View photo. The main genres and types in photography
View photo. The main genres and types in photography

Today, photography as an art is at the peak of popularity. With the development of technology, the availability of information, shooting people and objects on the camera is filled with a completely new meaning. Even 2-3 decades ago, the services of a photographer were resorted to only on the most solemn occasions, and this type of photography, like portrait photography, was in demand to the maximum. And if in those days only the elite could afford a real SLR camera, today the majority of those who wish have the opportunity to realize themselves with the help of photography. Genre photography is also gaining popularity, when the photographer sets himself the task of not only capturing the events taking place, but also making each picture artistically filled. After all, life itself throws up stories that you want to sing in monochrome or color: the touching fragility of the bride, the insecurity of the newborn, the beauty of the native land, the wisdom reflected in the eyes surrounded by wrinkles, the play of sunlight on the plank floor…

Probably, it is impossible to say exactly how many types and genres of photography exist. Examples of the work of the best photographers often combine several areas, combining the techniques inherent incompletely different types of photography. And, nevertheless, among the whole variety of styles, several of the most popular can be distinguished.


With the advent of new trends in the art of photography, the classics do not lose their relevance. This type of photography, like a reportage, will probably always be relevant. Photojournalists have always been and will be where the most fateful events take place, so that the whole planet can learn about them in a timely manner. Reportage photography, like journalism in general, can also be divided into subspecies, depending on the subject.

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The most common type of photography here is news, reflecting current events in the world. Among those who cover the news, military correspondents keep a little apart, because their work is full of dangers and risks, and their cameras often get something that not everyone can handle.

One thing unites all subtypes of reportage shooting - impartiality, atmospheric, the need to maintain maximum objectivity.


Once upon a time, a wedding photo session could well be attributed to reportage shooting. Today, this type of photography has completely modernized. Modern newlyweds pay special attention to the first family heirloom - a wedding photo album. Often a whole team of professionals works on it. The task of a wedding photographer is to notice and reflect the depth of feelings that lies in two hearts. Therefore, such trifles as clenched fingers, fluttering eyelashes, excited glances often fall into his frame … Andhow eloquent goosebumps!

types and genres of modern photography

A true professional will definitely notice everything important, while not forgetting the main thing. After all, in no case should he miss the unique moments of painting in the registration book, putting on rings, the first marital kiss.

Children in the frame

It is not known exactly how many types and genres of photography exist, but children's photosets can be safely called one of the most popular. It would seem, what could be easier? Brightly dressed models with funny curls do not need the services of make-up artists, dressers and decorators. The charm of childhood just begs to be framed! And the variety of emotions that only kids are capable of can be envied even by professional models. However, this type of photography requires much more skill from the photographer than any other types and genres of photography. With illustrative examples of impudent childish posturing or, conversely, stubborn unwillingness to pose, probably everyone who has tried to capture their own child on camera at least once is familiar. Therefore, professionals often use various means to find a common language with small models: turn on suitable music, allow them to play with props, treat them with sweets, decorate the lens and camera with funny faces and little animals. What can I say, even if the well-known supposedly flying bird was invented many years ago in order to draw children's attention to the lens!

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But those who managed to reach an understanding with the kids,they perfectly understand how grateful this audience can be. Children are beautiful in their spontaneity, interesting in themselves, so photos of them - dirty, overplayed, disheveled, crying and laughing - often look like illustrations for good old fairy tales.

Love Story

Getting popularity and new types of photos. An example of this is Love Story, love stories captured on film. Cute trinkets that have meaning for two lovers are often used as props: notes, plush toys, seashells picked up on the beach, CDs with special songs…

how many types and genres of photography exist examples

Objects that have become common for two help to emphasize the mood, for example, paired jewelry or two straws stuck in one glass.

Landscape photography

Such types of photographs as landscapes will never lose their relevance… The subject is given by nature itself, and both the horizon of a tropical island and the familiar view from the balcony can become a source of inspiration. Here, perhaps, as in no other genre, it is important to work with light - so that the sky does not lose depth, so that the bright sun's rays do not give too sharp shadows, so that not a single detail escapes …

how many types and genres of photography are there

A subspecies of landscape photography can be called travel shots, which will later take their place in the road album, helping to preserve memories of impregnable mountains, gentle sea, distant shores.

Still life

Once this viewphotographs could almost be called educational. It was used mainly to hone the skill of composing and working with shadows.

new types of photos example

Today this species is extremely popular not only among photo artists, but also among those who create man-made masterpieces. Masters strive to present their goods in the best possible way, resorting to the help of professionals.

