The main types of weaving and their methods
The main types of weaving and their methods

At the mention of weaving, a person may have a variety of associations. Some associate this process with the manufacture of wicker baskets, others with the creation of elegant beaded necklaces and other jewelry. All this is true, since this type of creativity is expressed in the ability of the master to create rigid objects and structures from relatively soft raw materials that can keep their shape. In our article we will talk about several types of weaving and materials used for this kind of art.

What is weaving?

In ancient times, such a craft as vitye was the manufacture of fishing nets, bags, ropes and screens to delimit living space. Initially, raw plant stems were used for these purposes, a little later more elastic materials began to come into use - animal hair, jute, hemp and linen fibers. Over time, this skill gained a wide scope, resulting in many types of weaving. Art lovers have becomecombine them with other techniques: knitting knots, winding and all kinds of tying threads. Thus, the so-called semi-weaving with elements of piercing and tying arose.

The development of the art of the type of vitya led to such ramifications as the creation of lace, beading and macrame. The latter is used for finishing women's handbags, clothes, shoes. Often macrame elements are found in bracelets and jewelry.

Currently, the twisting of elastic bands into one whole is a separate branch of creative activity related to arts and crafts. From works of this kind it is expected that they will have an artistic effect and serve to decorate the interior and everyday life. Accordingly, to expand the multifaceted creativity, the range of necessary materials has also been significantly replenished. They can be very different both in quality and in their cost. These include: leather strips, fishing line, waxed cord, sisal, satin ribbons, wire, braid, decorative rope, paper and precious materials. In the review below, you can get acquainted with the types of chain weaving and an interesting occupation - making accessories from paper tubes.

Types of weaving, tubular weaving

Paper vine souvenirs

Newspaper vine is an original modern material from which you can create stylish accessories, such as a photo frame, a box for documents or for small things. Its peculiarity is that for a certain typepainting on finished objects, printed text is visible. Another option is also possible - you need to saturate the paper blanks with bright colors, and then your product will look very exclusive. Basically, for the manufacture of baskets, flowerpots and caskets from newspaper tubes, the types of weaving are used the same as when working with a vine. Needlework by twisting is carried out in the following ways:

  • simple;
  • twisting rows;
  • layered;
  • weaving in the technique of squares;
  • twisting a string into several rods.

Procurement of raw materials

To make it easier to decide on the choice of a particular type of weaving from a newspaper vine, you need to immediately make the necessary blanks. When the inventory and a sufficient amount of material are at hand, you can proceed directly to the creation process:

  1. If you decide to create an elegant decor element, then a newspaper or other thin paper would be a good option. Ribbons from it are cut from 8 to 12 cm wide.
  2. The length is measured depending on the intended product. It is inconvenient to work with long tubes, however, some craftswomen advise to increase their length to make large structures.
  3. The needle on which the strips will be wound must be placed at an acute angle. Then, as the paper is wound, it is rotated accordingly.
  4. The edges of the tube should be fixed with glue. If it turned out to be too short, then the next blank is inserted into the wider opening and immediately fixed. However, thisyou will need to perform the reception more often while working with the product, since it is not possible to calculate its size in advance.
  5. The final stage is painting the paper vine. For this purpose, it is better to use acrylic paints or gouache. On the finished product, you will need to highlight some accents with light shades. Here you can use food coloring or a can of water-based paint.
  6. It is necessary to apply a protective layer of varnish on finished works. It is better to do this several times for reliability and decorative appearance.
Types of weaving from newspaper blanks

The easiest way for beginners

Beginner needlewomen should consider the simplest option with elementary tube weaving techniques. The type of weaving is not the only criterion by which the subject of creative activity is evaluated. Let's take for a sample a candy bowl, connected in the easiest way. If, when working, weave a multi-colored paper vine according to the intended scheme, you will already get a good motley bowl for children. Plain products can be decorated with decoupage napkins. The picturesque coloring of finished containers gives them weight and a rich look. A pitcher-shaped configuration with a large original handle can be used as a pot for houseplants. Those who wish to master paper craft need to perform just a few sequential steps:

  1. We take cardboard and cut out a round bottom. We arrange the vines around the entire circumference so that they go a little on the base. ATthis place they need to be fixed with glue.
  2. Cut out the same tight circle and glue it to the bottom one. The edges of the newspaper strings should remain between them. The first vines will serve as a frame for further weaving the remaining tubes.
  3. A working strip is attached to one of the main rods. A container of the desired configuration is immediately installed at the bottom, which will need to be wrapped around.
  4. Working tube should alternately wrap around the frame rods. First on the inside, the next on the outside.
Types of chain weaving

Production of chains and bracelets from precious metals

Depending on the process used to make chains, the types of weaving are divided into machine, hand and stamped. According to the quality and method of manufacturing links, they are divided into hollow and solid.

Associated ribbons made of silver or gold, obtained by automated means, are extremely thin (0.2 mm). However, innovative equipment cannot completely replace the hands of a professional in working with precious metal.

In doing his work, the jeweler can only use small machines with compartments for links and posts. Manual work involves only the manufacture of originals that are not subject to replication. Since this process is painstaking and time consuming, it is also the most expensive.

The stamping method involves the manual connection of pre-made rings on special equipment. This kind of work is inexpensive. Stamped jewelry is subject to deformation and,respectively, short-lived.

