DIY panels: ideas, materials, master classes
DIY panels: ideas, materials, master classes

Thinking of decorating your interior? Make a panel with your own hands. What can be used as a material for creativity? Yes, anything. You can make a beautiful painting out of coffee beans, buttons, or leftover leather. Find ideas for inspiration and workshops below.

Money tree

do-it-yourself panel

Do you have a lot of little things? You can make a money tree out of it. It will be easy to make such a panel with your own hands, but it will look very impressive. If you believe in the teachings of Feng Shui, you can even endow the picture with a sacred meaning. If you strongly believe that the panel will make you richer, perhaps this is exactly what will happen. After all, it is not in vain that so many people say that thoughts materialize.

How to make such a picture? First of all, you need to build a base. The easiest way to do this is to knock three small boards together. Or you can take a single sheet of plywood. Now you need to draw a sketch. When this stage is completed, arm yourself with change and a glue gun, and create a crown. To make the picture lookmore interesting, you can put an application of an owl or butterflies on a tree. The barrel must be made from acrylic paste. Be sure to depict earth or grass under the tree. You can complement the composition with various flowers and birds.

Panel of buttons

do-it-yourself wall panel

If you are bad at drawing, then you should not think that you cannot make interesting decor for your apartment. Get creative. You can make a panel with your own hands very simple, but to realize the idea effectively. For example, lay out a heart from buttons. As a basis for such a panel, you need to take a canvas. Stretch it over a flatbed or stretcher, and then tint the fabric in stripes. To do this, you can use both oil and regular gouache mixed with glue. We draw the outline of the heart. You need to place it not in the middle of the canvas, but slightly offset upwards. In the lower part, you can then make an inscription, but even if you do not plan to do this, you still need to raise the heart a little above the center. Otherwise, visually your picture will not be balanced. When the silhouette is ready, you need to fill it with red buttons of various shapes and sizes. You can make a fabric backing in the shape of a heart to keep the striped canvas from showing through.

Couple in love

DIY decorative panel

One of the easiest ideas for making DIY panels is to draw a picture and complete it with paper applications. You just need to come up with a plot. If you do not know how to draw, you can print the outline of the picture, cut it out and circle it. panelwe will make it on a stretcher, on which a sheet of drawing paper should be stretched. In its lower part we place the silhouette and paint over it with ink. Why ink and not marker? The ink does not leave streaks, but the marker leaves ugly stripes, and it can also deform the surface of the sheet if you press the felt-tip pen too hard. Now you need to cut out hearts from colored paper in pastel colors. Make blanks of different sizes, and fold them in half. Now the hearts need to be glued on one side to the panel. We begin to attach the blanks to the upper left corner, and move down diagonally. It remains to draw thin black lines that will visually connect the application and the drawing.


do-it-yourself panel

Is your daughter into ballet? Then she will definitely appreciate your handmade work. The panel on the wall will depict two dancing ballerinas. These will be drawings drawn on paper with ink, complemented by small cuts of tulle. Where to start making crafts? You need to find a stretcher of a suitable size and pull a sheet of drawing paper over it. Now you need to put an image on the sheet. If you are drawing two ballerinas, be sure to make figures of different sizes. Now paint over the outlines with black ink. If the build fails, you don't have to start over. You can simply draw some interesting decorative element in an empty place on the sheet, or make an inscription. Cut out two rectangles of tulle and sew them on one side with a seam forward needle. Make assembly andattach the skirt as shown in the picture above. Bright ribbons that can be inserted into the hands of ballerinas, as well as plastic flowers and bows, will help to complement the panel. They can decorate the girl's hairstyle and her skirt.


do-it-yourself fabric panel

A beautiful do-it-yourself wall panel can be made from fabric, nails, threads and boards. First you need to build a base. Knock down two boards. Now draw the outline of the vase on them. At the top of it will be flowers. How to make peonies with your own hands? The fabric panel will be made according to the following scheme. You draw a petal pattern and then transfer it to the material. For this purpose, you should choose something thin, but at the same time holding its shape. Capron fits perfectly. If you don’t have the material you need, you can starch the one that is. Cut out the petals, and then use a hot gun to collect them into buds. Remember that flowers should be different. Some do more, others do less. Flower sticks can be made from wooden skewers wrapped in cloth. Leaves can be made from dense cotton. Take small nails and drive them into the boards so that they form the silhouette of a vase or jar. Glue the flowers to the base, then wind the thread around the nails.