Animal world through the lens of a photographer

The friendship of man and animal has attracted the keen eye of the photographer for a long time. Animals often enjoy posing.

In addition, often cute fluffy faces penetrate other types and genres of modern photography, such as portrait photography. And if a few years ago 99% of the popularity belonged to cats, today at the works of masters you can often see such exotic things as snakes, iguanas, scorpions, owls.

Types of photos examples of work

Attract photographers and dogs. For example, northern handsome huskies, samoyeds and malamutes, who have absolutely incredible facial expressions.

Thematic sets

Another new type of photography is thematic photography. Here, the photographer can show his talent from all sides. He can not do without scenery and props. The idea is to create a series of shots united by a common theme. Often based on a famous fairy tale, movie, history. Models can try on absolutely incredible roles: Gerda and Kai, the Mad Hatter and Alice, Vakula and Oksana, Snow White and the Dwarfs…

a new kind of photography

Thematic shooting techniques often penetrate other types of photographs: children's, wedding, portrait. An indicator of special skill here is your own vision, an unusual interpretation, and not a simple illustration of the plot.


Not so long ago, the types and genres of modern photography have replenished with a completely unusual direction. It's about surrealism. Many fans of this art call it not just photography, but the creation of new worlds. Of the masters working today in Russia, Oleg Oprisko occupies a special place. He managed to create his own kinds of photographs. Examples of Oleg's work allow you to see familiar things in an incredible, magical perspective.

types of modern photography

No less famous photographer Katya Plotnikova, who also works in this genre. Incredible fairies and outlandish animals look at us from her works.

High and low key

These types of shooting (photos) are presented mainly in portrait and subject genres. Rather, high and low key can be called photography techniques, rather than types of photography, but most experts consider them to be a special direction in photography. When working in this genre, the master focuses on working with light and shadow. Shooting in low and high key is done in a special studio, equipped not only with lighting devices, but also with special reflective screens.

types of photography

High key implies a special color scheme of the picture.Its main tone is white, and the dark areas, in the language of professionals, are within the second step of the light gray color of the seven-step density scale.

types and genres of photography

Low key, on the contrary, glorifies deep black. Only that part of the image that carries the main semantic load remains highlighted to light gray.

genres of photography with photo examples

Macro world

Such genres of photography (with examples of photos), like macro photography, can mislead the layman with their unusualness. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what is shown in the picture: the delta of a huge river or the circulatory system of a newborn, flaps of ripening fields from a bird's eye view, or a pattern on a moth's wing?

For macro photography, special lenses with magnifying lenses are used. The skill of the photographer, who managed to see the smallest, allows a simple man in the street to see what is often hidden from his gaze.

types and genres of photography with illustrative examples


At all times, the starry sky beckoned people! Not surprisingly, it often gets into the lenses of cameras. And unusual celestial phenomena, such as eclipses, arrivals of comets and asteroids, the special color of the moon and the incredible brightness of the Milky Way, certainly do not leave indifferent fans of astrophotography.

what are the types of photography


Some types of modern photography originate in ancient times. Speaking of shooting in the style of "Nude", you can not help butremember the great artists of past centuries who sang of the natural beauty of the human body. In a broad sense, the main subject of shooting in this genre is the naked body. However, many masters often cover the nakedness of models with the help of draperies and translucent veils, curtains, screens, thus leaving some understatement and intrigue in the picture.

photography types and genres

This genre is special. In it, as in no other, it is necessary to feel the line between art and vulgarity.

Street photo

Speaking about what types of photography exist, it is worth mentioning another unusual genre. It's about street photography. This direction appeared quite a long time ago, more than a century ago. Ideologists of street photography call this genre the most sincere and reliable, and the work of a photographer here requires special skill. After all, it is designed only to follow the life of the city, notice the most interesting and bright moments, discover unusual images.

genre photography

Street photography tells us not only about the characters, but also about their life in the environment. Everything is important here – buildings and trees, birds and trash cans, umbrellas over cafe tables, rushing taxis, street vendors…

Photo art and its perspectives

Modern art lives a special life, absorbing and reflecting all aspects of life around. Types and genres of photography are replenished every day with new directions and trends, complementing each other. The development of technology allows not only to get acquainted with the work of the best masters of the world, but alsouse the achievements of science for their own creative needs. The production of photographic equipment, optics, lighting devices is developing. In the arsenal of a modern photographer, there are many programs for processing and editing images. All this greatly expands human capabilities and allows every photography enthusiast to find their own path in art.

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