How to make kanzashi hairpins: a master class for beginners
How to make kanzashi hairpins: a master class for beginners

Fashion for original jewelry and accessories will always exist. Modern trend - hand-made style. Things made using the kanzashi technique look very impressive and fabulously beautiful: hairpins, headbands, brooches. It is not difficult to make such an ornament. In addition, it does not require expensive materials. Simple tips will help you create an original hair accessory that suits you.

kanzashi hairpins


To make kanzashi hairpins, you will need the following:

  • Frame (base) that you buy specially or take from unnecessary decoration.
  • Satin ribbons (color and width - at your discretion). You can also use a suitable fabric.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler (more convenient to measure blanks).
  • Lighter, candle for edging and joining workpiece layers.
  • Tweezers, clamp, tongs.
  • Threads with a needle.
  • Heat gun.
  • Decor (beads, beads).

So nothingspecial is not used. Tapes are available and inexpensive. If there is no thermal gun, you can do without it.

How to add simple elements?

To make beautiful kanzashi hairpins, it is enough to master just one simple way to make parts.

kanzashi hairpins master class

Blanks can be made single-layer, two- and three-layer. These balls are best combined from ribbons of different colors, and if there is a suitable fabric, then with squares from it. Choose the size of your choice.

To make single petals, work like this:

  1. Cut the tape into squares.
  2. Fire the cuts over the flame (melt the edges).
  3. Fold the square in half.
  4. Fold the resulting triangle twice in half.
  5. Fuse the bottom edge in a flame and firmly connect with a clip or tweezers so that the layers of the petal are completely fused along the bottom edge.

How to make a petal out of several squares?

To make a double or triple petal, proceed as follows:

  1. Cut as many squares as needed. For one petal - 2 or 3, respectively. You can use tapes of the same width, then you will have to cut the lower border of the workpiece in the future. If you immediately take squares of different sizes, this is not necessary.
  2. Fold each square in half individually. And once again in this way - all the resulting triangles.
  3. Place the prepared parts one on top of the other in accordance with the size (larger - smaller).
  4. Fold in halfprepared sandwich structure.
  5. Fuse the bottom edge of the part by flaming a candle or lighter and pressing with tweezers. If your bottom border is uneven (the tapes were the same size), trim it first with scissors.

You can consider that you have already learned how to make kanzashi hairpins. The master class will help to master the assembly process of the product. You will see that in fact, there is nothing complicated in it.

Kanzashi hairpins: easy to make with your own hands

The simplest decorations are easy to make on the basis of invisible flowers.

do-it-yourself kanzashi hairpins

The execution sequence is:

  1. Prepare the desired number of single, double or triple petals made using the technology described above.
  2. If you prefer ring-shaped petals, cut off the bottom corners of the blanks.
  3. Connect successively all the petals in a circle, using thread (fishing line) with a needle, a thermal gun or fusing blanks by heat treatment.
  4. Cut out a cardboard circle to fit or slightly smaller than the base (back side) of the flower.
  5. Cut out a larger circle from fabric or ribbon than the cardboard piece.
  6. Place the cardboard blank on the wrong side of the fabric and pull off the edges of the circle along the contour with a needle and thread.
  7. Glue the prepared part with cardboard to the flower. The reverse side of the flower turned out to be neat and dense. The gluing between the petals is not visible.
  8. Apply glue to the hairpin and press the completedflower.
  9. After drying, decorate the front side: glue a bead in the center, you can glue a drop-shaped pearl in the middle of each petal. Apply glitter gel or nail polish to the tips of the petals.
  10. Make the second such hairpin (usually they are made in pairs) in the same way.

Kanzashi hairpins: master class

A more complex, even asymmetric design can be made on the basis of an automatic hairpin, metal or with a rubberized insert.

kanzashi ribbon hairpins

Work like this:

  1. The main element is the same flower as for small hairpins. Make all the petals and combine them into a flower using the technology described above. In different hairpins, you can change the number, size of the petals, combinations of single and multilayer parts.
  2. In this case, the basis in the form of a circle for a flower can be omitted, but it will be necessary to make a substrate-strip made according to the size of the hairpin. This frame element will be made in the same way as a circle. However, do not take too thick cardboard if you need to glue the decor on an arcuate surface.
  3. To create a beautiful hairpin from ribbons ("kanzashi"), in addition to the central flower, make a few smaller ones, but according to the same principle.
  4. Place smaller flowers symmetrically or asymmetrically to the central one.
  5. Complete the elements in the form of leaves and twigs. Place them on the base to the right and left of the central part.
  6. Use additional decor of beads, feathers and other suitableitems.

As you have seen, it is easy to make beautiful kanzashi hairpins. The main thing is to master one of the basic ways of adding blanks, and you can combine them into a finished jewelry according to the model from a photograph or, with a little imagination, in accordance with your individual author's idea.

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