Simple pattern of a half-sun skirt with one seam
Simple pattern of a half-sun skirt with one seam

Beloved by all females, flared half-sun skirts have been fashionable items of clothing for several seasons in a row. Depending on the material, such beautiful skirts can be worn as a casual or festive option. Designers offer many varieties of this model. Little girls will love a pleated flared skirt, young girls a short skirt, slim women a knee-length flowy skirt, and older women a floor-length skirt.

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This thing is sewn very simply. The simplest pattern of a half-sun skirt is cut out directly on the prepared fabric. In order to find out how much fabric is needed for tailoring, you should know two measurements - the length of the product and the circumference of the waist. Then the required footage is calculated by the formula:

A=2 x CI + (4/3) x Sweat + seam allowances (5-10 cm), where CI is the length of the product, POT is the circumference of the waist.

Matter of the required length should be folded in half with the right side inward. Horizontally, you should get an edge, and vertically, a fold. For zipper andseam lines must be provided 2 cm on the horizontal line, which are deposited along the edge. A line is drawn at this distance. From the fold along the marked line on the wrong side, a length equal to two-thirds of the semicircle of the waist plus one centimeter for a free fit is laid off, a mark is made with chalk or a pencil. Next, the length of the product is postponed and a mark is also put. The same actions are done along the fold, starting from the marked line. The resulting marks are connected by a smooth arc line, while the entire length of the skirt is observed along the entire panel. When cutting, add 2.5 - 3 cm for allowances on the top and bottom of the product.

half-sun skirt pattern

To make the half-sun skirt pattern more accurately display the bottom of the product and the waistline, you can use a paper pattern - the base. A rectangle is cut out of a sheet of paper, the length of which is equal to the length of the skirt, and the width is half the circumference. Then it is cut into equal strips, which are applied to the prepared fabric, starting from the edge and ending with the fold. The superimposed stripes at the bottom of the product move apart, and the upper line denoting the waist remains inseparable. The size of the flare will depend on the arrangement of the stripes. In places where the stripes are spaced wider, the flare will be larger, where it is already smaller.

half-sun skirt pattern

When making a half-sun skirt pattern from fabric, you should pay attention to the fact that the weave of the threads is located on the sides, and the middle line of the back and front panels coincide with the diagonalfabrics. It is important. The oblique half-sun skirt pattern is a simple solution for many fashionistas, because the cut along the oblique line forms beautiful folds and visually slims the figure, making it attractive. The skirt is cut at an angle of forty-five degrees to the equity thread of the fabric. To avoid stretching the central part of the front half, the hem should be aligned when finished. Sometimes the seams are laid on two sides of the skirt, regardless of the fact that there is a fold of fabric on one side. This prevents the product from stretching and strengthens the side seams.

The half-sun skirt, the pattern of which is described above, is made with one side or back seam. Additionally, a belt is cut out, which is sewn to the top of the skirt. Instead of a belt, you can sew a wide decorative elastic band.

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