Let's learn how to make fragrant coffee toys with our own hands
Let's learn how to make fragrant coffee toys with our own hands

Coffee is a drink that is not just loved, but worshiped by most of humanity. Its aroma and unique taste make you wake up in the morning, cheer you up and energize you for the whole day. Coffee drink lovers have learned to use this product not only in cooking, but also in the field of needlework. "How?" - you ask. They began to make coffee toys. These products radiate a favorite aroma and are associated with warmth and homeliness. It's good when you have such a toy in your purse or in your desktop drawer. At any moment you can take it in your hands, breathe in its aroma and plunge into the homely atmosphere.

coffee toys

How to make a coffee toy?

The process of making a coffee toy is very simple and interesting. Being engaged in this type of needlework, you will get a lot of pleasure and a charge of positive emotions. And coffee is no different. So let's get started.

We are preparing the following materials andtools:

  • cotton cut;
  • needle;
  • threads;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer or folofiber);
  • acrylic paints;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • tassel;
  • paper for making patterns;
  • sponge;
  • decorative jewelry (lace, ribbons, beads, sequins).

To make coffee toys fragrant, for their manufacture, of course, you will need your favorite type of coffee. Cinnamon or vanilla can be used as additional flavors.

DIY coffee toys

Making a coffee souvenir: step by step instructions

  1. Draw a life size pattern of the toy on paper and cut it out. Choose shapes that are simple to make (heart, flower, bear, horseshoe), the implementation of which will not require the manufacture of additional small parts.
  2. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, circle around the contour. Fold the fabric in half and cut out two identical pieces along the marked line.
  3. Sew both parts of the product together by hand or on a sewing machine, leaving a small opening.
  4. Turn out the workpiece and fill it with filler. Sew up the hole.
  5. Dissolve coffee in warm boiled water. Add your desired flavor to it.
  6. Apply the coffee liquid with a sponge to the toy. From above, you can additionally sprinkle the souvenir with vanilla.
  7. Dry the product in a warm room for 12 hours. To avoid streaks, it is recommended to hang the toy.
  8. Decoration. Coffee toys can be decorated with acrylic paints, embroidery, beads. From the tape, make a loop for which the coffee souvenir can be hung in the place chosen for it.

This is how quick and easy you can make your own coffee toys.

how to make a coffee toy

Looking for a reason for "coffee" joy

This souvenir can be a good gift for friends and family. For example, a figurine in the shape of a heart can be presented to a loved one on Valentine's Day. On Easter holidays, your loved ones will be pleased to receive a fragrant bunny or chicken as a gift. On Christmas Eve, the festive atmosphere will be emphasized by cute gingerbread men with the smell of coffee. And, in the end, create coffee toys for yourself. Let the divine aroma give you strength and positive emotions!

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