough to complete the row. In this case, the needlewoman has to dismiss the work and start all over again, unwinding a longer thread.

cruciform stitch set

Cast on stitches as follows. The craftswoman takes one or two knitting needles, on which she throws the initial set of loops. You can perform them in different ways. In this case, the loops are fixed using the very long end of the thread. The method is suitable both for knitting from yarn of one color, and for working with two colors.

Kit with short thread

Some craftswomen prefer to work differently. They either use the end of the thread, not exceeding 10 centimeters, or work directly from the ball.

A sliding knot is made on the spoke. Heand becomes the original loop. From this loop, the next one is knitted, which must also be returned to the knitting needle. Now there are already two loops. The rest are done in the same way.

knitting cross stitch set

Skillful craftswomen know many options for casting loops. They are performed on auxiliary threads, and on waste ones, and with the help of a contrasting color. There is also a method in which, with the help of a hook, a chain of air loops is preliminarily made. She becomes the basis of knitting products.

Ways to work with a long thread

In the overwhelming majority of cases, needlewomen prefer to start knitting from the first method of casting on loops - using a long thread. It is basic and can be done in many ways. Which option to prefer in this or that case, the craftswomen decide on their own or are guided by the recommendations for the product scheme.

The completed edge can be decorative, elastic, and hard. You can work with one thread, or with two, three, and so on.

set of loops in a crosswise way

If the craftswoman can choose the right set of loops, then the product will turn out beautiful, and its edges will be strong and elastic. In the future, the thing will not lose its original form.

“Bulgarian Beginning”

Cross-shaped cast on needles is one of the preferred options for knitting the edge of the product. Also, this method is called the "Bulgarian beginning". Cross-shaped set of loops - one ofancient ways. It is used when you need to knit a product in which there is no elastic band. As a rule, the main pattern for such things starts from the very edge. But nevertheless, a cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles is also suitable for knitting gum with a 2x2 rapport. The edge of the thing will be original.

The set of loops in a crosswise way provides the product with an even, neat edge. At the same time, the volumetric interweaving of the threads used serves as an additional element of decorating the thing. If you want the edge of the garment to be strong and hold its shape well, a double cross cast on will do.

A prerequisite for using this variant of the typesetting edge is that after it the needlewomen knit a row with purl loops. It is considered zero, that is, the initial row, from which work is carried out.

As a rule, needlewomen use one or two knitting needles to knit a cross-shaped set. It depends on the thickness of the yarn. It is important to make sure that the main and additional threads are the same length. Only in this case the edge of the product will be excellent.


Many women prefer knitting to all types of needlework. The cross-shaped set of loops allows you to create products that perfectly keep their shape and at the same time are performed without elastic. The edge itself looks neat, and the resulting thickened edge also performs a decorative function.

Working with this type of set of loops is difficult, so experienced craftswomen use it. However, with a little experimentation, even a needlewoman with a littleexperience will understand what a cruciform set of loops is. The master class on this type of knitting is simple.

Master class

First you need to take the thread and fold it in half. Work begins in the usual way, as with the simple method of dialing with a long thread. It is placed in the left hand so that the end goes around the index finger and hangs freely from it.

double cross stitch set

The first loop is also nothing unusual - it is done in a classic way. But then you need to change the position of the thread. It should be grasped with the thumb. They need to move in a circle and counterclockwise.

Then the needles are inserted under the formed double thread. They should be on the inside of the work. Next, you should grab a single thread, which is located on the index finger. After that, the second loop is pulled out.

And again you need to change the position of the thread in your hand. This time the finger should move clockwise. Now the needles are inserted from the outside. They should be under the resulting double thread.

Next, the craftswoman should grab the thread that turned out on the index finger and pull out the third loop.

Cross-shaped set of loops consists of alternating thread locations and ways to capture it. The main thing is that the craftswoman does not get confused in the process of work.

cruciform set of loops master class

In this case, it should be remembered that when the knitting needles are on the inside of the work, at the loops you can see the formed bulk jumper locatedupstairs. In the same cases, when the knitting needles are inserted from the outside of the product, the jumper is at the bottom. If the needlewoman remembers this feature, then the cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles will be able to perform without difficulty.

After the resulting cast-on edge, you need to knit a row with purl loops. After that, you can start working directly on the pattern.

In closing

Using a cross-shaped set of loops with knitting needles, needlewomen ensure that the edge of their product looks neat and even. It comes out beautiful and durable. It is not easy to complete such a set, but it is possible.

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