Interesting facts about origami. Scheme "boat made of paper"
Interesting facts about origami. Scheme "boat made of paper"

Origami - paper figures obtained using the folding technique. The history of this art goes back to the time of the invention of paper in ancient China. For many centuries, the Chinese kept the secret of its manufacture, and only in the 7th century, one monk, having got to Japan, revealed the cherished secret. It was in Japanese monasteries that the paper folding technique was called origami (the official term appeared in 1880).

paper boat diagram

With the development of the paper industry, more and more people began to get involved in this art. Now paper figures adorned not only the walls of the temple, but also ordinary houses. It was considered a special act of attention to send a letter decorated with origami to your beloved lady. A paper boat, flower or airplane decorated the tables during the feast.

Spreading origami around the world

The middle of the 20th century was marked by the publication of the universal “ABC of Origami”. This allowed art to enter the masses, overcoming the language barrier. The book contains diagrams, symbols and drawings, accessible to a wide range of readers, explaining the process of making figurines.

To dateOrigami is an entertaining activity for both the smallest and adults. Children make the first paper crafts in the kindergarten, for example, a paper boat. Step-by-step instructions will help to visually demonstrate to the child all the stages of creating origami. For a baby, this is real magic when interesting voluminous figures are obtained from an ordinary sheet.

Origami develops fine motor skills of hands, spatial thinking, logic, human creativity.

Types of origami

Origami is simple and modular. Simple is suitable for children or beginner needlewomen. The craft is created quickly enough, and you can immediately see the result of your work. The result is a crane, an airplane and other wonderful things, for the creation of which you need one sheet and a diagram. A paper boat is a favorite craft for active kids who arrange real races in spring streams with their help.

Modular origami is a three-dimensional figure assembled from several pieces of paper (modules) folded in a special way. Such crafts are very common in recent times. And no wonder, because in this way you get real masterpieces with which you can not only decorate your room, but also make a great gift out of them.

Required supplies for making paper crafts

Ship, airplane and other simple origami are made without glue. Even more complex modular origami designs are preferably created using only paper. It can be any, but dense enough to bend well. Sometimes scissors may be needed. The Internet hasmany master classes on creating such crafts. The figure shows the simplest scheme - a paper boat.

origami paper boat

Step by step guide to folding the boat

The paper boat pattern is one of the first origami that children quickly learn. To make it, you will need an A4 sheet.

origami paper boat scheme

Step by step guide.

  1. Fold the paper in half as shown. In this case, the folded edge should be on top.
  2. paper boat step by step instructions
  3. Mentally divide the resulting rectangle in half with a vertical line. Fold the top corners along this line.
  4. paper boat step by step instructions
  5. Fold the remaining strips of paper on the bottom from different sides and fold the corners.

    paper boat crafts
  6. Flip the triangle as shown to make a diamond.
  7. paper boat diagram
  8. Fold the bottom corners to the top. The result is a triangle.
  9. paper boat diagram
  10. Carefully unfold the figurine as shown in the diagram.
  11. paper boat diagram
  12. Origami paper boat is ready. It can be launched for a swim in the bathtub or in the nearest puddle outside.


A kind of modular origami technique in which the details are not just connected, but sewn togetheror glued together to get spherical shapes. The result is amazing compositions that are hard to believe that they are made of paper. Traditionally, aromatic mixtures, dry petals were stored in these balls. Today they have become the subject of decor, this is an original gift.

Kusudama flowers can be made even by a beginner. To do this, stock up on a large number of square pieces of paper (leaves for notes are suitable) and glue. As with the classic modular origami, be patient, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Interesting facts

The largest is considered an origami boat made of paper, the scheme of which was created by Moscow craftsmen for the stationery exhibition. It can support the weight of several people. Its dimensions are 3 by 1.5 m.

The smallest origami is a crane 2 mm high. It became the most common paper figurine thanks to the famous story of the girl Sadako Sasaki, who survived the atomic explosion in Hiroshima. She, being at a fairly close distance from the bomb, received no bruises or scratches. But after a while, she became ill with blood cancer. The girl believed that if she had time to make 1000 cranes out of paper, then her cherished desire - to recover - would come true, the disease would recede. But the girl died. According to one version, she made only 644 cranes, and the rest were completed by her friends after her death. Since then, films and anime have been made, books and music based on this story have been written. In memory of Sadako and the terrible bomb, a monument was built in Japan and the United States in the form of a girl with a crane inhands.

Origami is a great hobby and a way of self-expression for those who love hard work and appreciate beauty. The "paper boat" scheme presented in the article is a classic. But don't stop at such simple shapes. Mastering modular origami will give you a completely new look at all the paper around you.

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