Should I knit a vest with knitting needles?
Should I knit a vest with knitting needles?

It often happens that it is hot in a warm jacket, but cold without it. In this case, it is necessary to find an intermediate option that will allow you not to experience discomfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that many decide to knit a vest with knitting needles. This will be the same intermediate option. In this case, a unique item in the wardrobe will be created. With its help, you can not only keep warm in cool weather, but also complete your look.

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The simplest model is considered to be a straight vest, a description of which can be found in any book "How to knit for beginners?" Its creation does not require special skills. It is enough to connect elementary figures such as a rectangular back and the same front. The formation of armholes in this case is not performed. The length can be very varied. For a woman of average height, it will be enough to knit 70 cm to get a mid-thigh length vest. Finished product that can be worn withpants or dress.

When a needlewoman decides to knit a vest with knitting needles, she will definitely be faced with the need to choose yarn. For summer, you can buy threads made of cotton, since today manufacturers offer a choice of threads of a wide variety of colors. Depending on your preferences, you can buy threads of purple, red or, for example, black shades. For winter, wool is the best option. In this case, the product is very warm, even if it is thin.

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Then you need to choose a suitable pattern. If you decide to knit a vest with knitting needles from thick yarn, then a variety of “braids” will look quite beautiful. They will allow you to create a three-dimensional pattern. Models with a hood look especially beautiful. For their manufacture, it is better to purchase threads of medium thickness. The best option would be yarn, which has about 220 meters per 100 grams. If you choose thinner threads, then the desired volume may not be achieved. When using thicker yarn, "braids" may simply not look good. In this case, you should give preference to another pattern.

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Special attention is paid to the lower edge of the manufactured product. Often, its design determines what a particular model will be worn with. Many tend to knit a vest with knitting needles with an elastic band along the bottom edge. Moreover, they can alternate both one and two front and back loops. You can also give preference to fantasy gum. However, in anycase, it is necessary to carefully calculate the required number of loops when moving to the main pattern. In this case, the vest will turn out to be straight, and not pulled together at the bottom.

It is worth noting that this product can be worn by people of any age and status. Knitting for everyone will allow you to choose the right model. No wonder the vest is relevant for both young children and the elderly. Many young girls who prefer to go exclusively in jeans and T-shirts have several of these items in their wardrobe. After all, a vest allows you to favorably emphasize your figure, provided that the style was chosen correctly.

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