Amulet for money and good luck with your own hands
Amulet for money and good luck with your own hands

Representatives of magic claim that money can be attracted with the help of various accessories and jewelry. It is very simple to make an amulet for good luck and money to attract we alth with your own hands. But you need to follow some rules so that it really helps its owner in achieving the main goal.

Such different amulets

Representatives of different magical directions have their own recipes on how to make an amulet for good luck and money with their own hands. Some magicians believe that slandered bags or fiat bills in the wallet can not only save, but also increase we alth. Others are sure that jewelry and other accessories will bring we alth. How to make an amulet for money, and do I need to turn to a magician for help? Of course, buying a talisman is not a problem. It is enough to order a charm from the sorcerer. But you have to spend money - this service is quite expensive. In addition, an amulet for money charged by a sorcerer may turn out to be weaker than what the future owner will fill with energy, unless, of course, he takes the ritual seriously and with faith in his heart.

But will he help his new master? It is best to make an amulet for good luck and moneywith your own hands, and during the manufacture, charge it with your own energy and program it to increase we alth.

Amulet for money

The subtleties of making amulets for money

More often amulets are made from bracelets, rings, necklaces, medallions, watches. More precisely, jewelry is an accessory in which people who believe in the power of such talismans hide their talismans. The main thing is that its owner does not part with the charmed amulet. You can also talk about we alth and luck gems. Magicians consider carnelian, amethyst, turquoise, onyx to be the strongest stones.

It is necessary to perform the ceremony when a young month rises in the night sky, or at the moment of the full moon. Some slanders are read exactly at midnight. When choosing a ceremony, you need to take into account the date of birth of the owner of the amulet, age and zodiac sign. Even the time of birth can affect the strength of the hex.

To say an amulet for money, you first need to attract the attention of the fire element. It is the fire that pumps its power into the selected object. It is important when performing the ceremony to strictly follow all the advice of the magicians and the instructions for conducting rituals. Otherwise, the amulet may be weak and even harm its owner.

Amulet for good luck and money

A simple neck amulet

The simplest amulet can be made from clay, wood or plain cardboard. From the material (you can give preference to any of the above), two circles of the same size are cut. Next, you need to cover them with gold paint and glue them, passing a rope or a strong one between them.a thread. Before you say the made amulet for money, you should apply the appropriate drawings on both sides - runes that attract we alth. During the pronunciation of magic words, you need to tie several knots on a thread or cord, as if sealing the spoken words. Instead of a cardboard amulet, you can hang letters or hieroglyphs on a rope and speak them.

Amulet for good luck and money with your own hands

Gemstones to attract money by zodiac signs

Gemstones have long been believed to have magical powers. If you choose the right jewelry with a stone, you can become the luckiest and happiest person. With their help, knowing the ritual, you can make an amulet for money with your own hands. And he will be strong and powerful.

Each zodiac sign has its own gemstone. Aries need to give preference to amethyst, Taurus agate will bring good luck. Forked Gemini must choose between garnet and beryl. Cancer will bring prosperity to the emerald. Ruby loves fair Lions. Virgo is recommended to make amulets for money with their own hands from jasper or kyanite. Calculating Libra is patronized by diamonds. But Scorpio needs to ask for protection from opal. Sagittarians draw strength from turquoise and lapis lazuli. Aquarius needs to speak an amulet for good luck with a sapphire stone. Pisces will receive the most powerful amulet using a moonstone.

Do-it-yourself amulets for money

Ritual with a gem and a coin to make an amulet

Gems alone, without any rituals and slander, attract money to their ownerand we alth. Others require additional feeding. And for this, during the ceremony, the most common coin is used.

A simple ritual performed at full moon and midnight. The coin must be dipped into a container of water in such a way that the moonlight, falling into the water, is reflected in it. An ornament with a precious stone is placed next to the container. Seeing the lunar reflection in the water, you need to ask the heavenly body to fill the coin and the stone with its energy, and also reward it with the force of attraction. Next, you should leave the coin and stone under the moonlight until sunrise. After that, transfer the talismans to a velvet bag sewn with your own hands with the initials of the owner of the amulet embroidered on it with yellow threads. This amulet for money should always be carried with you and not shown to anyone.

How to make an amulet for money

Strong wax amulet

It is important before you start making any amulet, put your thoughts in order. During the rite and the creative process, one cannot doubt the power of magic, otherwise it will not work.

To make a wax amulet, you must first choose a suitable candle. Let it be small and not very expensive, bizarre or the simplest. You need to purchase the one that immediately attracted. The ritual is recommended to be carried out in the first days of the growing month. The younger the month, the stronger the talisman will be.

The ritual is performed at 12 o'clock at night. The selected candle must be installed in a glass and set on fire. There is no need to pronounce any special conspiracy words, it is enough justthe flame of a candle to convey your desires, connect with it on an energy level. While the flames are playing, you should whisper your desires. About fears, too, tell the candle. As magicians say, candle wax will absorb dreams and desires, remember anxieties and unwanted plots.

When the candle burns out, you should wait until the wax cools and hardens into a fancy shape with swirls and patterns. They will store the spoken mysterious information of the owner of the amulet.

The figurine that will remain after the ceremony must be carried constantly with you and not allowed to be touched by anyone. It is better if other people's eyes do not see the amulet. Usually, the slandered wax is placed in a medallion or healed in a bag made of velvet or brocade golden fabric.

Make an amulet for money with your own hands

Amulet from the four elements

To make an amulet for good luck and money with your own hands, charged with the energy of the four elements, you will need a gold or purple ribbon. On it, with the help of natural threads, you need to embroider the symbols of the sun and moon, wind and water in such a way that the result is a solid and interwoven picture. You cannot embroider each character separately. Therefore, before starting the creation of the amulet, it is worth considering how everything will look in the end. The embroidered ribbon should be illuminated by the sun and the full moon, blown by the wind and moistened with heavy rain. When all the elements share their energy with the amulet, you can use the amulet.

The power of the amulet and faith in magic

Without faith in magic, the amulet for money is powerless. For him to reallyhas become a powerful amulet, you need to constantly feed it with your energy. Thoughts materialize. To become the owner of a powerful talisman, you should not only learn the rules for conducting rituals, but also complete all the steps correctly. Charging the amulet with energy is a difficult and tedious process. You need to concentrate and mentally connect with the objects of the magical ritual. It is equally important to make it with your own hands.

Finally, so that the amulet does not lose its power, you can not show it even to close people. This is a very personal item. And in no case should it be re-gifted and given for temporary use even to very close people.

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