Beaded scorpion: sketch, weaving pattern. Beading lessons for beginners
Beaded scorpion: sketch, weaving pattern. Beading lessons for beginners

Beading is a fun and interesting activity. There are a lot of ways and options for creating various figures of animals and insects. For example, a beaded scorpion - the work is not so difficult to perform, it is quite within the power of a novice master.

The material of the article is aimed at accompanying and a detailed explanation of the points in which difficulty or difficulty may arise in the process of work. Beading lessons for beginners are more productive to take on simple and uncomplicated tasks. Follow the chronology of the description and do everything slowly, carefully studying the sequence and features of the work.

Beaded Scorpion

The weaving scheme for making a scorpion is quite simple in its execution.

beaded scorpion

The length of the wire, which will subsequently be used in the process of work, must be at least 150 centimeters. The beaded scorpion will be created using the three-dimensional weaving technique.Beaded tiers are divided into two levels - upper and lower. The upper part is the back of the scorpion.Accordingly, the lower tier will form a segmented elongated belly of the insect.

Your task is to understand correctly how a scorpion is drawn from beads. The sketch of the future product is a key part in the course of work. Using a sketch on paper, you mark the number, position and color of the beads.

scorpion sketch

If a description of a ready-made set is used, then the drawing is not needed. Proceed directly to the assembly.

Required materials and tools

Before you start learning beading lessons for beginners, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • beads of various brown shades (brown);
  • black beads;
  • yellow or orange beads - for eyes;
  • for firmware - thin fishing line;
  • wire with a diameter of about 0.2 mm.

Some recommendations

It is desirable to use large size beads in weaving. Colors can be chosen according to your choice and taste. Most often, brown, red, yellow, orange and gold beads are used for weaving scorpions. But you can use any other colors and shades, thereby giving your product originality and originality.

Scorpion Bead Sketch and Assembly Sequence

scorpion beaded weaving pattern

First row

  • Dial beads on the wire in the following sequence: one black, two brown and again one black. Then three brown beads. They form a tier that willlocated below. Place the assembled set of beads in the middle of the thread.
  • The end of the wire, on which the black bead is strung, pass through three beads of a different shade from the opposite side of the base.
  • The wire needs to be tightened. The result is the lower and upper balls of the first line.
  • The next step is to work on the claws of the scorpion. Thread five black beads and eleven beads of a different shade onto the thread.
  • Pass the end of the thread through four black beads in the opposite direction. In this case, the last bead must be held.
  • Tighten the wire.
  • On the same end of the wire, dial five beads of the same color.
  • It is necessary to hold the final bead and pass the wire in the opposite direction through four beads. Next, pass the thread through eleven beads of a different color.
  • Tighten the thread. The beading of the scorpion claw can be considered complete.
  • The second claw needs to be made in the same way.

Second row

  • First you need to do the first level. Put the beads on the wire in the following order: one brown, two yellow, one brown. Following this, pass it through the previously dialed beads. Bend the wire so that the beads are parallel to the top ball of the previous line.
  • For the lower level, you need to use five brown beads. Bend the thread so that the beads lie parallel to the top ball.

Third row

  • For weaving the top tier, you need to take six piecesbrown beads.
  • For the paws, you will need to dial eight beads of a different shade on one end of the wire.
  • The most extreme should be kept. At the same time, pass the same end of the warp through seven black beads in the opposite direction.
  • Tie up the wire. You should end up with a foot.
  • Using the other side of the wire, weave the other foot.
  • To create a tier below on the third line, you need to apply six brown beads.

Fourth row

Weave six brown beads for the top ball of the craft and the same number for the level that will fit below

Fifth row

It is very similar to the third row.

  • It is necessary to make a tier, which will be located on top, from brown beads - 6 pieces. Next, weave the legs of 10 black beads.
  • Weave the bottom line from 6 brown beads.

Sixth row

The formation scheme of this line is similar to the previous row.

  • Weave the top part with six brown beads.
  • Next, make paws. Each of them requires 12 black beads to make.

Seventh row

  • The top row has six brown beads.
  • For the lower tier, you need six beads of the same color.

Eighth row

It will take five brown beads for the top of the scorpion and four beads for weaving the bottom

Ninth row

  • You will need four brown beads to weave the top tier.
  • For the bottom row, you shoulduse beads of three similar colors.

Tenth row

The scheme is the same as in the ninth row.

  • Use three brown beads to create the top line.
  • The bottom tier also needs three beads.

Eleventh row

  • Weave the upper tier from three brown beads.
  • To weave the lower level, you will need two beads of the same color.

Your volumetric weaving of scorpion beads is almost complete. Let's start the second part.

Tail making sketch

In the process of making the tail part, it is necessary to use the technique of conventional parallel weaving. The lines should be placed next to each other.

Weave five lines of two beads. Followed by five, respectively, one black bead.

Fix the thread in the following way: pass it through the previous line, twisting together the two ends of the base.

weaving beaded scorpion

Last step

In the final, you need to flash the product with fishing line. Tighten to keep the beaded scorpion in shape.

beading lessons for beginners

Use the normal flashing technique.

As a rule, beading is obtained by almost everyone, subject to the observance of the work technique. With the development of skill and knowledge, the time spent in the future will be significantly reduced. The experience gained will make it possible to create completely new and original beadwork.

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