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What books did Andrey Anisimov write? Books by Andrey Anisimov
What books did Andrey Anisimov write? Books by Andrey Anisimov

Famous creator of humorous feuilletons, literary miniatures and funny illustrations. Well-known play director and writer of complex and diverse literature - Andrey Yuryevich Anisimov.

Writer's biography

Andrey Anisimov was born on December 29, 1943. There is very little information about his parents and childhood years of life. It is known that from a very young age he was very aloof about politics. One can even say that he felt a real disgust for any organizations and dissidents. Surprisingly, he was able to avoid joining the pioneers and even the Komsomol, and there was no question of any political parties.

Anisimov Andrey

Has an art education. He began his first studies at the Moscow Secondary Art School at the Institute. Surikov (MSHSH), but was not destined to finish my studies. Due to bad behavior Andrey Anisimov was expelled. The same story was repeated six more times in educational institutions of a similar profile.

The beginning of a creative career

In 1960, while still a student, Andrey Anisimov published his works in many publishing houses. His creations could be seen in the magazines "Around the World", "Worker", "Secular Woman","Soviet Union" and others. Literary miniatures and humorous drawings were well received by the public. He also took an active part in the then popular television magazine Teleokno Satire. At that time, Marat Gyulbekyan, one of the founders of the KVN humorous TV show, was the editor of the magazine. Anisimov was invited to the program as a guest, where he composed feuilletons live and immediately drew humorous pictures for them. It was thanks to his fame in literary circles that Andrey Anisimov was invited to work for the newspaper.

Books by Andrey Anisimov

First serious position

More he decided not to tempt fate and instead of writing a diploma he went to work in the "Literary Gazette", exactly at the time when it began to transform into a weekly publication, in the early sixties. He had a new and very strange position as art editor of a newspaper.

Basically, his job was to promote a new weekly publisher. During the advertising campaign, Anisimov traveled to almost every corner of the vast country, he made an appeal to subscribe to the publication and created successful advertising brochures. This position introduced him to a lot of interesting people.

Theatrical career

However, business trips could not last forever, the time came when they were no longer necessary. Life has become monotonous and uninteresting. Anisimov could not sit still in one place and decided to quit the newspaper and go on a trip. His trip to Central Asia dragged on for several years.At this time, he managed to work as the chief artist in one of the famous theaters in Asia.

Casino "Dog Ground"

It was at this time that he actively began to create his works. Returning to Moscow in the mid-seventies, he continues to write plays. More and more, he realized that he would like to write romance novels and prose, but he understood that this could only be done during the Khrushchev thaw, which was coming to an end. He has to shut up for a long time, since his works are much more diverse and complex, and therefore do not fit the accepted literary and ideological clichés of the regime of that time. The opportunity to write again could appear only after perestroika.

Unable to do what he loves, he continues to work as a theater artist, intensively studying the craft and mastering the technology of decorative porcelain. At this time, he travels a lot around the world, without stopping writing for a day. Unable to print, he writes, as they say, on the table.

Passion for porcelain

During the literary lull, he actively learns the intricacies of porcelain art. In the eighties, he decides to settle in Estonia and acquires a house there, where he lives to this day. In the same place, in the very center of the capital, he opens the author's salon "Porcelan", which sells products from decorative porcelain. In his salon, you could buy both vases, chandeliers, coasters, and original women's jewelry.

Twins. Eastern heritage

Literary creativity

Bfree time Anisimov continues to create. However, it only began to be printed in 1990. The first work that saw the light after a long lull was the story "Stepan Goldobin's Notebook", which was included in the collection "Moscow Worker". The collection itself was published in the same 1990 and was called "Science Fiction Workshop".

Further, the publishing agency "Rus" is already publishing the story "Chernukha" as a separate book. This work is dystopian, in which the author tries to predict the future of Russia as a democratic state. Surprisingly, the work recreates the events that actually happened in the near future in Russia. Such events include the formation of the European Union and the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, but the work was written in 1998.

Love novels

Initially, Anisimov's works are published in Estonia, in such well-known literary magazines as "Tallinn" and "Rainbow". The very first collection of Anisimov's prose was published in the series "Library of the journal Tallinn" by the publishing house "Alexandra" under the title "Scarlet Siskin". He was fond of literature in his spare time as an artist-ceramist.

Professional career

Until 2000, he wrote in his spare time, and these were light works, while Anisimov's professional literary career as an author began after the publication of the action-packed novel Nudists Don't Play Golf. For the first time, readers could get to know him on the pages of the weekly Vesti, where the novel was published for a whole year. Novel in standalone book formatwas published under the editorship of the same Estonian publishing house "Alexandria" in Estonian and Russian. Also, this publishing house published poetry collections “We are all emigrants in Russia” and “Light a candle”. Anisimov works with this publishing house to this day. You can still find his works in the Tallinn magazine.

Savior of the world

Since 2001, Anisimov begins to cooperate with the IG "AST" and concludes a contract for the purchase of copyright. This publishing house published his love novels “The Master and Aphrodite” and “Colors of Love”, the story “Casino Dog Ground” (“Casino Dog Ground”), the memoir “Notes of a Angler”, the action-packed novel “The Savior of the World” and much more.

The book "The Savior of the World" made a great impression on readers and gave critics a lot of work. The fact is that the author very frivolously decided to mix fictional characters with historical figures, thereby making it difficult to determine the genre of the work.

To date, the most recent work that was presented to the public was the novel Access to the Body. Unfortunately, for ideological reasons, it was not printed in Russia.

Wide fame

The film adaptation of his novel "Gemini" brought great fame to the author. Working together with the film company "Favorit-Film" Andrey Anisimov acted as a screenwriter. The first experience was more than successful. The series was first shown on the first channel, and later broadcast on almost all TV channels. After the premiere, he was highly acclaimed in the magazine"Kommersant" and received the title of "Best TV Project of the Year".

kind killer

The Twins series of detective novels contains six books: Twins: Eastern Legacy, Blood Interest, Who Shot the Freak? killer.”

The first experience of filming his novel was very successful and brought Anisimov fame not only among book lovers, but also film lovers, but he did not begin to film his works more. Artistic prose remains the main business of his whole life. Andrey Anisimov's books are known all over the world and are printed in different languages. The circulation of published works has long exceeded one million, and they can be purchased in Israel, Canada, Germany, America and many other countries.

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