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DIY winter crafts for kindergarten and school from natural material (photo)
DIY winter crafts for kindergarten and school from natural material (photo)

In kindergartens and schools, exhibitions and various craft competitions are often held. Parents, immediately connecting all their fantasy and imagination, begin to invent something original and very effective for everyone to like. Immersed in creative thoughts, they forget that not an adult talent will be considered by the jury of a competition or exhibition, but a child's. And the baby will not experience any special feelings, because he did not do winter crafts in kindergarten with his own hands. And even though it is very beautiful, he did not participate in its manufacture.

The main thing is participation

Psychologists believe that the child should prepare the crafts on his own, and parents can help him with something. And this will affect his development, self-esteem.

New Year is a magical holiday that all children are waiting for. You can’t count how many different crafts you can prepare with your child to participate in a winter school or kindergarten exhibition! The child will be happy to join the creative process. It will be very interesting for him. Children lovesomething to sculpt, stick and draw. And here are a few options for how you can make winter crafts with your own hands. Photos of finished works in the article - for clarity. Based on the description of the creative process, you can make your own adjustments and changes.

DIY winter crafts

Plastic plate snowman

It is not necessary for a kindergarten-age kid to offer to make too complicated winter crafts with his own hands. He will not cope on his own, and watching how his mother makes and glues something is not at all interesting. Suggest trying to make this cute snowman that you can then hang on the Christmas tree.

It's better to be creative while playing. First you need to interest the child by asking which fairy-tale character can be fashioned from snow, and then offer to make it from improvised materials. A kid of 4-5 years old with his mother's help will be able to make a winter craft with his own hands from an ordinary plastic plate, paper and paints.

On the table in front of the child, lay out everything that is needed in the process. He must independently determine which part to work with at each stage.

So, take a deep plastic plate. A snowman face will be made from it. It should be cut in a circle in 1-1, 5 cm.

The next step is to work with colored paper. Adults should help the child draw a carrot, a few circles for the mouth, a beautiful hat and decorations for the toy on a sheet of the appropriate color. Eyes can also be made of paper, but purchased ones will look more beautiful, thosethat are intended for applications and fabric toys.

Invite your child to try cutting out a piece. Adapting to scissors is not so easy for small hands. But carving is a great method for developing fine motor skills. After all, if the kid can't cope, adults will always help.

When all the details are prepared, you can start decorating the snowman. First, the child alternately glues the eyes, then with the help of PVA glue - a nose made of carrots and a mouth made of black circles. To make the snowman look elegant and festive, you should glue a hat on his head and decorate it to your taste. You can use shiny paper, foil, beads and rhinestones. It remains to attach the rope, for which it will be possible to hang the snowman on the Christmas tree.

This type of winter crafts (with your own hands) are very suitable for the kindergarten. The child does everything almost independently, and motor skills, imagination, and thinking develop in the creative process.

DIY winter crafts for the garden

The game of designers. Family garden craft - sleigh and snowman

Since the teacher gave the task for the competition to make winter crafts for kindergarten with her own hands, we must complete it. And best of all, by connecting the whole family to creativity, play designers.

Each participant will have their own task. Of course, the child will not only be busy in the process, but will also lead the position of the main head of the family design group. Let the kid try to reveal his organizational skills and feel like a realleader. This will raise his self-esteem and will be reflected in the formation of character.

Creative process

Participants receive a task from the leader. Mom will make a snowman. From a synthetic winterizer with a needle and thread, two balls should be made for the torso of a winter fairy-tale hero. From threads, multi-colored fabric and decorative wire wrapped in fluffy yarn, make him hands, headphones, pompoms on his body and a carrot. After you need to sew with a thread all the details of the snowman figurine, finish the decorative elements, glue the eyes. Congratulations to mom - she did her job.

The kid, although he is a creative director who watches how winter crafts are made with his own hands for the kindergarten, still has to take part too. His task is to decorate ice cream sticks with colorful paints. For a kid 3-4 years old, such a task is within their power. If the child is older, you can entrust him with cutting out small snowflakes from snow-white napkins and then gluing them onto the sled. Then you need to glue the ice cream sticks so that you get a sled, attach a rope to them, and also securely seat the snowman so that he does not accidentally fall at the most crucial moment.

DIY winter crafts for school

Magic snowflake

Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what children's DIY crafts (winter) can be made. It is worth connecting the fantasy. It’s really possible to make funny Christmas tree pendants in the form of snowflakes or angels from pasta and noodles of various shapes. Children of 5-6 years old will cope with such a craft. But adults can'tleave the process unattended.

