Crochet a blouse quickly and easily
Crochet a blouse quickly and easily

In the Slavic countries, the art of crocheting became widespread in the 19th century. It was then that lace came into fashion. They were knitted using folk

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patterns. To date, crochet remains one of the most beloved types of needlework among the female population. After all, this is not only a very exciting activity, but also very simple, and the result exceeds all expectations.

This season, a lot of fashion collections have pleased us with an abundance of knitted lace items. However, is it worth spending huge sums on Prada products? After all, crocheting a blouse itself is exciting, fast, and most importantly, cheap! With a crochet hook, you can create any unique patterns and, most importantly, you will be sure that your item is one of a kind.

If you are just starting to do needlework, then crocheting summer blouses will help you “fill your hand” in this matter. Most of the styles of both summer and children's clothing are simple enough that you can easily handle them.

Before you start crocheting a blouse, you should learn a few usefultips to help you get the best look for your piece.

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Let's start with the selection of threads - if your pattern is very simple, then you can afford to use yarn of some unusual texture or color. Experiment, do not be afraid to deviate from the product scheme and fantasize.

By the way, about fantasy - show it without hesitation, decorating an already finished product. The crochet hook gives you endless scope for imagination - from flowers knitted directly on the canvas to weaving ribbons and beads into the canvas.

Each finished knit requires washing in order for the fabric to take shape. It is better not to dry a knitted thing on a rope, but to lay it out in a straightened form on some dense fabric.

You should start crocheting a blouse by choosing a model for the future product, selecting the desired yarn thickness and hook size. Keep in mind that fluffy twisted or wool blend yarn is suitable for winter models, and thinner natural yarn, such as Iris, is suitable for light summer items.

After choosing a model and selecting tools for knitting, you need to build a pattern of the future thing in full size on paper. This is necessary in order to

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in the process of knitting the product, compare the size of the resulting blouse with the one you need.

In order to crochet a blouse successfully, you should clearly know how each knitting element is made. In the schemes, they are all indicated by special symbols. The main elements of knitting -various posts and loops. The most common are:

- air loop (used mainly for openwork knitting);

- single crochet (usual tight loop, used for tight knitting). It is necessary when you need to knit children's blouses, because they must be warm and at the same time light;

- half double crochet (the rows are slightly less dense than with the column, the horizontal rows are pronounced);

- a column with one, two, three, four or more crochets (adds lightness to the fabric, suitable for openwork knitting.)

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