Michael Freeman and his work
Michael Freeman and his work

Who is he - photography guru Michael Freeman, who has written a huge number of excellent books? What makes you stand out from other authors?


Very little is known about him. He was born in 1945 in Britain. He has written a lot of books (more than 100) that help young photographers in their professional growth. Became a laureate of prestigious awards at the international level. His books are real creations, they cannot be called simple textbooks or manuals.

Michael Freeman

Traveling and constant self-development helped Michael Freeman write his wonderful books. His unique photographs are published by the most famous publications. In his books, he uses his own pictures, this is what distinguishes him from other writers. Combining the two directions, he helped other amateurs and professionals to master the intricacies of digital photography, to learn all its nuances.

Michael loves taking pictures of architecture and art. Many of his books talk about Asia, Sudan and Japan. The skill to create incredible special effects on the photo makes him even more famous. His books are real bestsellers. They have been translated into 20 languages ​​of the world. They are read and reread. They become the reference books of many photographers.

Everyone who reads his books will be able to talk about himself asa person who has graduated. They inspire, teach, help take a fresh look at their work and work.

Book "Photographer's View"

This edition is a real find for photography lovers. She is recognized as the best in her category. Tells in an easy and understandable language about the history and development of the art of photography.

It reveals the secrets and mysteries of success. It will help to understand the soul of the photographer, his creative techniques. In addition, it is told what the prices for copyright images are formed from, and why some are prohibitively expensive. All genres of photography are covered. Gathered the best collection of creative secrets, art styles and genres. This book will inspire you to new incredible pictures and ideas.

School of Photography

Michael Freeman has written many books. "School of photography" - one of the most popular. The book shows the essence of street style. Street photography is a bit like journalism. The book will teach you how to go beyond everyday life, to express your emotions. Michael Freeman introduces his best students and shows their work. His books support and motivate young photographers.

School Photos

The book is written in easy and simple language. The reader will understand how to use a simple camera to create perfect shots, understand lighting, learn how to combine compositions. In fact, this book is a guide to action for experienced photographers and beginners. Taking pictures is a real creative process that requires certain skills and knowledge.

Michael Freeman Tips

Michael Freeman as an expert in the field of photography gave a lot of useful advice. Here are the most famous ones.

  • A good picture pleases the eye. The author must remember this, even if there are no clear rules and composition.
  • If the picture does not cause an explosion of emotion, then it is too simple.
  • The photo should be multi-layered so that it is possible to find new elements each time.
  • The idea must be present. The depth of the author's thought speaks volumes. Images attract attention, captivate, give vent to fantasy.
  • Deviate from the rules, start from the inner understanding of the picture. The soul must be embedded in every photograph.
  • Photographer's view

Michael Freeman is a man who devoted his life to the art of photography, put a piece of his own soul into his works and books. He gave the world really useful works. He writes and now, conducts master classes. His help to young photographers is simply invaluable.

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