How to make a magic wand out of paper? Magic wand - pictures, diagrams
How to make a magic wand out of paper? Magic wand - pictures, diagrams

Not only children, but adults also sometimes believe in miracles. And to bring magic closer to real life, it is enough to make a fabulous artifact. Consider how to make a magic wand out of paper, which will be a wonderful gift for your child and will serve as an occasion for joint creativity.

paper craft scheme


It is possible to make an item from a branch, a wooden pin. Then you will get an almost “real” little thing that was owned, for example, by the legendary Harry Potter, a fairy tale or a powerful magician. But if you do not want the child to accidentally get hurt by it, then it is better to choose another, less traumatic material. A sheet of plain A4 paper (preferably thick) in white or black is suitable. How to make a magic wand, the instruction tells step by step. After getting to know her, you will conclude that making a magical item is fun and easy. Your child can also participate in this process. For work, you will need, in addition to paper, paints (acrylic or gouache, colored and metallized), a gun and hot glue, brushes, scissors.

how to make a magic wand instruction

Schemes and options

Descriptions of magical items can be found on the pages of books (for example, the Harry Potter series) or in fantasy films. They will tell you how to make paper crafts, diagrams posted on the pages of specialized magazines. There are many options. A magic wand can be made from a branch found in the forest, from polymer clay, a pencil, and even from felt!

how to make a magic wand out of paper

Getting Started

The paper needs to be rolled up into a tight tube, and it needs to be rolled up at a corner. In the middle or diagonally of the sheet, you need to stick double-sided tape. As a result, your straw will not unfold, and the adhesive tape will glue it securely. The remaining free end of the sheet must be smeared with PVA glue and glued to the stick. Now it must be left for twenty to thirty minutes until it dries. As a result, you will get a cone-shaped figure. Now the stick needs to be cut with scissors so that the edges are even.

how to make a paper magic wand

How to make a wand strong

Let's consider several options on how to make a magic wand out of paper and give it strength. To do this, it must be filled. Initially, you need to seal its narrow end and start filling it with paper balls (napkins or newspaper will do), pushing them through with the end of a brush or pencil. A glue gun will work too. The bonding composition must be applied carefully, in several stages, so that voids do not form, andfill the stick two thirds. Then you need to leave the craft for the glue to cool, and then fill it completely. Finally, a rounding of a drop of glue is formed at the tip of the stick. In order for children's paper crafts to have the strength of a real tree, it is enough to make another tube and place it inside the first one. Or, alternatively, you can use epoxy. Silicone will also serve as a filler for the stick. On the surface of your paper-filled craft, bumps and bumps may appear, which will serve as its decoration and make it more realistic


In order for your wand to turn into exactly the same one as Harry Potter's, you need to give it the appropriate look. Using glue from a gun, you need to decorate the little thing with rings, lines, zigzags, spirals, stars. Try to do this job neatly and beautifully. You need to start applying glue as a decoration for crafts from the side of the handle. When it dries, it can be painted. Describing how to make a magic wand, the instructions recommend using several tones for its design. The base color is applied first. It can imitate wood. The second, darker one is suitable for highlighting the pen. The artifact, which was owned by the evil sorcerer Voldemort from the Harry Potter books, in contrast, has white wood, and the tip of the wand is decorated with a Phoenix feather. You can paint such a stick with white acrylic paint. After it dries, to give it a gloss, it is enough to cover it with a layer of transparent paint. Its handle can be made "under the bone". Her role will be playedpolymer clay.

children's paper crafts


Since making a real paper magic wand is quite simple, this activity will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. Your child will undoubtedly be fascinated by the process of decorating it. You can paint the thing with gouache mixed with glue. After applying the main tone of the paint, it must dry. Then you need to take a darker color. Black will do. They cover individual parts of the object and then rub it off. So you can give the wand the look of the "old". The remaining paint will be visible in some areas and make it more realistic. Now we need to take metallic paint - silver or gold - and cover the decorative elements of the little thing with them. At the end of the work, the craft can be varnished.

Fairy Magic Wand

A pencil or a sheet of black paper folded into a tight cone will serve as the basis for such a little thing. The further process, how to make a magic wand out of paper, is very similar to that described above. When the stick is ready, its upper, cone-shaped part must be cut. Cut stars out of gold foil and fasten them to the tip. Glitter and tinsel from the Christmas tree are suitable as decorative elements. Alternatively, you can make a stick out of paper and paint with gouache with glue and sparkles. Such a little thing will be a great addition to a fairy carnival costume. There is another option on how to make a magic wand: the instruction suggests using culinary foil, a paper tube taken from a fax,pencil, glue, silver thread, scissors. Initially, a rectangle must be cut out of paper, wrapped around a tube in several turns and glued to it. The protruding ends must be filled inside the cone. Now the little thing needs to be wrapped with a silver thread. For decoration, various geometric shapes can be cut out of culinary foil. Wrap the circle around the tip of the stick and glue it securely. Place a rectangle on the side of the gizmo. As you can see from the above options, the process of how to make a magic wand out of paper is quite simple, and even a child can handle it. But fantasy has no limits. Therefore, feel free to experiment with materials, shapes, design options. For example, in a few minutes you can make a wonderful little thing from a straw for a cocktail. From cardboard, you need to cut a star seven centimeters high. Then it must be attached to a plastic tube. To get a brilliant effect, the star must be painted. Within eight hours, the craft should dry. Now you can cut two ribbons of the same length as the stick. Both strips need to be fixed under the star and wrap the whole little thing with a shiny "rain".

paper crafts photo

A few words in conclusion

What else paper crafts can be, the photos demonstrate quite clearly. It can be stars, snowflakes, figures of animals, objects. Perhaps, after looking at them, you will draw inspiration and want to turn your own fantasies into reality. In order for your magic wand to gain real power, you can advise your child the following:perform her initiation ceremony. To do this, with a little thing in your hands, you need to read a magic spell or verses. All! The wand is ready to perform miracles.

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