Product types

From the many variations, there are three main types of weaving: anchor, shell and bismarck. It was they that served as an impetus for the development of new types of twisting of metal products (there are more than 50 of them in total). They are the simplest and quite ornate. Master jewelers create intricate pieces of silver and gold, then combine them into complex chains. From this follow the types and names of weaving chains. We propose to conduct a joint review of popular jewelry, in which, perhaps, you will find your own version.

Types of weaving chains


Classic, very popular type of weaving gold chains, goes well with pendants and pendants. Links are square, round or oval. Regardless of their configuration, the weaving of chains in this technique is carried out according to the principle of perpendicular connection of each individual element. The finished product resembles an anchor chain in its shape. Such ideas are a great solution for men, especially when they are made from large links. The representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to these jewelry by their simplicity and reliability.

Types and names of weaving

Let's consider the most common varieties of this weaving:

  • Sea anchor. Each link in the chain is endowed with a link designed to be reinforced.
  • Venetian. Products created according to this type are assembled from flattened, wide links, alternately connected in opposite directions.Individual fragments can be either rectangular or square.
  • Belzer (rollo). The chain is made of even round rings.
  • Cordovoe. An interesting idea in which several links are combined in one fragment at once. Two single links pass between the assembled elements. The one-piece product features a twisted configuration.
  • Garibaldi. A type of weaving, in which the elements are connected in pairs. It is also referred to as a double rollo.
  • Double marine anchor. It is a simple chain made of oval double links.


The most durable type of ligament, in which the rings are attached in one direction. Such works are flat stripes polished on both sides with a wide variety of ornaments. The product fits beautifully on the neck, does not twist and has a chic shine. In the arsenal of jewelry made using this technique, there are elegant variations for women and massive, strong chains for men. This is the most convenient technology used for weaving bracelets. Types and sizes of armored gold items are different, which allows you to choose an accessory to your taste:

Types of weaving bracelets
  • Rope. In its shape, the product resembles a tourniquet made using the macrame technique. Its peculiarity is that small rings along its entire length are located very tightly and merge into a single whole.
  • Figaro (nona). This type of weaving is interesting in that it can include several types of materials, such as gold.three colors. Another characteristic feature is the alternation of elements of different sizes.
  • Lav. The original design, where the links are made in the shape of hearts. An exquisite masterpiece of jewelry art looks great on young ladies, as it has an element of romance.
  • Snake (cobra). The armored method, made of compressed links, continuously assembled into one track. In integral types of weaving, chains are most often hollow. Decoration is more suitable for business wear.
  • Snail. Collective elements in this method of twisting are curls imitating paper clips.


Bismarck technology stands out for its sophistication and complexity of work, which distinguishes it from other types of weaving. Photos with jewelry samples can be viewed in the provided review. The principle of linking links is multifaceted and full of fantasy. Due to the multidirectionality of the rings, such chains are reliable and worn for quite a long time. They are openwork and multi-row, often handmade.

Types of weaving from newspaper tubes
  • Moscow. A separate fragment in the chain is a kind of springy spiral. In the process of work, they are connected by two and placed under the press.
  • Royal. On the sides of the rings there are winding spirals made of thin precious material.
  • Python. Refined work performed with the participation of the master's hands. These are openwork products that can leave a lasting impression on beauty lovers.
  • Triple. Twisting the golden trackoccurs by fastening elements consisting of three spiral twists.

When it comes to choosing the type of weaving in a bracelet, Bismarck is undoubtedly in the lead here. In addition to the fact that this method guarantees high quality, the finished products are unusually beautiful. Despite the fact that there are more male options in the jewelry collection, many women like this skillful twist. For example, you can pay attention to the volume knitting rose. It consists of parts in which the links are assembled in a circle and give the impression of lush flowers.

When choosing women's jewelry for the neck, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the precious wire, otherwise the product will look rough.

Types of weaving from newspaper

How to choose a piece of jewelry?

Sea anchor is a universal type of product, so it is suitable for everyone. Armored paths are distinguished by tenderness and lightness and are a wonderful option for the fair sex. Bismarck is a purely masculine massive jewelry, but there are variations for women.

Any technique is suitable for a bracelet, as long as it goes well with the pendant and chain. If you intend to wear it as an independent decoration, then it is better to give preference to the Bismarck or armored type.

You can create sets in which a medallion, chain and bracelet are made of different types of knitting. The main thing is that they match the color and thickness of the metal. For example, a massive armored twist is in harmony with the Bismarck technique. The figaro chain goes well with handdiamond jewelry.

It is also important to observe the principles of proportions in the size, weight and color of jewelry wire. A miniature pendant will not work with a massive weave, just as an elegant chain cannot serve as the basis for large pendants.

The length of the product also plays an important role. In jewelry art, short ones are distinguished - 40 cm, medium - 50 cm and elongated - from 60 to 70 cm. When choosing jewelry, the type of appearance must be taken into account. The shortest pieces will look good on a long neck. The average size is the most popular - when worn, the product is located in the upper neckline. Men should opt for chains that are over 50 cm long.


It cannot be said that the names and types of weaving presented above are all that jewelers can offer. Still, we hope that our review will help you navigate when you find yourself surrounded by the beauty that represents the world of jewelry.

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