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DIY fish costume for a girl: recommendations for making
DIY fish costume for a girl: recommendations for making

Cute underwater animals always attract the attention of babies. Therefore, a children's fish costume will cause delight and positive emotions. On the eve of the holiday, each parent thinks about options for a carnival outfit for their child. The easiest way is to buy a ready-made set of clothes in the store. But if you are not used to simple ways and want to make the holiday special for your child, then we advise you to sew a fish costume at home.

Species diversity

Choosing a fish theme as the basis for a children's costume, you can use numerous images of underwater inhabitants. Fish come in different colors - this is a big plus if you sew yourself. For a boy, you can choose blue, brown, green or purple. A do-it-yourself fish costume for a girl can be sewn from brighter fabrics: red, yellow, raspberry and others.

But that's not all the pluses of this suit. Colors can and should be combined. That is, you can choose as many shades for one suit as you can think of. Be sure to ask your child what kind of fish he wants to be. Show pictures andselect palette and shape together.

do-it-yourself fish costume for a girl

What is the suit?

The Golden Fish costume looks very nice. For a girl, it can be sewn from bright, yellow fabrics. A good option is Flounder's outfit from The Little Mermaid. The little ones love Ariel and her little underwater friends. Whichever option you choose, the main thing is that the costume should look harmonious and realistic. One mask on the face in this image will not do. You have to carefully work on all the details. A costume for a girl should consist of a skirt or dress, headdress, festive makeup and several details. Next, we will dwell on each part of the costume in detail.

For the little ones

We are used to seeing children at least three years old in carnival costumes. But younger peanuts can also plunge into the festive atmosphere. You can create an image of a fish for a little girl at home from improvised material. We will use an old bodysuit or light overalls as a basis. Any color is suitable, as well as the material of the product. In order to transform the jumpsuit into fish scales, it is necessary to cut out circles from the fabric. It is desirable to use a dense material to keep its shape. Felt is ideal for this case. Choose colors to your taste. It can be several shades or just one. We cut the fabric circles in half and proceed to sewing.

This can be done with an ordinary needle with a thread matched to the color of the semicircles. Helps to cope with the task and hot silicone glue.We attach the details in rows to the overalls so that they lie on top of each other. We can assume that the mini-suit of a fish for a girl is made with her own hands. It remains to add one detail - a headband, which we will decorate under the eyes of the fish. To do this, you can use ping-pong balls cut in half. And glued to the bandage on both sides, while in the middle of each of them we draw a pupil with a marker. In the photo below, you can see one of the costume options.

Christmas fish costume

Character from a fairy tale

As already mentioned, a do-it-yourself Golden Fish costume for a girl will look very beautiful and bright. For this we need:

  • yellow T-shirt or dress;
  • pieces of cloth in gold, orange and yellow;
  • cap or headband;
  • needle, thread, glue, scissors.

We take a yellow T-shirt or dress as the basis of the costume, preferably from natural material. For the manufacture of scales, old things in orange shades may be suitable. Cut out circles. At the same time, adjust the diameter yourself: you can cut large or small parts.

costume goldfish for girls

After they are prepared, we proceed to fix them on the base. To do this, use a thread with a needle. You can sew circles completely, or you can leave the bottom part free. If there is enough fabric, cut out the tail and fasten it in the same way to the back of the base. The children's fish costume is ready. It remains to decorateheaddress.

Our task is to create a fisheye effect on a headband or cap. A prerequisite is the choice of a color that matches our costume. To create the eyes, we use felt, cotton wool or a dense white fabric, which we attach to the headdress. In the picture you see below, a model of a fish was sewn from yellow fabric. You can use the same method or one of those that was given above.

Bright fish

If you want to sew a New Year's fish costume, then you should choose a bright color for the base. Instead of dresses and T-shirts, you can use a fluffy tulle skirt. It can be purchased ready-made, or you can sew it yourself from old tulle. For a harmonious look, choose a T-shirt or T-shirt in a bright color with pictures. Decorating the top of the costume is optional if a bright print is used.

fish carnival costume

As you can see, this option is simpler. Do-it-yourself fish costume for a girl can be created quite quickly. It is worth paying attention to the headdress. By the way, it must be cut out of cardboard, glued in the form of a crown and decorated. To do this, again, glue the eyes, and fasten the rest of the decorations as desired. Feathers, artificial flowers, leaves and other materials can be used.

From cardboard

The cardboard fish carnival costume is a real shock for others. But creating it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. If you decide to surprise your child and family with a cardboard suit, then you should try. First you need to decide on the basis.T-shirts, dresses and other clothing are not suitable for this option. The material will hold best on a lightweight mesh or other sheer fabric.

Everyone can make a cardboard fish costume for a girl with their own hands if they listen to the following tips. Cardboard is attached to the base only with glue, preferably hot. Make a sketch of the costume in advance: how many parts it will consist of. If you choose an open top, then it should be secured with elastic bands to better hold around the neck. We make the main part, consisting of scales, according to the same principle as described above. Cut out the circles, and then cut them in half and glue to the base. You can see an example of the costume in the photo.

children's fish costume

As you can see, the lower part of the fish can also be decorated. To do this, thin strips are cut off and twisted up. The main advantage of such a suit is that it can be dyed in any color. But remember that this must be done before gluing the parts.

Helpful tips

In order to make a fish costume for a girl with your own hands, as you can see, you do not need a lot of expenses. All the materials you need can be found at home. If you want your child to stand out from the rest not only with a costume, we advise you to add face painting. You can draw thematic images on the child's face.

make a fish costume

Get a good pair of shoes and tights for a girl in a fish costume. By the way, they can also be decorated with paints or stripes. And the main advice is this: do not be afraidexperiment and try new options, then the New Year's fish costume you made will delight the child.

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