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Sakura blossoms from beads with your own hands
Sakura blossoms from beads with your own hands

Sakura from beads will become a very beautiful and unusual composition for creating interior design. You can make a flowering tree yourself, using various techniques to make flowers, leaves, a tree trunk and branches. Using even the simplest patterns for weaving flowers and leaves, you can make the finished composition look spectacular and rich.

What materials are needed to make cherry blossoms

To create a beautiful beadwork, you should be patient, spend a lot of time and prepare the necessary materials. Sakura is created from beads with your own hands using the minimum amount of material:

  • Glass beads with pink colored center.
  • Copper wire of larger and smaller diameters.
  • Wire cutters or scissors.
  • Auxiliary materials for additional finishing.

The presented set is used exclusively for weaving flowers. The barrel can be made from various types of materials:wire, paper, tree branches. Threads, ribbons, polymer clay are used for decoration.

To do the job quickly and efficiently, you should properly prepare the workplace. It is better to choose a table that is well lit and covered with a cloth napkin. For beads, it is desirable to choose convenient containers.

rough sketch of a tree

Proper preparation

To make Japanese cherry blossoms from beads not bring inconvenience, it is worth making the appropriate preparation. It consists of several elementary steps:

  1. First, it is worth purchasing materials and preparing a workplace.
  2. In order not to get lost in the process of making a composition, it is worth considering the design and drawing a sketch.
  3. Choose a pattern for weaving flowers, sheets and buds. Try crafting one item to gauge your skill level.
  4. Make the base of the tree - the trunk. Outline the location and density of the branches.
  5. Make one branch and try it on the future tree. If everything suits you, then you can continue to work.

Beaded sakura will be made much faster if you make a conditional schedule that indicates the allotted time for work. Some craftswomen do not need a schedule, but with a heavy workload, the distribution of time by hours will not hurt.

Creating a flower

Sakura flower weaving can be carried out in several ways, since the patterns for the element can be radically different. For those who have never de alt with this case, we offer a detailed writtenwork guide.

weaving pattern

Weaving with a step-by-step photo of sakura from beads is sometimes used if some points are incomprehensible or confusing. The easiest option for weaving a sakura flower is this:

  1. Cut off a piece of wire about 1 meter long. On one side, bend 20 centimeters of wire.
  2. String five beads on the wire. Pass the wire through the last bead to form a ring. It should be 1.5 cm away from the bend in the wire.
  3. Form 10 more of these rings at a distance of 1.5 centimeters between them. Bend the wire so that the sixth circle is in the middle of the weave.
  4. Twist the wire at the base. This is how a flower is formed with part of a branch.

You can create large flowers. Each element will consist of several petals of the correct form. Sometimes several bead weaving techniques are combined in one composition.

What elements can be added to the product

You can visually revive a tree using additional elements from beads in the process of forming a composition. In nature, cherry blossoms do not have leaves, but it is worth adding a little color to a beaded product. For this, green beaded leaves are imitated.

sakura with additional elements

Leaves can be made as follows:

  • Cut the wire 10 centimeters long.
  • String three green beads.
  • Through the extreme threadwire.
  • Get a petal from a triangular shape.

If the flowers will have a clear shape, and their number will be small, then you can make several buds. Buds are made according to the pattern of dense weaving. Photos of sakura from beads, where auxiliary elements are used, look much more attractive than the usual arrangement of flowers only. But it also takes longer to work.

Algorithm for assembling branches from flowers

Telling how to make sakura from beads, you need to mention the desired splendor of the product. It is necessary to harvest a certain number of flowers, leaves and buds, depending on the preferred density of branches. Be sure to consider their appearance. Flowering branches may descend in tiers or be erect.

sakura branch

At a distance of 1.5-2 centimeters, flower blanks are woven together and attached to the base. As a result, a full-fledged branch is formed, into which several opening flowers or buds are woven. To dilute the pink color, it is worth adding a few leaves.

It is necessary to attach the branches with flowers well to the trunk, as they can fall off under the weight of the beads. Fixation is duplicated with a glue gun. a more complex option is to mount in non-cured polymer clay.

Methods of forming a full-fledged composition

When the branches are formed, you can start fixing the finished elements to the trunk. The barrel itself can be made as follows:

  1. Make a rigid wire base or cut a branch fromtree.
  2. The wire base can be wrapped with a satin ribbon. If the bark of the branch is beautiful, then it is enough to open it with varnish.
  3. Blossoming branches are attached to the branches of the main trunk.
barrel manufacturing option

In order for the beaded sakura to be a composition that resembles a bonsai, you need to consider a method for fixing the tree in a vertical position. For this, the container is decorated. If there is no time to make a container, it is worth buying a clay pot that will be proportional to the size of the tree.

Sea pebbles are used to fasten the blooming sakura from beads, which fill the container. Sometimes the basis is sand or soil, which is decorated with shells, gravel, beads, artificial grass.

Secrets about making a composition

To create a unique composition that will be aesthetically pleasing and attractive, you should know a few basic weaves. This will help to avoid frequent mistakes in the manufacture of the product:

  • To make the flowers more alive, it is worth using several shades of pink in the process of weaving. Mix glass beads from several packs in one container. In the process of weaving, the colors are chosen randomly.
  • For the leaves, a color is selected that will be in the same contrast band with a shade of flowers.
  • Leaves should not be too many so that they do not muffle the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms.
  • If after assembly the composition seems incomplete, then additional leaves, flowers and buds can be attached withglue gun.
complete composition with sakura from beads

Beaded Sakura for beginners can be a difficult project. To get a good end result, you need to follow the instructions for manufacturing and assembly. With advice, it's easy to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

The easiest scheme to create cherry blossoms

Beaded sakura can be woven according to different patterns. For beginners, it is worth choosing simple options. If you correctly arrange all the elements in one composition, you will get a beautiful tree.

A popular option is weaving branches that resemble a fern twig. To do this, several rings are formed on one piece of wire. A branch is formed by twisting, where the element ends with a ring, and the rest are opposite each other.

intersting sakura design

Several of these branches are twisted together, but at different levels. A large branch is formed, which is then attached to the trunk. The crown can be raised or lowered - it all depends on the imagination of the needlewoman and the general idea.

There are options for the lazy, using which you can do without weaving. It is enough to make a trunk with branches, on which large beads or pink coins will be attached. The layout should be chaotic.

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