Is it possible to make a softbox with your own hands?
Is it possible to make a softbox with your own hands?

Nowadays, a high-quality and beautiful photo is very much appreciated. In order to achieve the desired result, during shooting, you need not only a professional or amateur camera, but also additional photographic equipment and accessories. Now many people are fond of photography: for some it's a hobby, for some it's work. But both of them cannot do without the necessary equipment. A useful acquisition will be a softbox for on-camera flashes. With it, you can achieve the result of shooting, as in a professional studio.

DIY softbox

Of course, you can go to any speci alty store and buy it there. But this is an option for those who have extra funds. Those who prefer to save money can make their own softbox.

First you need to understand what a softbox is for. With its help, in any photography (portrait, children's or wedding), you can put high-quality light. The result is soft and diffused light, the object is well lit, the volume is not distorted, there are no clear shadows. Therefore, all those who want to receive high-quality photos are advised to have such a thing available.

softbox for on-camera flashes

To make a DIY softbox at home, it will take a little time and materials. To do this, take:

- White paper (the choice of format depends on the size of the intended softbox). For large sizes, you can take either a white cloth or a white translucent piece of plastic. Paper is needed as a diffuse material.

- Black self-adhesive film.

- Self-adhesive silver film or foil.

- Thick cardboard.

- Reinforced double tape.

- Scissors.

All of these are easy to get in hardware stores.

Starting to make a softbox with your own hands. We draw the base for the softbox on a piece of cardboard, taking into account the size of the light scattering surface, as well as the size of the flash. You need to draw so that the top, bottom and side parts match. The result is two pairs of parts. The next step will be pasting each side of all parts with a black film. At the same time, from the side where the flash will be, make a small protrusion (3-5 cm). Then we paste over the other side of all the details with a silver film and bend the protrusion with a black film.

do-it-yourself flash softbox

Next, we take double tape and continue to make a softbox with our own hands. With its help, we connect all the details so that our future device for reflecting light is securely fastened, remove the stickers from the adhesive tape and glue strips of black film on top. This is done to make the softbox look aesthetically pleasing. In conclusion, you needattach a white sheet, that is, a scattering part, and fix it with strips of black film 3-4 cm wide.

We fix the ready-made softbox for the flash with our own hands and install it on the stand - the thing is ready to go! In this way, you can make softboxes of different sizes and have more than one copy available.

This will allow you to achieve excellent and professional lighting. Of course, softboxes are necessary, like other professional equipment for filming, for all photographers.

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