Paper plastic for beginners
Paper plastic for beginners

Paper plastic is widely used as one of the types of decorative and design art. Using this technique, you can create original exclusive postcards for the holidays, and figurines, and entire finished paintings. To create such serious works of art, you need to accumulate many years of experience. But the simplest products, for which standard blanks are used - patterns, are quite accessible to beginners.

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Crafts using the technique of paper plasticity

Paper plastic is one of the modern art forms. It is a synthesis of various directions, such as modeling, application, drawing, collage, paper design. It is a voluminous art form. The original material, which is flat in nature, is given a more complex, three-dimensional shape. Paper-plastic has in common with the application that parts of the picture are cut out of paper, and then they are given a three-dimensional shape. The final assembly of the product is carried out using double-sided adhesive tape. This type of art is related to modeling with the need to manually change the shape of parts of the product, and with the drawing - the ability to finish and color some elements of the product. For cutting out component partsat the initial stage, ready-made patterns are used, and as experience is gained, it will be possible to create your own, interesting and unique. Ordinary stationery scissors are used for this, but it is easier to use a special paper knife. And in order to give the components the necessary volumetric shape, special tools are used. Often, a combination of techniques such as paper plastic and paper twisting is used to obtain a more complex product. Beginning craftsmen can make, for example, a holiday card from multi-colored elements depicting flowers, birds, butterflies, and so on.

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How to make a simple postcard

First of all, you need to choose a base card. You can purchase a blank or cut it out of a sheet of cardboard of the desired color. Then, the details of the future pattern are cut out of double-sided colored paper.

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For example, for a New Year's card in the style of "paper plastic", you can cut out three parts of the Christmas tree in the shape of a triangle or a cone. In the wide part, which will be directed downward, it is necessary to make parallel cuts to get a lace fringe. It can be bent to give volume to the product. Then parts of the composition need to be fixed on the base with double-sided tape.

Decorative paper plastic in room decoration

For interior design, a material often used is called "laminated paper". It is created bysintering at temperature and high pressure of numerous layers of paper impregnated with a special solution. The result is a material that is different in color and pattern, durable, hygienic. Such decorative paper-laminated plastic allows you to create various three-dimensional three-dimensional forms. It is also widely used for exterior decoration of buildings.

Paper plastic, both as an art form and as a building material, allows you to use spatial volume to create a stylish and interesting result.

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