Crochet bags: photo, description
Crochet bags: photo, description

A knitted bag will help a girl to create a stylish look at any time of the year. This is hard to find in stores. Single copies of original bags made by needlewomen can be found in the markets. And if you yourself own the crochet technique, the bag, of course, will be a great opportunity to realize your creative abilities. The article will introduce you to the various options for this accessory and the technique of knitting original bags.

Learn to Knit

Handmade product is highly valued. Only fashionistas can afford to buy exclusive goods. They also buy their clothes in boutiques. What to do for those who want to have an original knitted bag, but, having found out the prices for such an accessory, cannot buy it? There is only one answer - you need to learn to knit yourself. There is nothing difficult in this work, the main thing is to have desire and imagination. Sometimes, surprisingly, beginner knitters get really unique things.

Required materials and threads

For knitting a bag of yarn, it is best to take 100% cotton, 100 g of which is 250 meters. The bag will take about 2 skeins of this yarn. The main pattern of the bag should be tight, that is, you need to knit tightly. That is why you will need a 2.5 mm hook, and not 3 mm, as the instructions on the skein of yarn recommend.

Threads for knitting bags

The bottom of the bag can be made from an ordinary plastic folder or folder. It is better to take the color of the yarn so that the plastic does not shine through. Tie this frame with single crochets. In this case, the rigidity of the bottom will be ensured. But you can simply knit the bottom of yarn or a bag in the form of a bag, that is, without decorating the bottom.

What can be useful for knitting a bag? You may need lining fabric. Satin is suitable for an openwork bag. Adhesive fabric is needed to keep the bag in shape. The best option is doubler. Bag handles and a cord for decorating wooden beads can be purchased at a craft store. If you wish, the handles can be tied in the form of a cord.

Knit pattern

The motif for knitted bags (photo 1) can be anything: tight knitting with simple single crochets, loin pattern or lace, which is described below.

It is assumed that the beginning of the bag, that is, its bottom, is connected with dense columns without a crochet, approximately to a height of 10-15 centimeters. Next, the drawing itself is performed.

Picture and description

The required number of rows is knitted with this pattern, that is, some part of the height of the bag is obtained. You need to finish the product with a dense viscous, single crochet. This isit is necessary that you can then easily sew the lining to the top of the knitted bag.

Description of work done

The bag will look nice if you make a lining. To do this, you need to know the dimensions of the finished product. For example, the height of the bag is 40 cm and the width is 30 cm. We cut it on glued fabric, taking into account seam allowances of 1.5 cm to the width. But we take the length less by 3 centimeters so that the lining is below the top edge of the bag. The result is a square 74x63 cm. 2 such cuts are cut out of the lining material, since the lining should be both inside the bag and to the knitted side.

Apply the adhesive fabric with the rough side to the wrong side of one of the squares of the lining material. We cover with a thin cloth and begin to glue, ironing carefully with an iron. After cooling, fold the ironed material in half and sweep the bottom and from one side. Similarly, we sweep the lining without an adhesive base. Next, on a typewriter, you need to sew sour cream details.

Sewing the lining to a knitted bag

Connect lining and bag

The upper parts of the lining with and without an adhesive base are tucked 1 centimeter and swept away. We turn the glued lining on the front side, and do not turn the second one inside out. Next, we put one into the other and connect with pins, after which we connect them with a line on a typewriter. We insert the finished lining into the bag. We turn the edge of the knitted bag onto a sewn lining. Details are swept and stitched on a typewriter. And you need to leave a supply of knitted fabric for sewing in a zipper.

sewing in a lockin a knitted bag

Next, you should sew a zipper into a hand-knitted bag. If necessary, it is shortened. The lock is pinned with pins to the edge of the bag, but not too close to the zipper, leaving 2 mm before it so that the "dog" walks freely. We sew the tattered zipper on a typewriter.

Combination bag

Undoubtedly, an original idea for those who love to do needlework will be the creation of a combination bag. Needlewomen probably have some kind of old bag that has decent handles, and it itself is not worn out yet, but you don’t want to wear it anymore, but it’s a pity to throw it away. It can be refreshed by combining with a knitted fabric. Take, for example, a bag whose sides are worn, but the handles and fronts are in good condition.