do-it-yourself thread panel

An interesting do-it-yourself thread panel can be made in a matter of hours. All you need to make this craft is the base, nails and threads. As a substrate, it is desirable to use a dense piece of wood. Toit looked presentable, you can tint it with varnish or treat it with stain. Now you need to draw on the basis of a pineapple, and then drive in nails, as if edging the image. Be sure to make a jumper between the leaves and the fruit itself. Now you need to take the threads of Iris and wind them in a chaotic manner so that a dense mesh is formed. First create the bottom part of the pineapple, and then, by analogy, the top.


do-it-yourself panel

How to make a do-it-yourself panel of fabric or paper in the form of fashionable hexagons this season? Such a craft can be made in just an hour. You don't even have to put in much effort. All you need to do is cut the blanks. You can combine different materials. For example, use mesh fabric, shiny paper and satin ribbons. Cut out a lot of blanks. Then you need to make the base. You can take a wooden panel or stretch canvas or paper over a stretcher. Now with the help of a glue gun you need to attach the details. Here you can fantasize. For example, create a dense mesh at the base, and add more air between the details at the top. Or make the top of the panel glossy and the bottom matte.


do-it-yourself shell panel

If you really love the sea and go to rest in warm countries every year, then you probably have a lot of unusual souvenirs at home. Observant people, lying on the shore, manage to find interesting shells in the sand. It’s a pity to throw them away, so you have to take them home. You can decorate like this.Souvenirs of your apartment, and it is not necessary to put the finds on the shelf, you can make a panel of shells. It will be very simple to build such an unusual decor with your own hands. After all, it is not necessary to put together a complex composition. You can arrange the seashells nicely on the canvas and stick them in that position. But what if this version of the picture seems too simple? A panel of shells with your own hands can be made very original. For example, you can lay out the outline of a mermaid, make a seascape, or create a picture of the seashore. Fantasize.


do-it-yourself wall panel

You can make a decorative panel with your own hands from anything. You just need to show imagination. For example, you can be inspired by nature. If you like walking in the woods, you can take a saw with you on one of these walks. If you walk for a long time, you can definitely find a fallen tree. That is exactly what you need. Spray it on small stumps. From them you can create a variety of shapes that will become the future panel. Before making crafts from stumps, you need to dry the tree well. If desired, you can varnish the cuts if you want them to shine, or stain if you want the wood to take on a darker shade. What can be folded from stumps? You can create any silhouette. For example, a heart, a smiley, a wave, a spiral, a leaf outline, a branch or a tree. The hemp should be fastened to each other with the help of wedges. Glue will not hold a heavy structure well.


leather paneldo it yourself

In order to make a leather panel with your own hands, you will not need any talent or skill. Everything is elementary simple here. Crafts are made from old things. A raincoat, boots, gloves or a bag can go to the expense. You will need to cut straight layers out of these things. It is advisable to take the skin of different colors. Of course, the panels can be painted, but it is better to take the right material right away. Now you need to draw a sketch. When you have a clear picture in your head of what you are going to do now, you can start creating. Take a piece of leather and fold it according to the pattern. Heat the room over the candle flame for a few seconds. Cool and move on to the next fold. Thus, the whole picture must be created. You can attach leather cuts to the base with a glue gun.


do-it-yourself felt panel

If you often make crafts from felt, then you should probably have unnecessary pieces left. In this case, you can make a felt panel with your own hands. This interior decoration will be highly appreciated by your friends. You need to choose the theme of your work based on what color the material is at your disposal. If you have green felt in abundance, then you can make a panel depicting succulents that are fashionable today. To assemble the craft, you need to draw a pattern. Draw the leaves, and then cut them out of the material. Now you need to collect cactus plants. Petals with each other must be sewn. This is the most reliable way to attach felt. You can dosucculents of different colors and sizes, and then sew them to the canvas and insert this composition into a frame. A do-it-yourself felt panel can be considered ready.

Panel of branches

do-it-yourself panel master class

Do you want to decorate your interior? A do-it-yourself panel master class is presented above. You can assemble such a design in an hour. All you need is branches and paint. You can go with a pruner into the forest or get out to the nearest park. Find small broken or dried branches there and cut them off. It is advisable to choose branches of the same thickness, and, of course, pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of your material. At home, you will need to dry the cut shoots well. Now you can start drawing. You need to make a template. In our case, this is a heart, you can make a star, a cloud, in general, everything that your wild imagination tells you. Now fill the template with branches and cut them according to the stencil. It remains to toned the ends of the sticks. Each detail must be tied to a thread and put on a common bar, the role of which can be played by a large branch. You can make a dense base for such a decorative panel. Do-it-yourself things made for the interior are always a pleasure to contemplate in an apartment.

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