We knit fashion leggings with knitting needles
We knit fashion leggings with knitting needles

Fashionable knitted leggings have long ceased to be sportswear and are an indispensable accessory worn over boots and heeled ankle boots. You have probably met openwork or embossed models that have replaced the classic plain and striped leggings. You can knit them according to one simple pattern, it is enough to understand the principle itself. The most suitable yarn for work would be a wool blend thread 260 - 360 meters long per skein of 100 grams.

Knitted leg warmers

In the first case, we knit leggings with knitting needles for fitness. They feature a conservative, more form-fitting shape that doesn't hinder or restrict high-intensity movements.

For work, we need stocking needles No. 3, 5 and 150 grams of Merino Deluxe yarn. If you have leftover thread of the appropriate thickness, you can make striped leggings.

Cast on 60 stitches and distribute them over 4 needles. We knit an elastic band 3x2 40 cm high, then we close the loops freely without pulling the edge. The finished product can be wetted and slightly stretched.

We knit leggingsknitting needles

Gaiters over shoes are looser. They can be decorated with pom-poms or tassels. Models made of melange yarn from Yarn Art look very stylish, they are good without additions.

To knit colorful spats with knitting needles, it is advisable to buy two skeins of thread and start working from the same color, then the products will surely turn out the same.

On stocking needles No. 4 we collect 68 loops and knit in a circular elastic band: 1 front, 3 purl loops, 12 cm high. Then we switch to knitting needles of a smaller number and continue to work with front stitch. When the product reaches a length of 40 cm, we knit an elastic band again - this time 3 front loops and 1 wrong side. The total length of the leggings should be 50 cm for the fifth height. You can adjust it to your liking with stocking stitching. Twist off the top ribbing and your knitted leggings are ready!

Slender long legs will be decorated with high woolen leggings made from Charisma yarn. Their highlight will be the alternation of an elastic band and a simple Irish braid, crossed in every sixth row. We knit leggings with knitting needles No. 3. A report of two purl, two facial, two purl loops and a braid of 4 loops is repeated 12 times in a row. Having completed 15 cm in this way, we move on to stocking knitting. We knit eight loops with a braid according to the pattern, in the remaining braids we knit two loops together (98 loops on the needles). In order for the leggings to fit the leg, in every fourth row we decrease two facial loops to the right and left of the braid until 68 loops remain. After 50 cm, we switch to an elastic band 2x2, we knit about 10 centimeters more. ATOn the last row we close the loops freely, without tightening. The length and width of the product may vary per report depending on the size.

Knit leg warmers

At first glance, so simple in execution, leggings can look very original and even extravagant. Additions of natural fur and cords of a contrasting color, thin ribbons threaded into the edge will be appropriate here. Even if you knit the leggings with knitting needles, the upper and lower edges can be crocheted with scallops or an openwork pattern. This season's trendy hand warmers will complement modern cardigans and fur coats with short sleeves.

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