First you need to pick up pasta of various shapes and lay out an ornament from them on the table. If you like the picture, you can start creating. The child should be asked to first paint each detail in a certain color using acrylic paint. A snowflake of gold or silver color will turn out very beautiful. After using transparent glue (select one that dries quickly), you need to attach each detail in the ornament to each other. It remains to figure out how to hang a magic snowflake on a Christmas tree. The craft is ready.

do-it-yourself winter crafts for kindergarten

Angel made of cotton pads

Invite a child of 5-6 years old to make a Christmas toy in the form of an angel out of cotton pads. This type of do-it-yourself winter crafts for school is also suitable. You can come up with a whole composition!

The principle of how to turn cotton pads into angels is very simple. The disk is folded into a triangle and fixed with glue. A large bead sits on top of the glue - this will be the head. The halo is made from a golden thread bundle or wire. Attach a loop to the bead, for which you can then hang the decoration on the Christmas tree. The wings are also cut out of a cotton pad, and then straightened and glued to the body. The craft is ready!

Christmas toy made of knitted socks

And such an idea for mothers who are ready to donate a pair of knitted socks or know how to work with knitting needles for children's creativity. Try to make winter crafts with your child (with your own hands) in the form of decorativeChristmas balls. For needlewomen who know how to knit, creating decor for such a New Year's toy is a matter of an hour. But there are mothers for whom this type of needlework is unfamiliar. What to do in this case?

First, pick up a sock with a beautiful winter ornament and a Christmas ball of the right diameter. Then you need to cut off the upper part of the sock, process the edges so that they do not bloom, put a knitted cylinder on a Christmas tree toy and fasten it. The decor, like the craft, is ready!

children's crafts with their own hands winter

Puppet snowman

And this type of winter crafts for the garden with your own hands is very easy to make. They are also suitable for a school exhibition. Moreover, according to this principle, you can make various winter fairy-tale characters: Santa Claus, his granddaughter, various animals.

Even the smallest children (three or four years old) can handle the creative process. Mom will have to help a little so that the craft has an aesthetic and finished look.

After the DIY winter crafts are ready, the figurines can be left in the kindergarten. They will come in handy, for example, to show kids a New Year's fairy tale with the participation of such dolls.

How to make a puppet snowman out of a sock? Step by step instructions

You will need scissors, a one-color white sock, synthetic winterizer, buttons, a few beads, a strong thread with a needle, a colored piece of fabric.

First you need to cut off the toe with the heel from the top of the sock. Sew one end to make a bag. Fill it with synthetic winterizer. Next, you need to divide the bag into two parts,tied with a strong thread to make the head and body of a snowman.

After you need to sew beads on the face. These will be the eyes and nose. It is necessary to cut a scarf from colored matter and wrap the neck of the figurine with it. You can make a bow out of the same fabric, if the idea of ​​a snowman is a girl.

From the remaining cut part of the sock, you can make a hat and put it on the head of a homemade toy. It remains to sew a few buttons to the body. The puppet snowman is ready. So that he is not bored, it is worth making him a girlfriend or friend for company from another sock.

DIY winter crafts photo

"Winter house" - craft-composition

Thinking about what to make winter DIY crafts for school, you should consider the age of the student. Agree, if a fifth grader brings an appliqué or a Christmas tree toy decorated with a viscous one, it will not work to impress and fully demonstrate his creative talents, it’s very simple. What if you create a whole composition on a winter theme? Build a house and a yard with a wicker fence, decorate everything with artificial snow, make a snowman? Get very original. Such winter crafts for the garden, made with your own hands, can also be brought to the exhibition. Of course, everyone will understand that most of the work was done by an adult. On the other hand, the composition is very beautiful and commendable.

DIY winter crafts for the garden

How and from what the composition "Winter House" is made

It's easy to make if you have patience. house, yard anda wicker fence is built from rods made from newspaper tubes, stained with stain. All parts are glued with silicone glue. There are many ways to make a snowman. It is possible from cotton wool, pompons, threads, socks with synthetic winterizer. Cotton wool and styrofoam balls will replace the snow.

Such winter crafts always look spectacular. With your own hands, you can make parts from natural material and complete the composition. For example, in the courtyard of a winter house, you can install a miniature basket filled with acorns or mountain ash. From chestnuts or nutshells it is possible to make animals (dog, hedgehog).

Here are some beautiful and original DIY winter crafts you can make. The creative process is always interesting. And when you see the results of your work, you get a special feeling from looking at your work.

The whole family needs to make crafts for school and garden. This brings together and unites, positively affects the development of the child and the formation of his character.

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