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Photo artist Tom Armagh and his incredible costumes
Photo artist Tom Armagh and his incredible costumes

They say that if you truly love what you do, the results will reward all the hard work you put in. Tom Arma confirms this statement with his own example. In love with his work to the depths of his soul, he was able to become a real master, famous throughout the world. And his competition, I must say, has always been simply huge.

Tom Armagh

For a long time, Tom worked as a simple reporter for a well-known publication. At work, he crossed paths with celebrities, including even Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood. But he was glorified by photographs, which depict people who have neither world fame nor outstanding achievements.

Inspiration is in children

One day Tom received an unusual order. Baby photoshoot was a completely new craft for him, about which he had no academic knowledge. Perhaps this played a role - Tom, free from stereotypes and hackneyed clichés, took great pictures. He was so captivated by the result that he decided to continue working with children. Moreover, Tom Arma designed and created a large series of children's costumes for photo shoots.

Save the Animals

One of the photographer's most famous and beloved collections around the world is dedicated to protecting the environment. “Please save the animals,” saysto all who are not indifferent Tom Armagh. The costumes are made in the form of wild animals: polar and brown bears, elephants and rhinos, giraffes and lions. Lovely children's faces emphasize the effect, causing in the viewer a desire to protect, cherish, care.

Children's photo session

Tom was very inspired by the work, and the result made him very happy. The photographer continued to work in this direction, creating a huge number of costumes for children's photo shoots in the form of a variety of animals.

The pictures were scattered all over the planet in a matter of days. For many years they have been used by ecologists in various actions. And the costumes used in Tom's photo shoot are now available in different sizes and are sold in many countries around the world.

Berry mood

Many mothers call their babies strawberries or peaches. They were the first to appreciate Tom's fruit and fruit creations. The photographer shoots babies dressed up in bright plush costumes and hats that make them look like sweet berries. Tom makes these outfits for both newborns and babies who can sit on their own.

Horoscope for the little ones

No less successful is Tom's work on the zodiac signs. The children's photo session brought together 12 kids, each of whom is dressed in a suit according to the horoscope. If Tom used plush and faux fur for animal looks, then zodiac costumes for a photo shoot are minimalistic: they consist of short leggings made of shiny fabric, a headdress and accessories.

tom arma suits

Today, costumes from this series are sold in many shops for photographers, children's department stores, speci alty boutiques for festive and carnival clothes. And images of smiling babies can often be found on postcards and calendars.


Tom is inspired not only by those animals that live on the planet today. He also creates magnificent costumes for photo shoots in the form of dinosaurs. Spikes, wings, horns, plates and huge tails are made of the lightest synthetic winterizer. These wonderful outfits will not only help you create cool images for photography, but also allow your baby to get interested in new knowledge.

Underwater world

The next creation, created by Tom Armagh, is dedicated to the inhabitants of the deep sea. Starfish, fish, octopuses, squid became a source of inspiration for the master. Children dressed up in colorful costumes look very smart and spectacular.

suits for a photo shoot

Holiday looks

Tom Armagh pays a lot of attention to photo shoots dedicated to special days. For example, a series of clothes dedicated to Christmas allows you not only to find a wonderful costume for your baby, but also arrange a memorable photo shoot. Pictures taken with the baby can be used as greeting cards.

Tom's flower photo session is also extremely popular: babies in headdresses with lush petals are often published on postcards and various souvenirs.

Today, photographer Tom Armagh, who has been working with children for over 40 years, continues to photograph babies and create charmingclothes.

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