In this case, you need to make a pattern according to the measurements of a rare little thing, according to which you will tie the necessary side details, and as a result you will get a fashionable bag. In the bag, which is in the photo below, the sides are crocheted with double crochets of canvas (linen) thread. The lining of the bag is saved and sewn to the newly knitted parts of the product. The connection of the knitted insert and the facades of the bag is crocheted, the usual single crochet. As a decoration, you can make a tassel on a chain of long canvas threads on one of the handles of the bag.

Crocheted leatherette and knitted bag

Beach bag

What should be a summer crochet bag? Of course, bright. It should look summery, raising the mood of its owner, giving her a carefree look. plainbags of different colors can also perfectly complement the look.

Irreplaceable for the beach bag-sack. It is knitted in the form of a bag. It has a round bottom and vertical walls. This bag is made of multi-colored threads. You can make it just striped or with a beautiful ornament. It all depends on the knitter's idea. Knitting starts from the bottom of the bag: with 3 loops closed in a ring. Next, knitting goes with single crochets with crochet No. 2, 5-3 mm with a gradual expansion of the bottom by adding additional single crochets in each row at equal intervals of loops. The optimal size of the bottom of such a bag is about 25 centimeters. Then the bag is knitted without adding loops, thereby forming its sidewalls.

Knitting bags for the beach

The height of a knitted bag depends on the purpose of its use. If you plan to go to the beach with it, it should be roomy and have a wall height of about 40-50 centimeters. The originality of this bag will be given by a cord threaded in its upper part, which is tightened and tied in the form of a knot or bow. The handles of such a bag should be wide: at least 5 centimeters, so that they lie comfortably on the shoulder and do not press when it is filled with things.

The most beautiful of all crochet cords is the pearl flagellum, sometimes called "caterpillar". How to tie such a cord is shown in the proposed video. The lesson lasts only 4 minutes, but this is enough to get the knitting skill. The ability to knit such a tourniquet will come in handy in the future, since this little thing is indispensable when decorating products.

Original ideas

The bags that will be discussed here are so easy to knit that even the needlewoman who has not crocheted before will cope with the work and took it in her hands for the first time. In the fourth photo, knitted bags. We will consider a description of the work on their creation in this part of the article.

A round-shaped bag is already attractive to young people with its shape. It can be knitted from both canvas and any cotton thread. The capacity of the bag depends on the size of the circle. You can knit a miniature accessory that will fit only a wallet, keys and some cosmetics. It will be a great addition to your casual style. An oversized bag paired with a wide-brimmed hat is the perfect addition to a beach ensemble.

Original knitted bags

By the appearance of a round bag, it is clear that it consists of two circles and a rectangular strip connecting them and at the same time being the bottom and sides. As handles for a knitted bag, you can use a cord, a regular chain of two or three rows of loops, or a leather belt.

You can sew a zipper into this bag. In this case, the part between the circles is knitted in such a way that both ends have a triangular shape. The zipper is sewn along the length of the upper semicircle. You can sew a button on the inner parts of the semicircles to a miniature handbag.

Square bag

To tie a bag of squares, as in the photo, you must first complete the individual elements.

Start knitting a square with a chain of three loops. At the center of this chainmake eight single crochets. Next, you need to knit three single crochets in the first loop, one in the next. Continue like this until the end of the row.

Knitted bag of square motifs

In the resulting new row, you should get sixteen loops. To mark in which loops there is an increase, you need to put markers. This is the central loop of three columns. Now, in each subsequent row, three single crochets are knitted in this loop. Due to the increase in each row, there is an increase in the square.

Having connected the required square, we proceed to the manufacture of the next one. For a handbag in the penultimate photo, you need three identical squares, and for an accessory with various decorative elements (photo above) - four.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in knitting bags. The proverb says: "The road will be mastered by the walking one." It remains to wish the needlewomen good and interesting ideas.

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