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Sewing accessories box: types, description with photo, purpose and ease of use
Sewing accessories box: types, description with photo, purpose and ease of use

It's very easy to make your own sewing box. It is enough to choose the base, finishing materials and options for fastening structural elements. In accordance with personal preferences, you can organize the interior space. With a little patience and imagination, you can get a reliable and safe device for storing dangerous sewing items.

Special box highlights

Adaptation should be neat, safe and comfortable. The size is determined by the number of tools, materials and placement of fixtures. The sewing box can be made from the following materials:

  • Plastic containers of various designs.
  • Small wicker baskets.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Metal boxes.
  • Wooden blanks.
  • Glass aquariums.
storage boxes for sewing supplies

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, determined by practicality, strength,relevance, convenience and accessibility. The most common, reliable and cheapest base is the cardboard box.

Necessary tools and materials for making a sewing box

First you need to prepare the workplace. To make a beautiful and practical tool box, you need to prepare certain tools and materials:

  • DIY sewing accessories organizer is best made from a cardboard box. It is worth choosing a strong, whole container.
  • Glue gun, PVA glue.
  • Scissors, pencil, ruler.
  • A piece of fabric or wallpaper.
  • Wide tape.

Additionally, you need to take rags to remove glue residue, old newspapers. To simplify the process of pasting the box, you can use a special roller or plastic plate. It is advisable to take clothespins that will press the fabric to the base during the gluing process.

Features of manufacturing the organizer case

First, you need to process the body of the future product. The best option would be pasting the box with a cloth or wallpaper. Additionally, other decorative elements can be used. The sewing box needs to be well finished on the outside:

  1. You should prepare a pattern on a canvas of fabric or wallpaper. Measure the length and height of the walls, take measurements from the bottom of the box. Transfer the measurements to the canvas. It is worth making an allowance of a few centimeters.
  2. If the box is polished, you need to peel off the slippery coating. This can be done with a knife anddamp rag. Make tears, wet and continue to remove the coating.
  3. When the box dries, grease the surface well with PVA glue. Glue the pattern, smoothing out air bubbles and wrinkles. Remove the rest of the glue. Wrap the top tabs inside the box and glue with a glue gun.
  4. Cut strips from the base material wide enough to cover the corners of the box. Lubricate the elements with a glue gun and carefully stick on the corners. This will hide the joints, which may later become disheveled.
box for sewing supplies

If desired, you can paste over the entire surface with tape. Get a kind of lamination, which will allow for a long time to maintain the color and integrity of the decorative coating.

How can I organize the interior space inside the box

The principle of organizing the internal space depends on what tool will be stored in the box. But there are universal items that must be present in the sewing box:

  • A compartment for storing needles, which is then equipped with a more durable and closing container.
  • You can make room for vertical fixation of coils. You need to glue a few wooden skewers perpendicular to the bottom with a glue gun.
  • Make compartments for storing buttons, ribbons, scissors and other accessories. The size of each depends on the number of items to store.
DIY sewing box

Bas separators, you can use plastic lining, cardboard sheets. Additionally, plastic yogurt cups, food containers, small food boxes are used. The elements are glued to the bottom with a glue gun.

sewing supplies

Secrets regarding the arrangement of the box

Sewing equipment is mainly represented by needles, pins and other dangerous metal devices. Therefore, it is important to equip the box not only conveniently, but also safely.

The inside of the sewing box is usually lined with cloth. So, fallen needles, hairpins and pins pierce into textiles, which reduces the possibility of items falling out of the box during transportation. You can increase safety by gluing magnets under the fabric. The more magnets attached around the perimeter, the better.

sewing supplies organizer

The box must be tightly closed. It is advisable to glue the box lid on textile tapes to the body. You can pick up an interesting decorative bolt or latch. On the inside of the lid, you can form textile pockets with connectors and fasteners.

Why is it better to make organizers yourself

The handmade box for sewing accessories is more functional and practical than the purchased analogue:

  • Homemade copy can be equipped in accordance with its configuration.
  • Quality finishes can be usedmaterials.
  • You can think about the "security system" of the device.
  • Decorative arrangement is thought out independently.
  • You can make convenient handles, tacks or compartments that will definitely not be available in store options.
  • The cost of a homemade sewing box is much less, since mostly improvised materials are used.
  • Homemade organizers last much longer than purchased options.

In addition to all the benefits of a homemade organizer, there is also the pleasure that comes with the handmade process.

What materials can be used to make the internal structure

It is advisable to arrange boxes for storing sewing supplies so that each item remains in its place during transportation. Can be attached inside:

  • Glass baby food jars with lids. Excellent button compartment.
  • Children's plastic or wooden cases for stationery. This option is suitable for storing rubber bands, ribbons, zippers.
  • If loops of rubber bands are formed on a wooden board (they can be glued with a glue gun), then scissors, rulers, crayons, pencils can be put into the holes.
DIY sewing accessories organizer

All elements should be fixed by gluing to the bottom of the box. Thus, the organizer can be transported in any conditions without risk.

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