Vintage cameras - a brief excursion into history
Vintage cameras - a brief excursion into history

Today, there are a huge number of different cameras, ranging from already outdated film cameras to digital SLRs. The world's first photograph was taken in 1839, on January 7, thanks to Louis Jacques Dagger. He managed to get an image on silver s alts. Fox Talbot invented the negative in the same year.

The history of film cameras began after the camera obscura was invented. Initially, it was a dark room, and then it became a portable box. The first photographic apparatus was invented by A.F. Grekov in Russia. In 1847 S.A. Levitsky created a folding structure. In 1854 I.F. Aleksandrovsky invented the so-called stereoscopic apparatus. Vintage cameras began to appear one after another. They were improved and modernized, creating more and more new models.

large format camera

Photo Story

In 1885, the Eastman Dry Plate Company began operations. This company produced films. And it was discovered by a talented inventor and scientist George Eastmanwith businessman Henry Strong in Rochester, USA. Eastman patented the world's first roll film. In 1904, the probably well-known Lumiere brothers put on the market plates for obtaining color photographs under the trademark Lumiere.

In 1923, the first camera is invented, which uses the famous 35 mm film, which came to the world of photography from cinema. In 1935, Kodak released Kodakchrome color film. In 1942, sales of color films "Kodakkolor" began. By the way, it was this film that became the most popular among amateurs and professionals for the next half century.

The introduction of Polaroid cameras in 1963 revolutionized the world of photo printing. This equipment made it possible to instantly take a picture. In just a few seconds, a freshly taken photograph appeared on a blank print. Until the early 1990s, Polaroid dominated the photography industry and was second only to digital photography.

In 1980, Sony launches a digital video camera called the Mavica on the world market. Captured frames are stored in it on a flexible floppy disk, which can be erased and rewritten many times. In 1988, the first Fuji DS1P digital camera was officially launched by Fujifilm. The camera had 16 MB of built-in memory.

In 1991, Kodak introduced a digital SLR to the market. The 1.3 MP Kodak DCS10 camera comes along with a variety of pre-built features for easy, professional photography. And in 1995 the companyofficially discontinues production of film cameras.

history of film cameras

Soviet cameras

Large-format camera, which weighed more than one kilogram, was replaced by more modern designs, light alloys. Photography has flourished everywhere. In the Soviet Union, vintage cameras appeared in the 1930s.

The first serial camera was released in 1930 - it was "Fotokor-1". And the peak of the development of Soviet photographic equipment fell on the 1950s. "FED", "Change", "Zenith" - these are the old USSR cameras that have become legendary.

"Zenith" began to be produced on the basis of the "Zorkiy" camera, at the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant back in 1952. The very first SLR camera was the "Sport" which was popular from 1935 to 1941. Nevertheless, it was the Zenith camera that won the recognition of photographers.

kodak camera

Kodak camera

In 1988, the first Kodak camera appears. In those days, it went on sale already with a film for a hundred frames and cost $ 25. At that time it was quite a large, but affordable amount. Thus, photography becomes available to all categories of the population. A cheap analogue is released on the market with a film of only six frames and a cost of $ 1. Extra film cost only 15 cents.

Camera Collectors

Many technology enthusiasts collect cameras.Often they assemble models from the same year or from the same manufacturer. For most rare models, the demand does not subside. Today, vintage cameras go under the hammer for big money. So, for example, the camera "Daguerreotype of the Suss brothers" was bought for 800 thousand US dollars. It is understood that the price depends on the demand for the model.

vintage cameras

Did you know that:

  • The first "photo paper" was a plate of glass or copper, on which asph alt varnish was applied;
  • the prototype of the modern camera, the camera obscura, is still used today - with its help integrated circuits are produced;
  • the first color photograph was taken by James Maxwell in 1861;
  • the first color photo in Russia shows L.N. Tolstoy;
  • the first portrait made with electric light was made by Levitsky in 1879;
  • The first roller cassette, which contained 12 light-sensitive sheets of paper, weighed no less than 15 kilograms!

Every year the market is replenished with new models of cameras. Today, the art of photography is available to everyone.

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