"Monopoly. Rules from distant childhood
"Monopoly. Rules from distant childhood

How wonderful to remember something from a distant childhood. Such things plunge us into that distant world, allowing the flow of memories and emotions to take us and drag us along. One of these gizmos is the Monopoly game, the rules of which, of course, we have forgotten. It's good that they can be refreshed on the page with this publication.

So let's get started. The Monopoly toy, whose rules are property management, includes the following:

- purchase of building land;

- construction of buildings (houses and hotels) on it;

- trading with the bank and players;

- payment of taxes and fines;

- collecting profit from your buildings (when the enemy hits your property);

In this case, the victory goes to the richest and most dodgy.

monopoly rules

The rules of "Monopoly" are such that even six people can play it. First, a banker is appointed, who gives each of the players 1,500 rubles. But you can not distribute money, then the game can be significantly delayed. After that, everyone rolls a die, and the turn order of each player is determined.

The main thing here istry to buy all the land on one color sector in order to start building real estate on it. This is where Monopoly comes into play. The rules are designed for this, so that by investing more, you will receive a corresponding profit. But you can also incur a loss, falling on various fines, taxes, natural disasters, or even jail. That's the beauty of this rule. Monopoly is a realistic game, although it is a board game. It simulates life as much as possible, allowing the player to be in the role of a real estate manager of some reputable company.

With each transition through the start, each of the participants receives a long-awaited salary in the amount of 1500 rubles. In the process of moving across the field, you will also come across surprises in the “chance” and “public treasury” cards, which significantly embellishes the course of the game, making it even more interesting.

The player needs to collect as many cards of the same color as possible, that is, to become a monopolist. That's why the game was called Monopoly. The rules are also designed to teach the player how to deal. After all, the degree of his success depends on this.

monopoly rules

The game also teaches a careful attitude to financial resources and minimization of risks that appear when doing unreasonable and risky business.

American Dream

monopoly rules

Monopoly has been produced by Parker Brothers since 1935. It appeared on the market under the following circumstances. In 1934, unemployed engineer Charles Darrowcame up with the idea to create a game in which one could trade real estate. At first, the Parkers did not see anything unusual in her and refused the inventor.

However, Charles did not stop there and, at his own peril and risk, ordered the 5000th edition of the game from the printing house, which sold out in no time. Seeing the success of the enterprising Darrow, Parker Brothers acquired the rights to Monopoly. A year later, it became the most popular game in the US. Darrow himself received the title of "the living embodiment of the American dream."

That's how this legendary game was created through thorns and difficulties. And every business that needs to start from scratch undergoes a similar one. But you can learn how to overcome difficulties today, just by buying Monopoly.

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