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Crochet shawls: patterns, description and recommendations
Crochet shawls: patterns, description and recommendations

Knitted shawls are a perfect addition to women's wardrobe. They not only keep warm, but also, thanks to openwork patterns, decorate the appearance of a girl, give her femininity and elegance. With modern fashionistas, the once forgotten and seemingly out of fashion shawl is very popular. Moreover, most girls want to create it with their own hands. There are several ways to crochet a shawl, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Schemes and description of a knitted shawl

Types of shawls

The standard size of the handkerchief is determined by the distance from one to the other hand in the position of arms extended to the sides. This parameter is approximately 150 - 160 cm. Often, knitted shawls have a triangular shape with a length equal to half the width of the product. The manufacture of such scarves begins either from the top, increasing the product along the edges, or from the middle of the base.

There is a varietyshawls knitted in a semicircle. To create a product in this way, needlewomen recommend using patterns for crocheting openwork round napkins. Usually they contain several rapports of the pattern, arranged in a circle. For a knitted shawl, it is enough to use the number of patterns that is half the circle.

One of the easiest ways to knit scarves is to connect the same crocheted motifs. They can be round, square or triangular in shape. They can also be both plain and different shades.

Another way, less common, is a set of chains of loops with a length equal to the widest side of the fabric. Then, by reducing the columns and reducing the pattern along the edges, they reach the bottom corner of the scarf.

The scarfs are decorated with tying the edges around the entire perimeter with ordinary columns or with a crustacean step. Also, a beautiful edge can be laid in the pattern itself or knitted separately, and then sewn to the base. Often crocheted shawls are decorated with fringes or long tassels made from the same yarn.

knitted shawls

Knitting from the corner

The triangular shawl is knitted in one piece from the bottom corner, formed from several loops and a double crochet, knitted into the first typed link. In the process of knitting, the product expands on both sides to the required size. It is recommended to ensure that the pattern lies exactly on both one and the other edge, avoiding distortions. According to the scheme, crocheted shawls are formed in turning rows, in which the lifting loops at the beginningsuggest a regular column or a double crochet or double crochet. In most schemes, circles represent air loops. If several circles or dots are shown in a row, this means that you need to knit a chain of links in the amount corresponding to the pattern. Crosses or pluses are ordinary columns that do not have a crochet. The edges of the finished knitted shawl can be decorated with an openwork border or long tassels.

Knitting from the middle of the long side

Knitting in this way involves the formation of a perpendicular strip dividing the triangular shape of the scarf in half. The pattern is knitted on both sides in a mirror image. Following the description and pattern of a knitted shawl, the fabric is formed from columns with 1 crochet and air loops, and to stretch the scarf in length, the middle of the row is knitted with a column with two crochets. Knitters recommend using wool yarn with a cotton content.

Crochet shawl patterns

Semicircular shawl

When knitting a scarf of this form, various patterns with an expanding pattern are used. Motifs such as scales, pineapples, shells form a semicircle well. When crocheting a shawl, you must adhere to the sequence of rows and a detailed description of the process. You also need to familiarize yourself with the conventions and their execution. Following the crochet shawl pattern below, pick up a cord of 6 loops, close into a ring, connecting the first and last links. Then make 4 loops to lift the next row and knit 15 double crochets into the formed ring. Distributecolumns so that they occupy one half of the circle. Then follow the pattern, increasing the fan in every third row by one column. Having knitted the fabric to the required length, decorate the edges with one row of simple columns. This method of knitting shawls involves an openwork pattern and does not need additional wide tying.

File knitting

This type of knitting is a fine mesh of identical square holes. The yarn is chosen mainly from cotton threads. The fabric is knitted in successive rows in one direction, then, turning around, in the other. The pattern is formed by filling the cells with double crochets. Empty holes are created by the air loop between the columns.

crochet shawls

Knitting starts from the central corner of the shawl by dialing a chain of 10 links. Then one double crochet is knitted into the 7th loop, then 3 loops are cast on and 2 double crochets are knitted into the last link, again 3 loops between them. When turning the canvas, always dial 7 air loops. In each empty arch of the last row, knit 3 columns with one crochet, and cast on three loops over the columns. At the end of each knitted strip, cast on 3 loops and form a column with one crochet into a chain of links from the bottom row. Thus, the shawl will increase. Fillet drawings, such as spiders or diamonds, can be included in the canvas.

Description of crochet motif shawl

Elements for a crochet scarf can have a different shape, as well as knit using technique"grandmother's square" or "openwork". Fragments of the future shawl are made separately according to the scheme, then connected in a way corresponding to the general pattern. After stitching the elements, the edges of the finished canvas are tied and, if desired, decorated with tassels or fringe.

When knitting square-shaped motifs, you need to understand how the half of this fragment is knitted in the form of a triangle, since incomplete elements of the square will be needed to form the wide side.

When creating a shawl from fragments of a round shape, it is also necessary to study the knitting of a half of the element. It should be noted that the gaps between large motifs are filled with fragments of a small form. You can use yarn in different, matching colors.

crochet shawl description

Women with curvy shapes are advised to knit shawls in large sizes that do not contain a small pattern. Large fragments look more elegant and do not weigh down the figure. And most importantly, do not overdo it with different shades, in which the main structure of the pattern is lost.

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