Rogozhkin Victor: scientific achievements of the scientist
Rogozhkin Victor: scientific achievements of the scientist

Viktor Rogozhkin is a physicist who previously worked on mechanisms capable of converting solar energy into energy and heat. These works were carried out in order to find out more information about outer space. This man and his work will be discussed in the article.

Biography of a scientist

Viktor Rogozhkin is the founder of the Enio Research Center in Rostov.

Rogozhkin Viktor

The main task set by Viktor Rogozhkin is the elimination of harmful energy-informational influences on the world around and on each individual person. In addition, the Enio Center is working to study the various causes of diseases and pathologies of each person.

Scientist Viktor Yuryevich Rogozhkin also participated in the creation and development of the law “On the security of the population in the energy-information field.

Victor Rogozhkin's book "Eniology"

Due to the large number of discoveries in this area, a whole science has appeared, called "eniology". She considers the world's multidimensionality and its impact on a person.

Working with patientsregularly, Viktor Yurievich Rogozhkin was able to draw certain conclusions, which he described in his enormous work. It was named "Eniology".

Viktor Rogozhkin

The book has become a guide for those who are fond of extrasensory perception and healing. The main topic that Victor Rogozhkin tries to reveal most fully in his book is the problem of the sudden appearance of extrasensory abilities in people. Many people "plunged headlong" into another strange manifestation of human abilities - healing. But where did this knowledge come from? Could it be that these "magical" abilities are not a "gift", but, on the contrary, a serious illness that needs to be treated? This is what the scientist talks about in his book.

Other scientific works of Viktor Yurievich Rogozhkin

Besides writing, there are also seminars by Viktor Rogozhkin. They carry the information that was only slightly touched upon in the book. At each of his seminars, Victor Rogozhkin considers a separate issue, proves all the assumptions that he came to through his work with patients.

Viktor Rogozhkin's book

Seminar "What do spiritualism and divination lead to?"

At this seminar Rogozhkin Victor says that spiritism and divination lead to unauthorized and illiterate entry into the information fields. What then happens? With spiritualism and divination, the state of the object changes, and specifically, the person himself. The scientist proves the fact that if a person wants to know his future, thengetting into this dimension, he inevitably changes both his present and past. In addition to the fact that the state of a person changes, the whole course of events also changes. Ultimately, the whole life of the individual develops completely differently.

Rogozhkin Viktor Yurievich

Seminar “Grievances. Who needs them and why?”

At this seminar, scientist Viktor Yuryevich Rogozhkin says that resentment blocks the liver. Known fact: the liver is the most important component of the human body. It is she who is involved in the process of returning a person to the past, where he can change the course of events if he has caused a serious offense to someone. Scientist Viktor Rogozhkin proves his point of view, which is that the individual is harmed precisely in order to block the liver.

Seminar "Get to the level necessary for survival"

At this seminar Victor Rogozhkin talks about how important it is to preserve the past. This statement is not unfounded. As evidence, the scientist cites capitalism as an example, with the departure of which all of Russia suffered serious economic difficulties, the echoes of which the Russian people feel even now. Rogozhkin says that it was this historical period that taught Russian society to support the right side of politics. Victor Yuryevich Rogozhkin gives this example to explain to people that in order to survive in the modern world, they just need to learn to make the right decisions, analyzing the consequences of previous mistakes.

Viktor Rogozhkin's seminars

Seminar"Why is our civilization still alive"

At this seminar, Viktor Yuryevich Rogozhkin discusses why, with the advent of intelligence on Earth, which entailed certain consequences, the planet is still viable. In addition, the scientist also says that each person individually is supported by a higher positive mind, which helps him cope with life's difficulties that are encountered on the way to understanding his destiny.

Seminar "Meat-eating, vegetarianism and he althy eating"

Viktor Yurievich Rogozhkin talks about how nature has created a special symbiosis. As an example, he cites the life of a bee. Nature has previously created flowers that contain nectar. That is, if there is nectar, and there is a bee that feeds on it - this is how nature intended. It is this phenomenon that is symbiosis. However, the achievement in the field of animal conservation, which is now called "cloning", the purpose of which is to preserve the animal mass in nature and replace real meat for nutrition with homologous products, has seriously disrupted the natural balance and energy-information balance on Earth. That is why Viktor Rogozhkin is of the opinion that in order to avoid an imbalance in the natural environment, a person needs to replace meat with those foods that belong to the plant environment and contain the same enzymes as animal products.

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