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Coffee cup made of coffee beans with your own hands
Coffee cup made of coffee beans with your own hands

True coffee connoisseurs are convinced that there can be nothing better than a cup of fragrant strong coffee in the morning. But that's not the case! Do you want to fall asleep every evening and wake up every morning to the delicious aroma of coffee? Then you need to follow our advice and make yourself a charming and exclusive souvenir - a coffee cup.

Cup of coffee beans with your own hands

You may not have thought that roasted coffee beans are an excellent material with which to decorate anything. Those whose hobby is hand-made are well aware that with their help you can get a great variety of original souvenirs. Candles, postcards, whole decorative panels and the so-called topiary (coffee trees) are decorated with coffee beans.

With a tube of glue and some coffee beans, it's easy to make an unusual frame for a wall clock, lay out a box or a vase. The only drawback of this unusual material is the inability to wash the dusty product. But even here there is a way out - a moisture-resistant coating is simply applied to crafts,or it is varnished.

In our article we will look at how to make an original souvenir from this unusual material. So, let's start our coffee cup master class.

coffee cup

Materials and tools

What do we need? First of all - a small saucer and a cup (coffee) of a simple form, which will serve as the basis of our composition. Of course, coffee beans. Well, and auxiliary materials - a skein of twine, a tube of glue, golden paint in a can and a glue gun. For decoration, you can provide any decorative elements, for example, cinnamon sticks.

How to make a coffee cup? At the first stage of our work, both items of utensils should be tightly wrapped on all sides with twine. This activity requires some patience. First, wrap the saucer, starting from its middle. Wind the first few circles of twine in your hands, holding on weight. Then gently drop glue into the middle of the saucer and glue the resulting circle.

Continue winding the coils, carefully laying the twine in a circle - increasing in width. Do not forget to moisten the source material with glue. If a little glue sticks out between the turns, it's okay, everything will be painted over later.

Thus, the bottom of our saucer is gradually hidden under a layer of twine laid in a spiral. When you reach the edges, carefully lay out the edge of the saucer with twine. Then move on to the bottom. In the same way, we continue winding until the entire saucer is hidden under a layer of twine.

coffee cup made from coffee beans

Working with the cup

A do-it-yourself coffee cup is done like this. We start winding from the middle of the bottom from its outer side. Do not forget to add glue for the strength of our connection. A coffee cup, as you know, has a handle. Therefore, you will have to tinker. How to hold the twine under the handle and how to wrap it yourself? There is an exit. The twine will need to be cut into pieces, measure the right amount. The edges of the scraps are securely fixed with glue.

When the whole cup, together with the handle, has disappeared under a layer of tightly wound twine, we will assume that the first stage of work is completed. Then we take a can of golden paint and spray it evenly on our product. Once the paint is dry it's time for the coffee beans.

We suggest you perform the composition in the form of a cup overturned on a saucer, from which a coffee stream flows. To do this, we put our beautiful golden cup on a saucer. Just decide in advance on which side the handle will be located - at the top, on the left or on the right side.

DIY coffee cup

Make a "lake" of coffee

Having fixed the overturned cup on the saucer, we begin to make a coffee brook. We take brown grains and lay them out in rows in the direction from the center of the bottom of the cup to its edges with the transition to the saucer. The grains are tightly packed in several rows on a path previously smeared with glue. The first layer of grains is glued with a cut down, the next - with a cut up, while trying to keep as few gaps between the grains as possible.

On the saucer we depict a puddle of coffee(glued in the same way). Remember that at the point of contact with the saucer (along the rim), the coffee cup should be stained with brown. To do this, carefully stick a row of grains on its edge. And on the side of the cup you can decorate with a decorative flower.

To do this, take a piece of twine and lay it in a loop in the shape of petals. We fix the middle of the flower with glue and place it on the side of the cup. Fill the center and each of the petals with coffee beans. The saucer can be decorated with a pair of cinnamon sticks tied with twine. Such a wonderful golden cup with the smell of spilled coffee will brighten up your morning awakening, invigorate and make you smile.

handmade cup of coffee beans

Floating coffee cup

An even more original craft, which will be a great gift for any coffee lover, can be made by lifting the cup and making it "steam". Our unusual design will be an overturned cup "hanging" in the air, from which an aromatic coffee drink is poured.

It should be noted that in recent years crafts made from coffee beans have become extremely popular among adults and children. Fans of this material are not stopped even by its relative high cost. The result of creative efforts are stylish decor items with a wonderful aroma. A coffee cup made of coffee beans glued all over without gaps or our "floating" design is a wonderful souvenir, a real example of a creative approach.

Puzzle overthe device of this "magic" cup is not worth it. Everything is done quite simply with the help of an ordinary coffee pair - a cup with a saucer, thick strong wire, brown acrylic paint, a brush, masking tape and a hot glue gun. And, of course, coffee beans.

coffee cup master class

Make the frame

First of all, we are preparing the "armature" of the future coffee waterfall. We take a piece of thick wire and gently bend it in the form of a flowing stream of liquid. By 2 - 3 cm from each edge, gently bend, from the bottom - up with a hook, from the top - down with a hook. As a result, our wire piece slightly resembles the Latin letter "Z".

Then we take a hot glue gun, firmly glue the bottom edge of our letter to the center of the saucer, the top edge to the cup from the inside, while the cup is tilted so that it is turned upside down at an angle of about 45 degrees. In this position, liquid will pour out of any vessel in an even thick stream.

Alternatively, instead of a wire, you can take a soft metal fork, use pliers to bend its upper end for insertion into a cup, bend the cloves horizontally and glue it to the saucer. Do not forget to decide in advance on the position of the handle of the cup, which, as in the first example, can be located on the side or on top.

how to make a coffee cup

Design our "waterfall"

Then you should wait for the glue to dry completely and make sure that the position of our cup in the air is secure. Now it's time to disguise the wirereinforcement with several layers of paper masking tape. This detail should imitate a stream of liquid, and its width varies from the narrowest at the edge of the cup to the wide one at the level of the saucer.

After that, paint over the jet with brown acrylic paint using a pre-stocked brush. This is done so that white tape does not show through between the coffee beans. Masking tape can be replaced with modeling mass, in which case it will be even easier to form an even and smooth stream. Before painting, you should wait until it is completely dry.

After the paint has dried, we begin to decorate our stream with coffee beans. They must be carefully selected and tightly stacked next to each other. The work should be done very carefully so that the base is not visible anywhere. Inside the cup, it is necessary to depict the coffee mass, for which we glue the grains thickly in several layers. On the saucer it is required to depict a coffee puddle. It is laid out in the same way, with a snug fit of the grains to each other. The surface must be strictly horizontal (so that the grains do not bulge).

floating coffee cup

Shutting down

A coffee cup, like any craft, can be additionally decorated. Nothing limits your imagination here. There are a lot of decorating options. You can knit small flowers from coarse yarn or even from thin twine and glue them on the side of the product. You can wrap the cup with decorative twine, putting it on glue. You can make decorative items from ribbons and beads, buttons, artificial flowers, and the like.

Each master strives to come up with something of his own. And the deeper you dive into the magical world of artistic creativity, the more original options are born in your head, the more creative you become.

Wishing you all the best in making a wide variety of original crafts and many hours of fun doing this wonderful craft.

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